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Assorted Allocacoc PowerCubes: $5.99 to $9.99 + Delivery @ Catch


Just spotted these on Catch. I'd previously grabbed a couple of 1.5m standard cubes from Kogan and always wanted ones with inbuilt USB - but they were obviously more expensive.

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  • Eh died out. Find that most appliances now come with round plugs that dont interfere with one another.
    Another down side is fast charging on those cube is not available.

    They are good for overhead power source in your garage or workshop.

  • Cheers OP got 2 each of 4 outlet USB 1.5m & 3m with 6% off GC delivered .

  • Anyway to get free shipping?

  • Thanks OP. Found $20 credit on my account and used $4 remaining on virtual visa card

    Got 2 of the 3m 5 outlet

  • Such a gimmicky product. A row of plugs on a traditional power strip is much neater then a block with plugs sticking out from all directions.

    Many power strips come with wide spacing, and many power adapters are the switching type that are narrower anyway.

    • Yeah not sure what the appeal is here?

    • Yeah bought one a while back. Tried it. Haven't used it since. So messy.

    • I bought a few of these for home and I think both have their uses. I had multiple chargers that were plugged into a traditional power board next to / underneath my bed (devices sit on bed side table). Personally I found the large foot print of the traditional power board got in the way.

      Another minor annoyance that they solved, in another room there was a couple of bulky power adapters plugged into the same power board, as a result the power board would tip over and short of mounting it to something I wasn't sure what I could do.

      These power cubes or whatever they want to call them don't tip over.

      Anyway, like I said, small issues and I think they have a purpose.

  • Bought the 2x grey ones with 3 metre cords for around the house.

    Then an ugly 1.5m green one with 2x usb inputs for travel and keep it in the luggage for future trips

    • Yes, I mainly used it for holidays/trips. (the one with usb inputs of course).
      The small extension cord is also handy.
      It is 110-240V, so you only need to get one travel adaptor for overseas and can use many of your applicances.

      • How many appliances do you really need when travelling??? For me it’s just a laptop charger and blitzwolf 5 x USB charger.

        • Other chargers for camera/camera batteries, shaver and can share with others who travel with you.

  • How much is shipping?

  • 6.95 for delivery for me.
    That still killed the deal

  • You have 30 minutes to move your cube.

    Edit: these things are ugly as sin but are great if you travel. Perfect for those hotels that only have one or two powerpoints next to the bed. I wouldn’t use it at home though.

  • I bought 2 of these about a year and a half ago. I used one in the bedroom with a TV, PS4, and Dyson fan plugged in. After about 3 months it died on me, had a small scent of burning coming from it.

    I replaced it with the second plug, and again about 3 months later, dead/burnt out.

    I've since used a general powerboard for the past year, nothing fancy, and haven't had any issues.

    • So you used a plug that died and had a scent or burning and replaced it with an identical plug?

      • Thats correct, but by 'replaced' I meant that I used the 2nd plug I had bought at the same time as the 1st. I didn't go out and by another, and wouldn't again.

        With the 2nd plug, I only had the TV and Dyson plugged in (kept the PS4 seperated) and it still died.

  • Allocacoc

    Bless you.

  • Doesn’t let me buy the 3M 2xUSB version, shows 6 available, 100 viewing, and it’s been showing 6 for the last 20 minutes…

    • Ok, now shows $43 which contradicts with their main page saying all under $10 , they brought it down to under $10 for half an hour but no one could buy by the looks of it ….

  • They need to bring out USB-C versions. Then i'm back in.

  • They just put the price up for pretty much everything…

  • Why 2 outlets on the non cord ones? That's stupid, a cube with 2 outlets? Should have 4 outlets and 2 USB.

  • They're fine since they're cheap. Or for travel (but should have had a very short 30cm cord! Grr)

  • Increased the price a tad bit didn't they :P

    • They increased the price a second time today…
      Some of the items are now almost double the price they were when this post was first created.

  • Got one of these a while back, handy as a workbench outlet for quickly plugging stuff in but gets messy quickly and wouldn't recommend it for stuff constantly plugged in.

    USB outlets have a bit of coil whine when 1A+ load is connected

  • For those that have no indications of either 1.5m or 3m, which is it? Anyone knows?

  • Anyones order shipped?

  • Just FYI I managed to get Officeworks Maribyrnong to price match the blue one for me (paid $7.55).

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