Can You Turn Right? Please Provide Reason

Can You Turn Right? Please provide reason why

Are you able to dodge the fine?


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    Im in tears. I saw this image, it looked familiar.. I took a stab and I know exactly where that is.. some dingbat has turned the no right turn sign around to confuse people.

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      Nope wrong, that turn lane has a solid curved line, OP's is a broken turn line

      And other lines are solid in your pic, when broken in OP's pic

      And apparently OP's street suddenly got shops and more overhead power lines since Apr 2018 on your Street View

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        99% sure it has been resurfaced since the g-maps-street view shot was taken.

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          You're telling me this is the same intersection as this?!

          I think you need to go to Specsavers

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            @spackbace: Nah.

            Shri Ram dont lie.

            Lets await OPs input.


            EDIT: Actually no, im right.. you can see the green building on the right.

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              @rambutann: You can also see the closest shopfront on the left side is the same (Shri Ram)

              I'd agree the road has been resurfaced since Google visited.

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              @rambutann: Interesting OK I do apologise, I'm wrong!

              Makes me wonder if they repainted the turn lane? If there was a turn lane, and you got a green turn signal, of course you'd turn

            • @rambutann: Nice bloody catch.

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            @spackbace: The different in the images are due to the lenses used to take the photos, the photo taken by OP has a telephoto-lens, it compresses the images, so the Shri Ram restaurant seems closer. Where as the Google street view image is shot with a wide-angle lens, which does the opposite and makes things further than they actually are.

            I'd say Rambutann is correct this time.

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              @CityEnd: Somebodys spun the no right turn sign around. Well done detectives!


              • @Skramit: So no left turn sign in the right lane. Hmm, plausible with no license.

                • @DisabledUser152313: Um… still a no right turn sign…

                  Of course, my sarcasm detector seems broken today..

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            @spackbace: Why are you being downvoted? You are right….

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          You can also see the Commbank in both the photo and google maps further down the road at the next set of lights.

    • But there's no street to turn right into anyway???

      Or do they mean you can't turn right into the Goodyear car park?

      • The Goodyear part.

    • Herbse on 26/07/2019 - 22:22 Comment unpublished. (Requested by Commenter)
    • So funny

    • classic stitch up!

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    Well yes you can physically, but legally you can't.

    Red turn signal, no right turn sign

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      How about when red arrow turn green

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        Too confused. I'd just stop on the road, take a picture and upload to ozbargain.

        When the cops come, I'd inform them of the paradox they've created and then burst into confusing tears in a different language.

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        The green light will be for a bus or something. As a normal person, no you still can't turn

        I don't even see lines on the road to show a turn lane

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          DINGDINGDING! We can't just assume the bottom light is a standard green one. It might be a white 'B'.

          • @sw00p: You're answering outside the scenario made by OP. Syntax error.

            • @tshow: Alternatively OP is posing a question outside the scenario set by reality haha…

              • @HighAndDry: It's physically possible so theoretically it could be a legitimate hypothesis.

                OP, can you circle back to check if it goes green arrow?

                You kinda owe it to us now.

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            @sw00p: Actually it would also be a red B

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          The green light will be for a bus or something.

          Then the NO RIGHT TURN sign would be qualified with BUSES EXCEPTED.

          As a normal person, no you still can't turn

          What are you saying about bus drivers?

        • Google maps and the Vic bus timetables/maps indicate no buses would turn there so I would say it's not a B light.

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        Does it ever have a green arrow? My guess is the signals came first and it’s cheaper to add the sign and to re-calibrate the script so it never has a green right arrow, rather than replace the physical signals themselves to have no arrow section.

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        Still no. You'd just be ONLY violating the "no right turn sign" regulation, instead of that AND running a red light violation.

        You only need to break one law to be fined.

      • Does it ever turn green? Some don't.

    • Along the same lines, yes you can dodge the fine by leaving the country and never come back. :)

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    I came in here all ready with my pitchfork but honestly that's pretty confusing.

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      Now you can turn that pitchfork upside down and use it for popcorn.

      Skewers popcorn

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    "No right turn sign" over rides everything else.

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      i disagree, the traffic lights trump everything else.

      If they were changing the light sequence, they would cover over the right turn arrow.

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        Try arguing that in court; I'm sure they would tell you the no right turn has the priority.

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          sure, i still think the bottom sign has been tampered with.

          Very hard to tamper with that traffic light though

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            @Davo1111: Then I would send the picture, plus the location, to the road people and get them to clarify. If the sign has been tampered with then they can go fix it.

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    Location please, so we can street view it

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    Where is this intersection?

    Looks like some naughty person might have swung the no right turn sign 180 degrees to face the camera. If you look behind the traffic lights, there is a single column traffic light pointing towards the other side, it would make more sense for that sign to be pointed in that direction.

    But hard to say with limited information.

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      Agree with this. Looks like the sign's been tampered with.

  • Logic:

    The light is green but you are able to not move and take a picture which mean that you can definetly turn right and you are just waiting for that red light to turn green. I suspected there are marks on the ground with arrow to turn right on the line you are.
    Someone must have tampered with the bottom sign ( which happened more often that we thought).

    • The road markings could be to make a U-Turn, and that there is a road on the right that is a One-Way Exit.

      Otherwise: Zoolander can't turn right ; )

  • Hi All

    A friend of mine who lives in Victoria gave me this photo

    I will let you know when i get the street name and suburbs

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      As posted above, it's High st Thomastown in Melbourne

      • My friend just confirmed

        You are correct, location is High st Thomastown in Melbourne

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      Are you kidding? This post will have Ozbargain talking for days!

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    Is this like Trump standing in front of a Russian Presidential seal??

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    No you can’t, as you are violating the sign that says you can’t, despite the stupid green arrow or not

    You can argue it saying u never saw the no righ pt turn and I’m sure u would get off, and the stupid combo of signs would be fixed

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      I'm pretty sure the traffic light is smarter than the primitive street sign.
      The traffic light has power, wifi, lights, sometimes buttons and sometimes even cameras attached to it. The sign of just a dumb piece of metal, it doesn't even have backlighting.
      Traffic light wins!

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        I dont think so. If you read the regulations it says that you can't turn right if there is a no right turn sign; there are no qualifiers. You would expected to follow this law no matter what the traffic lights tell you. If you can prove the sign had been turned around you might have a mitigating circumstance but you would, technically, have committed the offence. The best thing to do here is report the sign and get the issue sorted out.

        • Don't forget the right turn pavement arrows painted on the road…no cop would be dumb enough to issue an infringement - pretty easy to work out the no right turn sign has been spun around

        • I wonder if there is a rule that says you must follow the directions on a traffic light when at the intersection. It would be an interesting case lol

  • I thought this was a Zoolander-related medical topic.

  • Don't worry, with all the speed bumps they've installed on High Street and Dalton Road you can't possibly break the law any more. </s>

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    maybe when the light turns green the sign disappears…….

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      maybe it is like the cheshire cat; all the words disappear apart from "Turn Right".

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    No ones getting fined. The sign has been turned around and is facing the wrong way. Figured out in the first post.

    • We know that but the issue we are discussing is the principle of the sign over the traffic light. Can you disregard a traffic sign because you, suspect, it has been moved? I think the cops would, probably, drop any charges but the directive of the sign is clear and, I suspect, legal.

      • Well, I would say the police would be the only ones who could issue a fine.
        If they refused to realise that the sign is incorrect, on the spot. You would have to take it to court. And getting a statement from VicRoads confirming the sign was manipulated shouldn't be hard which you present to the judge.

  • You could perform a U-turn, but not a right turn when the light goes green?

    • No, you can't do U-turns at lights unless signposted.

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        You can in Vic unless it says you can’t.

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          I stand corrected. In WA, Qld, NSW, Tas, NT and SA you certainly can't.
          We so need a national road system.

  • Does the red arrow stay permanently red or does it turn into a green arrow at some stage?

    • The sign has obviously been spun around by someone.

  • Thomastown … why am I not surprised.

    I suppose it's still relatively harmless prank compared to getting mugged, stabbed or hit by a hoon, but still it's the sort of thing that riles me up cos it's not as funny as they think it is …

    * clap * Good detective work btw!

  • My friend just confirmed

    You are correct 👍, location is High st Thomastown in Melbourne

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    Can You Turn Right? Please Provide Reason

    A; Simply because I have the right to turn right at any time including right now I could turn right, right ?