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[eBay Plus] OnePlus 7 Pro 6GB/128GB $815.15 | 8GB/256GB $857.65| 12GB/256GB $968.15 Delivered (HK) @ Oz Digital Online eBay


Lowest price so far. About $85 cheaper than previous deal.

$815.15 One Plus 7 Pro 6GB/128GB Gray

$857.65 One Plus 7 Pro 8GB/256GB Gray

$857.65 One Plus 7 Pro 8GB/256GB Blue

$866.15 One Plus 7 Pro 8GB/256GB Gold

$968.15 One Plus 7 Pro 12GB/256GB Blue

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                    • @linhlink: u still can buy 12gb version, as if you are ebay plus member, u can return it for free.
                      so just return it leave the package as is i guess.

                    • @linhlink: which phone r u using atm?

                      • @nng526: Im happy with 8GB, Im not going to play game on my phone. And you need to be an ebay plus member to apply to PASTA15 discount anyway. I thought you asked me to buy the P30 Pro from you :).

                        Im using Galaxy S7, so its a huge jump for me.

    • Is that signal strength, on OOS kernel or a custom kernel ?

      • It's in the stock Oxygen OS kernel.

    • lol damn

    • I don,t care about the signal strength "icon" as much as the actual signal strength. Anyone know a reliable comparison site?

      I'v had Galaxy s8 for 2 years and just know notice HOW BAD the signal is (cell, WiFi and Bluetooth) when compared to Redmi 4X that I now also have.

      Redmi can get a solid data connection in WiFi networks that don't even show up on Galaxy s8. Same with cell reception. Even Bluetooth drops out quicker on Galaxy s8 (and I have done side-by-side with other galaxy s8 phones to confirm its not just my handset)

      Its just that before you directly compare to other phones with better reception you don't really notice what you missing.

      I really like Oneplus 7 but don,t want to stumble on another expensive dud model.

  • +1

    Read somewhere it has camera issues ? Has anyone using it noticed any issues. I am currently on Huawei Mate 10 btw

    • I heard that some update did fix quite alot of thing.

  • +1

    Does anyone think this phone is too big? it's the only reason why i want the normal Oneplus 7

    • I want my phone big and that 90Hz display is awesome.

    • +1

      Thought the same thing moving from S7 to S10+ but I got used to it pretty quick, using a smaller phone feels strange to me now, I've been converted.

  • +1

    only true notchless screen out there now, for someone that rarely takes 'selfies' or wefies, it's frustrating that we have to deal with notches or pinholes because of an unnecessary camera lens. woulda jumped at this if not for the massive screen; wish they had made the oneplus 7 notchless too, would've been the perfect size.

    • +1

      for your selfies / wefies,
      Asus Zenfone 6 is a better buy
      (along with MicroSD slot, a 5000mAh battery and no notch! it has that funny motorised back-camera which becomes the selfie camera)

  • This was my next phone from the iPhone XR.. but now I’d rather wait for Asus ROG Phone 2… drools

    • +2

      That phone's even larger.
      And its an even smaller niche than this, plus it will be going for USD $999 (~AU$1,400)… unless you do the Chinese Pre-order soon for USD $510 (~AU$730).

      Here you go!

      • it'd be nice if I could read chinese :D

  • been looking at it for 2 weeks and finally pulled the trigger on the 12GB one for wife.

  • +1

    Superfast, great screen. 90hz is nice, but not lifechanging tbh. Curved screen has lines of glare on the egde. 12 percent battery per hr screen on roughly, great rom support. Pretty heavy. Loud speakers.

  • +4

    Wait for the Redmi K20 Pro Global or Xiaomi Mi9T Pro Global. Its way cheaper and good value for money.

    • +1

      Yeah I think if people are going the flagship killer route, waiting for the Xiaomi Mi9T Pro Global version is the way to go, as it’s around 40% cheaper

      • Is the bootloader unlocked? And are there custom ROMs? Asking as it's not just specs that make the OnePlus devices popular, it's also very much about the ROMs available, and the longevity this gives the device.

        • I thought about the k20 pro because it is a lot cheaper for a flagship but no official global from them.

          The one plus has official global from one plus themselves and easy to flash. So I'm sold

        • AliExpress sellers can unlock K20 Pro bootloader for you, when ordering their "global rom" version.

  • grabbed one last night. Waiting until it arrives. :)

  • I've decided in gonna wait for the oneplus 7t or 7t pro.

  • I Ordered one Oneplus 12GB 256gb

  • +1

    Grabbed one 8GB/256. Thanks OP. Actually got one few days ago fro another seller for 990 and returning it. 857 feels better. Dont mind waiting couple extra days. Watched lots of reviews - should be a great device. Specially at the price. Amazing.

  • +1

    bought the 12gb model, its actually cheaper than the retail price in China, good deal

  • im switching from iP7 to OP7 pro,does this version have the play store??
    And how can i transfer my data from apple to OP?

  • How do RMA's work with Oneplus in Aus? If somethings broken do I send it back to the seller?

    • You can try. But most of the ebay sellers are pretty useless. You're on your own /try to bring it to a local mobile phone repair place.

  • +1

    I've had the 8/256 for about 5 weeks now and paid well over $1000, which I already considered well worth it. this is an extremely sharp price and kicks the ass of so many other phones that want the same or more, in so many ways. The latest GCAM Arnova build is pretty slick for this model too.

    • Does the GCAM improve the camera quality a lot? Camera is the only thing holding me back on this phone

      • +2

        To my eye the differences range from subtle in detail, some areas being more some less detailed due to the different algorithm, to somewhat more drastic differences in the HDR processing and colour science.

        I did a few comparisons when I first installed it and colours aside which are quite immediately noticeably different, albeit somewhat subtle it's easy to see and definitely not BAD on oneplus camera, I really had to pixel peep to really find meaningful detail differences.

        I would say the GCAM takes it overall but it's not as drastic and alarmist as some people would make out. The best thing the GCAM does for me is a true ZSL (Zero Shutter Lag), which Oneplus have committed to implement. GCAM also only seems to work with the main sensor and selfie cam, so I use the Oneplus camera still for the other lenses and 4k60 video which is gorgeous to my eye.

        I'd say it depends on what you expect it to do for you, what you've come from etc, I find it versatile and more than adequate, with GCAM picking up the difference for the time being and doing so very well.

        • Thanks for the detail!

          • +1

            @Jinglebell: No sweat, happy to help with any other questions about the phone.

            • @foxpants: Coming from Mate 9 is 7 pro Cam is better even with slight current issue as mentioned by few ? Must be. ??

              • @flyingpig: Honestly I'm not famailiar with the camera capabilities of the mate 9, but I'd assume it's at least more versatile (triple camera) and especially with GCAM I can't see it being worse.

      • Short answer about GCAM: YES, it GCAM does improve picture quality.

        Couple that, with a good camera of OnePlus 7 Pro, you have a very high quality Android phone.

  • Is there any news/confirmation on OnePlus 7T release later this year on OP will skip 7T this time and jump to OnePlus 8 next year?

  • cancelled my mate 20 pro Amazon order for this. Extra $57 for the actual phone I want was a no brainer! thanks OP

  • No wireless charging? What to do with all the wireless charger.

    • I understand coming from a device that had it, but the battery life is so good and warp charging so fast, I 100% don't miss it.

  • Bought one yesterday morning. Still not posted, messaged seller, he says it will be posted on Tuesday, that's 4 business days just to post it. Seems slow.

    • But their website said they will process within 24 hours after payment though

    • I sent a message too. He also said Tuesday

      • yeah, but strangely he sent it from HK with FedEx yesterday. And it's coming on Monday… Yay!!

  • Hey Ozbs..help me decide. OP7 pro OR Mate 20 Pro @ ~$703 AUD (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Huawei-Mate-20-Pro-LYA-L29-D...)

    This mate 20 pro is better than recent JB or amazon deal so leaning towards this one. More than $100 difference between this and OP 7 Pro. Your thoughts?

    • It depends on what you value?
      for example: MicroSD slot? battery life? earphone socket?

      thing is , after OnePlus 6T model (inclusive),
      OnePlus removed the 3.5mm earphone jack :-(

      So for that reason alone, Asus Zenfone 6 could be a better buy :-P
      (along with MicroSD slot, a 5000mAh battery and no notch! it has that funny motorised back-camera which becomes the selfie camera)

  • Isn't this cheaper - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/OnePlus-7-Pro-128GB-GM1910-FACTO...

    Shipped form US. IMO works out to be ~765. Do you guys think this is a better deal? Cheers

    • You have to pay customs fee as well.

      1. Customs: Every country has different customs rates and laws. This is the buyer's duty to the government. Customs is the international buyer's responsibility. Buyers should check with Customs in their country about any import tax/duties/customs fee/carrier fee before buying.

      We will NOT be responsible for any customs and/or carrier charges and no refund will be made.

      If buyer refuses to pay any customs and/or carried charges, and package ends up returning back to us we will charge the buyer for any customs and/or carrier charges plus Shipping cost to and from buyer (Buyer will get partly refund).

      If those charges are greater than item cost we have the right to declare it abounded/destroyed with the carrier, and no refund will be applied to buyer.

      1. Any other country in the world: We understand customs fees are high, but we DO NOT declare Low Value or Gift or different item.
      • the price ~765 includes 10% GST, not sure if there's anything more to pay after this. happy to be corrected.!

        • Im pretty sure that was for One Plus 7 but mistaken labeled.
          Same store, but this is for OP7 Pro


          • @linhlink: I guess I'll take chance ordering one. The ad clearly says one plus 7 pro and so does the description so should get that. No customs since under $1000. Fingers crossed but helluva deal.

            • @go2force: Did you order this? I did see this but was not sure if it was legit.

              • @ozprg: transaction failed continuously, dropped message to seller but to no reply. I guess @linhlink was correct, possibly wrong posting. ended up ordering from OZ Digital.

  • Any issues using 28 degrees price protection?

    • 28 degrees require Australian store to compare with, so be careful since most sellers for Op7 not from Aus.

  • Anyone know if this version supports 5G? Could only see 4G. Thanks.

    • +2

      Only supports 4G.

      There is a 5G version of it but its only available in the UK.

  • is it just me ? cant apply the discount code during checkout :(

    • it's an ebay plus offer, I had to make a new account for some reason.

  • 8gb/128gb Oneplus 6t here I see no point to upgrade

    Also my battery life is better than Oneplus 7

    I would wait til 5G is more common maybe the next snapdragon after 855

  • +6

    How's it going lads, I've bought the exact OnePlus 7 Pro 8GB/256gGB Gray version and ive got a couple things to mention.

    -The seller is super nice and willing to solve any problems, just shoot em a message for any questions
    -The phone as mentioned by others is the GM1910 model, which is the Chinese version. Whilst the original GM1910 models run hydrogen os, the phone that's being sold has been flashed with oxygen os.
    -This of course means that while the phone is brand new, it is not factory sealed.
    -The phone also comes with an electric adaptor, so no need to grab your own.

    I'm absolutely loving this phone and I highly recommended it. Not advertising for them or anything, just wanted to fill in some details for anyone worried about the model number.

    • How long did shipping take?

    • Hi mate. I have ordered one for myself and awaiting delivery. Are you sure it's not factory sealed and flashed? TBH I wouldn't want any changes to my device whatsoever and feel a tad hesitant to accept something that has been opened and repackaged. Please advise.

      • I paid extra for express and it took around 6 days, they shipped it from Hong Kong.

        In my case it was not factory sealed, it was already opened. Considering its the Gm1910 model which is supposed to have hydrogen os, it's safe to say that these guys flash it with oxygen os. It was quite a shock to my when it arrived as well, they should honestly let buyers know before hand on their listing.

        • yup. can't really be bothered dealing with overseas models. Btw I have Samsung EPP for so will settle for a S10+. I initiated return request for my OnePlus 7 Pro already.

          • @go2force: S10+ also has full local warranty

            • @Agret: That's true..Also I get an additional year of warranty with Amex. So total of 3 years warranty. S10+ just seems more reasonable without losing much. cheers

  • For anyone considering buying a phone without Australian manufacturers warranty…you are on your own if things go wrong with repairs (if the eBay seller is still around when you need them). There's no consumer Law protecting you if there's a dispute. You only get 1yr of that "warranty" Vs 2yr for Australian phones!

    I have just had a battery replaced for free by Samsung Australia on a (almost) 2yr old S8+ phone. Phone is now perfect, like new. They've even replaced the screen (yes, screen!) and USB-c port. It was all done in 3hr 30min.

  • Did anyone else get a Fedex SMS? i thought it was another dodgy SMS but there was a tracking number. So i didn't click on the link but searched the tracking number and it said coming from HK. And expected delivery is Monday.

    • When did you order?

      • Friday.

        If no one else got it. Could be dodgy. I am not expecting anything else.

        • I got one too, confirmed with FedEx, it is a phone. No one would send me a phone as Christmas gift in July :D

          • @om252345: Wow, that is quick shipping if it comes in 2 days from HK

            • +1

              @ozprg: yeah, tracking number shows International Priority service. Getting it today.

  • +1

    Ordered Friday morning, delivered lunch time today through FedEx.
    Wife's phone, so waiting for her to come home to unwrap.

  • +1

    QUICK UPDATE ALL OP FANS. I sent the following message to OZ Digital online after my purchase:

    Hi. I ordered 'New OnePlus 7 Pro GM1910 256GB Blue 8GB Ram Unlocked One Plus Phone 1 Year Wty'. I am awaiting the delivery. Can you please confirm that this comes factory sealed and unopened? I have read on online forums that this does not come factory sealed as the operating system is flashed from OxygenOs to HydrogenOS. I'd like it absolutely factory sealed with no changes whatsoever. Can you please confirm if I get this as it comes from the factory with no flashing of the operating system and factory sealed and brand new condition? Thanks



    thanks for the email, this model is a chinese version so when we received the stocks our oneplus supplier already updated to the global oxygen version, so all boxes are opened and global version is installed.


    Customer Support Team

    Oz Digital Online

    Welcome to our store:

    http: stores.ebay.com.au/OZ-Digital-Online-Electronic-Store

    I will be cancelling my order as I cannot trust a seller who puts the listing as 'Brand New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable). Packaging should be the same as what is available in a retail store".

    You can't put this as a listing if you have already opened it. It is therefore not factory sealed.

    You lads are smart enough to decide for yourself but just wanted to share this piece of information. Cheers!

  • I can confirm the phone comes with global Oxygen ROM, so I guess it is already opened.
    Whether you want to cancel or return the order on that is your choice I guess.
    I bought it for wife and she's happy with it, and you know what they say about happy wife.

  • +1

    Hi All,
    Just received my OnePlus 7 (non-pro), very happy with the fast FedEx shipping.

    Unfortunately the screen protector I ordered last week, the seller has sent me wrong item (sent the Pro model's screen protector instead).

    However upon examining the phone closely, it seems like the device comes with factory installed screen protector?
    Can somebody please confirm this for me?


    • +1

      I cancelled my OP 7 Pro order but can confirm that OnePlus devices come with pre-installed screen protector.! cheers

      • +1

        Cheers, sorry that you cancelled your order.
        So far I am very happy with my item, it was express shipped with FedEx.
        Yes my box was not sealed (obviously) and it came with OxygenOS but I didn't take any chance and factory reset/flashed the ROM again myself.
        Item looks Brand New but I understand your concern and hopefully I don't have you deal with any Warranty claims

        • +1

          thanks mate, I went ahead with the Samsung S10+ (Samsung EPP + $150 .gov.au off) so ended up paying the lesser with some extra peace of mind. One Plus when it relaunches here in Australia perhaps. I hope you enjoy your device.! Cheers

        • Q: What's the best way to flash the Official OxygenOS Firmware?
          And have you installed the Magisk Recovery (better than TWRP), and get root access?

          Just got mine this afternoon (1+7pro, 8GB/256GB, Blue).
          Also video recorded the unboxing, and I noticed that it was NOT Factory Sealed. Everything was there, where it should be. But the shrink wrap was removed, and the OEM sticker on the phone was bent, with a minor smudge on the phone's backplate. Yes, it had the plastic scratch protector on and the clear silicon case.

          So it's definitely been tampered with, a HydrogenOS Chinese phone, flashed with OxygenOS Global firmware.
          I haven't registered it, and been playing around with it. But I want to clean the software before using it, so that nothing I do is tracked and sent back to some random overseas Chinese servers.

          • @Kangal: If its an open box then it can very well be a customer returned product isn't it?
            With ebay plus i am sure there would have been lot of "change of mind" returns

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