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DJI Spark Series Portable Mini Drone $404.10 Delivered @ Amazon AU


As per the title, base version of the DJI Spark for a great price:

  • Intelligent flight modes
  • Detects clearly patterned surfaces with adequate lighting and diffuse reflectivity
  • High-performance camera
  • Amazing images and stabilized video
  • Powerful propulsion speed and precision control
  • The DJI Spark really is an astonishing piece of technology

Unsure if it comes with the remote, as the blurb on Amazon says it does, but I expect it will not at this price.

Don't forget CashRewards etc if it applies to this.

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  • No remote. Bummer!!

    • I assume no remote, but the end of the blurb says: "Available in Alpine white colour with one free remote controller.".

      • Yeah, I think they did that recently. They were including the controller, but not much else. It doesn’t come with any of the fly more stuff…

        As for this kit, I don’t know, can’t say for definite

  • The remote is listed under the ‘Frequently bought together’ section. Possibly indicating the remote is not included?

    • Was first sold by Amazon nearly two years ago. Way back when people indeed probably bought it plus a controller separately. Now that DJI includes it for free, it would not happen unless you wanted a spare for some unfathomable reason. ;-)

  • Take a copy of the listing. If it doesn't come with the controller, then contact Amazon support. DJI now provides the controller as standard. This is shipped by and sold by Amazon so I am sure they will either refund or send a controller.

    • This is what happened with me. Was a bit of an exercise as I had to return the original Spark and they sent another one (expecting the remote to be included the second time around) but it still didn't arrive so they just sent me a remote on its own

  • Definitely an impressive bit of kit. You will want extra batteries, and if you are a Muppet like me the insurance (DJI Care Refresh) is a great idea - I used it to replace the spark I drowned in a muddy pond….

  • I’d be happy to pay $405 but not 404 - not found.

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