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[WA] Mitsubishi 2.5kW (Cooling) / 3.2kW (Heating) Air Conditioner $1148 (Supply & Install) & $100 Cashback @ Coogle Australia


BRAND NEW Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2.5kW (Cooling) / 3.2kW (Heating) Air Conditioner

Thank you very much for all of your support for the Panasonic and Fujitsu deals last time, this time we are offering Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner supply and install for only $1148, Customers can claim $100 from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, please see website below. Now, Get Mitsubishi Heavy Industries AIR CON SPLIT SYSTEM INSTALLED FOR ONLY $1148 invoice price, after cash back is $1048.

Model Number SRK25ZSA-W / DXK09ZSA-W, 2.5KW, 5 years full warranty, WITH installation* $1148 incl. GST. After cash back is $1048.

Always look for the ARCTIC (ARC is an acronym for the Australian Refrigeration Council) when you purchase, installing, or repairing your Air conditioner, Freezer or Fridge. AU46311, EC13745, fully insured.

Customers visit to claim, Customers complete online form, then upload their purchase receipt. Full terms and conditions available at

Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard only) accepted. Please note there is a 1.5% surcharge for all credit card transactions.

Cash and EFTPOS also accepted.

*Installation price is for standard back to back installations: 3 metre pipe, 10 metres cable, mounted on ground,on single storey homes and include electrical work. Prices include GST. FREE for travel cost within 30 KM from Osborne Park WA 6017. For further than 30 km, $20 extra for 30-40km, $40 extra for 40-50km.

Other sizes also available. Contact us for more information.

Coogle Australia

M: 0418 466 090

M: 0423 112 788

P: 08 9445 1918

Email: [email protected]

Make your home nice and comfortable, CALL US NOW!

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    Can you do Melbourne?


    How is the additional installation cost calculated if it's a second storey install? What size room is this unit ideal for?


      upstairs is $70 plus bracket cost. Extra high we need to quote onsite. 2.5Kw is good for up to 15sqm. Thank you.


    Do you come on-site to give installation options / cost. Not sure about where I can or should have aircon installed.

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    What are the running costs like? I've never owned a split system. Power consumption seems very high.

    I use a gas heater and evap cooler. Not a fan of evap, but 2.5kw of cooling being on all day is more than a kettle or vacuum cleaner or two microwaves on all day.


      This unit is 5 star energy rating

      Cooling 5 stars

      Heating 5 stars

      For Energy Consumption and Running Costs please go to

      Many thanks.

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        according to their calculator, looking at anywhere between 1.2k and 2.9k a year to run. Yeah that's pretty high. And that's only for one room.

        5 stars sounded really good until the new scale now goes to 10 stars.

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          don't know where you got those figures from…

          five year figure for $5,714 5 months heating per year, at 16 hours per day, and 3 months cooling for 10 hours per day is "$5,714" over 10 years, so 571 per year…

          did you punch in that you would have both the heating and cooling on at the same time?

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            @wisc: Snap!

            If you enter 12 months / 24 hours in both heating and cooling… it comes to $2836/yr for me.

            Maybe lostn's refinery needs both?


              @Roman Sandstorm: The way the calculator works is, it asks how many months in a year you need cooling and how many hours a day, and the same for heating. Then it gives you the total.


                @lostn: Um… yes. I think I got that.

                My point was, the only way that your ridiculous figures (Up to $2.9k/yr) can be achieved is by entering 12 months / 24 hours, for both heating and cooling.

                As this is clearly impossible (the unit cannot output both heating and cooling at the same time… duh), and unrealistic (no-one requires 24/7/12 months heating and cooling in Australia), then your figures are worse than misleading.

                If you had read my second post you would have seen my figures for an extreme case (again, unrealistic in Australia, but just for s&g), of 6 months x 18 hours heating, and the same for cooling. And even this extreme case came out to less than your "1.2k" / year.

                I don't know if you have it in for the company offering the item, or maybe for Mitsubishi, or perhaps air conditioning in general (some kind of moral issue?), but your misleading (and impossible) figures don't so anyone any benefit.

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          Obviously it depends on individual's usage patterns. However, your cost calculation is misleading at best. Maybe even disingenuous.

          For my usage pattern… 3 months heating x 6 hours/day, and 3 months cooling x 6 hours, the total cost works out to $177/year. And that is at the nominal 28.3 c/kWh… and who (on OzB) pays that much?

          Sure, I am a one-person household, and I work. But that actually seems fairly reasonable to me. To cool, and warm, my lounge… over a year… for the time I am present in it.

          But even working it out for 6 months of 18 hours/day heating and cooling, it still only comes to $1063/year. And who in Australia would ever do/need this? (Yes, yes, yes, @lostn, I know you run an alumina refinery, and need 24/7/365 ice-blasting air to prevent meltdowns from your portable nuclear reactor, but this is a domestic one-room aircon.)


            @Roman Sandstorm: The energy calculator includes the cost of purchasing and installing the unit, not just the energy usage.

            Sure, I am a one-person household, and I work.

            That explains a lot of it.


            @Roman Sandstorm:

            (Yes, yes, yes, @lostn, I know you run an alumina refinery, and need 24/7/365 ice-blasting air to prevent meltdowns from your portable nuclear reactor, but this is a domestic one-room aircon.)

            LOL, Gold!

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    May I ask a price on a bigger unit? Looking to cool a 5x5 sized room, some glass doors on west facing wall and single brick veneer. Thinking maybe 3.5kw cooling?


    Any offer for higher capacity for living room? I am Beechboro 6063 area.


    Googling around I found one site online that showed 'wifi control - yes optional' but it doesn't seem to be shown anywhere else. I would bee keep to know if it was controllable by an app… for those times you just can't find the remote.

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    Happy with these guys work. Had 2 Panasonics installed from the last deal.



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