out of stock Jinvoo Smart Power Strip 4 Outlet + 4 USB Multi-Socket $23.88 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Jinvoo Amazon AU


For those who missed out on the Prime Day sales, I just noticed this item is back on sale at a great price (different seller and $0.93 dearer).

Jinvoo WiFi Smart Power Outlet - Surge Protector with 4 USB Charging Ports and 4 Smart AC Plugs which can be controlled individually.

They are compatible with Google and Alexa. So if you are looking for economical smart plugs, this is a good one to get started!

Have a good one and as always, enjoy!

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    Can you plug a 2000W heater to this?

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    I got this on the prime deal, it was very easy to set up and is working pretty well so far. The USB ports charge pretty quickly as well, which is nice.

    Only thing to keep in mind when setting up is to fix up all the socket names before you import into Google Home, as they won't change after that.


      Do you know if i can set up individual name on each socket, or I can only turn it on and off on all of them?
      Thanks in advance!

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        You set up each socket as a different name and can control seperately, but the USB ports are controlled as one. Also, the button turns everything off.

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    Sold out. Only had 3 in stock


    Sold out. That was quick


    Does anyone know if these can run without internet access via Home Assistant?


    Why do all these Chinese places pick some Chinese names? Jinvoo? Like… why? Is this some Chinese thing I don't get?

    Look on Amazon AU Today's Deals:


    What am I missing here? Why those names???!??


    This is the China market version. It has the plugs up side down compared to Australian plugs.


    They have the smart plug for under $11. Is this a good enough brand?

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    Damn missed this. I want this before Christmas, just because I am too lazy to go out on the balcony to turn the damn lights on and off, not to mention schedule\automate via Google Spy Assistant.
    Sp I need four AU sockets and 2 USB, so this is perfect, perhaps next time.


      I would refresh it regularly, seems like the Jinvoo stuff is pretty cheap all the time. Perfect use for it as well!


    Arrrgh! Missed this too damnit :(


    Has anyone seen a similar version which has switches for local control too? All the ones I've seen seem to only have one button/switch which turns off ALL of the outlets instead of allowing for each individual outlet to be turned on or off locally.