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Xiaomi Dreame Cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum $283.01 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Needed to buy one for work and noticed its on sale with code PLUNGE! Great price, almost as close as last deal of $282!

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ABN 60 615 962 500

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    Still waiting on the carpet head to be released, they say next month but they've been saying it for months.

  • Does it really last 1 hour? Can anyone confirm?

  • After using it twice, some hair got stuck in their tiny wheels and it's a pain to move the vacuum around now, like it's on brakes. Has anyone here tried removing those 2 tiny wheels to clear the stuck hairs?

  • Has anyone used this yet that has a dog or cat? thinking i might bite the bullet on this rather than the 6/7 dyson

    • This is good for the price but if you want a really good one, go for Dyson 7 above. I own V6 Absolute and Dreame.

      Dreame's Suction and Battery life are very good but the ergonomic manoeuvre is sucks comparing to Dyson.


        Carpet head will perform much better at carpet now.

        • Hi Gearbite, I really appreciate the deals you are made for Ozbargainers and I don't want to make it look bad but it doesn't handle the edges and corners like Dyson does. Btw, I have upvoted the deal as this is cheaper than the price I purchased the dreame from you.

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            @ozizoy: Your valued feedback will pass to Dreame for sure. Carpet head should improve, we also passed all improvement suggestion to manufacture so they can take action.

        • Debby from your eBay store replied me that carpet head is on the way since last few months and now shipping containers is delayed. Am I getting carpet head if I bought with deal? Or do I need to buy separate? Could you please varifiy for it, thanks Rep.

  • I've gone to the v11 at home and back to the v7 at work. The attachments on the Dreame are not as good or as manoeuvrable and I needed a brush head. The Dreame had been relegated to cleaning the garage.

  • Tossing up between this or just getting the new Kmart $149 stick vacuum, haven't heard much about that one yet though.

  • Just curious though what is everyone's advice if I am looking a stick vac under $300? Does it have to be Dyson???

  • Thanks. Brother got this at the last sale, asked if I wanted one and I said no. Then I've seen it in action and I had mad FOMO. Just purchased! Thanks OP!
    Waiting for that carpet head attachment as well!

  • Thanks. Missed the last sale. Been waiting

  • Got one. Thanks OP. PASTA15 code works.

    • Could anyone tell how to install the docking station? I'm in leased apartment so I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to screw it into the wall.

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