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Fujifilm XF 27mm F/2.8 Pancake Lens $249 ($99 after Cashback), 60mm F/2.4 R Macro Lens $768 ($268 after CB) @ Camera Electronic


Some fantastic prices there. Excellent local WA store, 2 physical locations in WA and they offer fast freight for interstate purchases. They just had a large expo over the weekend which seems to have kicked off some new sales.

Fujifilm XF 60mm f/2.4 R Macro Lens - $768 ($268 After Cashback)

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    The condition for the extra cash back is that you need to buy them at the expo which is in wa

    PURCHASED AT PHOTO LIVE EXPO BETWEEN 28/07/2019 AND 31/07/2019 - CLAIM BY 14/08/2019 from Manufacturer
    $100 CE CASHBACK VALID UNTIL 31/7/19
    PURCHASED AT PHOTO LIVE EXPO BETWEEN 28/07/2019 AND 31/07/2019 - CLAIM BY 14/08/2101

    • True, but at least you have a LONG time to claim the second cashback!

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        A long time to look for that lost receipt!

        That's a pretty important condition, having purchased it at the expo… think that would rule out a lot of people here?

    • Interesting, I admit I missed that! However, the expo was only for one day so it may be worded poorly. Could be worth contacting the store and asking them

      • Yeah seems like it - When you go the cashback page, it does mention the item purchase date specifically when you select the item

        Photo Live Expo Claim Cash Back 2019
        Cash Backs and Vouchers must be claimed by the 14th of August 2019

        PURCHASED AT PHOTO LIVE EXPO BETWEEN 28/07/2019 AND 31/07/2019 - CLAIM BY 14/08/2019 *

        FUJIFILM X-PRO2 BLACK BODY ONLY - $150 CE Cashback
        FUJIFILM X100F BLACK/SILVER/BROWN - $100 CE Cashback

  • Fujifilm XF 23mm f/1.4R @ $649 is an excellent price. On backorder though…

    • It was 614$ at CameraPro last month.

  • I'd be careful, xf60mm is only eligible for $350 cashback but they are saying $500 cashback.


    edit: stupid me didn't check about the additional cashback. Ignore.

  • I wish Sony had cheap lenses like these.

    • Me too. It's breaking my bank!

  • IMHO 27mm and 60mm are no brainers if you can really get the full cashback and pay only the prices in the title. Very compact lenses with great image quality.

    Autofocus is nowhere near as fast as newer models though.

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      I think the 27 is a terrific lens for the money, but the 60 is vastly less good, IMHO.

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        At full price I kind of agree… I also think it depends on how much you value portability. My use case for the 60mm is that I don't shoot macro/portrait often enough to spend $1000 on it or carry an extra kilo in my bag all day.

        • Yeah, I just don't think the 60 is that good a lens overall, TBH. I've got it, but the image quality is such that I really have to NEED to use it to make it happen. The 18-55 is a much better lens (for non-macro, obviously) over, I think (my copies, anyway).

  • Their expo was on Saturday 28th, https://www.photoliveexpo.com.au/about-photo-live-expo/
    so no way of buying on 29th-31st to qualify for their extra cashback!

    Should I risk buying online now because the claims page clearly says "BETWEEN 28/07/2019 AND 31/07/2019"
    and see if they'll still give the extra cashback cos they've stuffed up the qualifying date.

    A lot of the lenses are now on Back Order anyway so have some of you taken a punt on getting both the cashbacks

    • I'd reach out to them first to be sure, but there's a lot of sale items that end at COB 31/07 so I'd say it would be fine.

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    I have spoken to the store and they have confirmed that the cashback is applicable until COB 31/07

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