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Australian Kangaroo 2018 1oz Silver Gilded Edition $39.95 + $9.95 Delivery (RRP $95) @ Perth Mint


The nice Roo 24K gold makes this an OK price!

Limit to 1 per person.

Own this stunning Australian legal tender coin stuck from 1oz of 99.99% pure silver featuring two bounding kangaroos gilded in 24-carat gold.

With a limited mintage of 5,000 and usually priced at $95, secure yours today for the drastically reduced price of $39.95.

Offer ends 16 August 2019 - Strict limit of 1 coin per person - Only whilst stocks last

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The Perth Mint

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  • +14

    Spot price is ~$24 AUD … after the shipping cost, you're essentially paying double for what the coin in raw value is worth

    • +2

      Pandora stirling silver charms cost $59. Tiffany stirling silver necklace cost $199. Both less than 1 oz silver content. What's your point?

      • +9

        I didn't neg you, but - that's not a good reasoning as to why you would pay double the price… Unless you are purely collecting it, if no just buy a bullion

      • -5

        Ones a currency backed by not much but the confidence of our Supreme leaders and world economic conditions etc.

        The other items are not only wearable but, similar to (just an example since I haven't looked into the above specific items) Chanel, LV bags or some Versace, Tiffany and other branded jewellery, have not only shown to grow in value (a large chunk of that reason being that you can actually wear it and people from all around the WORLD have seen value in it, with a proven track record in many cases.

        Funnily enough, since many of those fashion jewellery brands have non investor buyers (probably like 90% of purchases are made for leisure/ fashion), many of them gone up in value.

        They also have a much larger potential client base if you need to sell so liquidity [and I mean where you get good money or fair valuations], but since they are benchmarked and have their primary valuation done in their own currency (usually € £ or USD) they present some decent opportunities.

        Actually helps (obviously not how I would hedge against an AUD depreciation but since we're comparing the coins to the jewellery brands above), the jewellery you can wear, gift for sentiment value and tomorrow if the AUD hits 60c, but the jewellers decide to stick to a higher USD price, then you're essentially making money on it if unworn, or potentially losing nothing if you lose 20% from wear and tear, but then the price goes up 20%.

        So multiple uses, more buyers in diff markets, and can actually work as a hedge where the gain in valuation in question is of the brand not the physical weight, or rare metal's weight as the deciding factor of price.

    • +3

      A coin like this is more than the raw material it's made of. Whether that makes it worth twice the 'raw value', or more or less is personal and depending on why you purchase it in the first place.

  • +10

    So those who purchased at $95 have suddenly made a $55 loss. How is this a collectible coin? What is Perth Mint thinking destroying the value of its product like this?

    • +3

      Protip: they never sold a single coin at $95. That's just their book rrp.

      • +1

        Very likely, and isn't it also illegal (deceptive marketing) ? No wonder many business's don't follow the rules anymore, when they see the gov pulling tricks like that

        • +1

          Politicians and businessmen are often the same people anyway

    • +1

      5000 coins have already been minted, and given they haven't all sold at $95 the price investors are willing to pay is much less. Nothing says the value of the coin is $95 or even $39.95, if anything this coin is worth it's face value $1 or the what the base metal is worth. It is demand vs supply which determines what this coin is worth just like any other investment.

      5000 coins minted is actually not that much for a coin release so $40 is pretty decent price imo for coin collecting (not investing in metal, better off with bullion)

  • This worth more or less than the North Korea/Trump disarmament coin that was struck?

    Such an edgy profile photo.

  • +3

    Unavailable online

  • How to purchase this? Says "Unavailable online"

  • +1

    I recall buying a "limited release" Queen Elizabeth Coin from the Mint some years ago…
    ("huge investment potential") I kept it for a decade and evenually sold it for what I paid for it…."come in Spinner"is the best phrase I can think of.

  • Update 29/7: Item is available again.

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