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[PS4, XB1] Crew 2 $24, NBA 2K19 $29, Division 2 $49, Destiny 2 $1, Pixel Pals $4 + More @ BIG W


Loads of Gaming offers kicking off in store and online at Big W from 1st August, some of the titles are below -

Mortal Kombat 11 (PS4/XB1/Switch) - $49
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (PS4/XB1) - $35
LEGO Harry Potter (PS4/XB1/Switch) - $39
Hitman (PS4/XB1) - $39
Cars 3 (PS4/XB1/Switch) - $24
Jurassic World Evolution (PS4/XB1) - $59
Ark Survival Evolved (PS4/XB1) - $59
Shadow Of The Tomb Raider (PS4/XB1) - $25
Kingdom hearts 3 (PS4/XB1) - $49
Dirt Rally 2.0 (PS4/XB1) - $49
Pixel Pals (All designs) - $4
Xbox One PDP Wired Controllers (all colours) - $35
Stealth Multiformat Camo Headset - $29
Stealth Xbox One SX-01 Stereo Headset - $25
Overwatch Legendary Edition (PS4/XB1) - $49
Destiny 2 (PS4/XB1) - $1
Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare (XB1) - $1
NBA 2K19 (PS4/XB1) - $29
WWE 2K19 (PS4/XB1) - $35
GTA V (PS4/XB1) - $29
NBA Playgrounds 2 (PS4/XB1/Switch) - $19
Carnival Games (Switch) - $39
Resident Evil 2 (PS4/XB1) - $59
Plantronics Rig 100HS & 100HX Chat Headset - $19
Plantronics Rig 500 Multiformat Gaming Headset - $59
Plantronics Rig 400 Doubly Multiformat Gaming Headset - $59
Ghost Recon: Wildlands (PS4/XB1) - $24
Assassin's Creed 3 Remaster (PS4/XB1) - $29
Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PS4/XB1) - $29
Division 2 (PS4/XB1)- $49
Trials Rising (PS4/XB1/Switch) - $29
Far Cry New Dawn (PS4/XB1) - $29
Far Cry 5 (PS4/XB1) - $24
Far Cry 3 Classic Edition (PS4/XB1) - $24
Crew 2 (PS4/XB1) - $24
Legendary Fishing (Switch) - $24
Mario & Rabbids (Switch) - $39
Rainbow Six Siege (SP4/XB1) - $24
Starlink Weapons Packs - $4
Starlink Starship Packs - $15
Starlink Pilot Packs - $4
Starlink Starter Packs (PS4/XB1/Switch) - $29
Doom (PS4/XB1) - $24
Evil Within 2 (PS4/XB1) - $24
LABO Robot Kit (Switch) - $69
LABO Variety Kit (Switch) - $59
LABO Vehicle Kit (Switch) - $69
Various Amiibo from $5 - $10

Stock levels look ok across stores so should be able to pick something up if your interested.

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  • If you plan buying resident evil 2, go to jbhifi and price match with amazon $39.44. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/7546857/redir

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      I have tried so many times to price match amazon at JB and it never works, because they say "it's an online store only"

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        According to their website they will match online stores if you factor in delivery costs.

        Feel free to show them their own link

        • Same, my local checked and then told me they couldn't sell me it because they only had 1 copy of the game In Stock.

      • I’ve tried price matching with JB and they say, “We don’t price match. Just go over to BigW and buy the game.”

        • and my response to that will be " That's fine with me. Wanted to buy here but I guess Big W is much better"

      • +1

        It's really kinda hit and miss with price matching Amazon. Some staff are happy to but most of the time they're quite reluctant.

    • It's a hit or kiss with JB. I used to be able to price match my local JB with Amazon but now they won't. So now I'm just buying off Amazon instead.

      • Miss*

  • Nice

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    LEGO Harry Potter (PS4/XB1/Switch) - $39

    $36 @ Eb games

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    Soon we'll be making money on Destiny 2.

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    With Destiny 2 new light which makes D2 free to play, is it even worth spending a dollar?

    • If you want physical or don't want to wait

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      Yes. $1 replacement case AND a bonus coaster!

  • theyre just trying to clear Destiny 2 out. No use as it goes free in less than 2 months time

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    Will Detroit Become Human (PS4) or Dark Souls (Switch) be on sale?

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      detroit is the ps plus game this month btw if u wanna play it for cheap

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    Some of those games can be found for less at EB Games of all places.

    WWE 2K19 - $24.97
    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - $36
    Doom (PS4 - $19.97 / XB1 - $15)
    Overwatch Legendary Edition - $29.97

    Not too sure which version of Hitman Big W will have for $39, but EB has the Definitive Edition for $34.97

    Just make sure to shop around if you want to save a few dollars. I'm sure you can find the few mentioned in my post cheaper elsewhere too. :p

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    Amazon, you know what to do.

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    Nice, Far Cry 5 for me. Thank you!

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      Amazon has it for $20 but need the prime tho.

      • Yeah that was the issue :(

        • It's worth it

    • +1

      It's $20 at Target right now.

      • Never had luck with stock :( But thanks for letting me know I'll keep an eye out.

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    Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare (XB1) - $1

    Any use in spending a dollar? Might just get it for the case even!

    Overwatch Legendary Edition (PS4/XB1) - $49

    Also that's a terrible price. It's like half that at EB.

  • +1

    Come on $2 controllers!

  • I see DC Villains in the picture can you tell me how much that will be on PS4? 9yo Daughter is obsessed with villains…not that I should be worried, right :/

  • Stupid question - Am i able to click and collect on their website tomorrow when the sale is live? or will i only see these prices in store in discount bins etc?

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      Not a stupid question mate, click and collect will be available for all lines as long as they have stock

  • Destiny 2 for $1?
    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare $1?

    Honestly - if movies are any indication - games are going to go the way of netflix. I don't think they're going to be selling video games in stores much longer.

  • Does anyone know if MK11 will get a complete edition like many previous releases? I am in no rush to play and don't want to buy half a game.

    I have been waiting for Injustice 2, to do the same thing, but the game has been out for so long now I'm doubtful it will happen.

    Also have the same question about dragon ball fighterz

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    Destiny 2 not coming up on web site, only in store?

  • Went to Big W brickworks (SA) and picked up NBA 2k19 for $29. Was going to pickup COD and D2 pretty much to use as trades at EB but they had neither.

  • Just wondering when the Platronics Ri 100HS is going on sale? Thanks in advance.

  • The call of duty infinite warfare scans as $29 not $1 but if there is proof like a picture or something tough luck i guess

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    Great deal thanks!

    I went to Macquarie Centre tonight and got these for XB1

    Rise of the Tomb Raider $5
    Destiny 2 $1
    Far Cry Primal $5
    For Honor $5
    Dead Rising 4 $5

    Total $21 for these 5 games

    Edit: As a bonus I went straight to ebgames and traded in Dead Rising 4 for their fortnight deal (trade in something over $10 and get extra $15 credit on top) and got $25 in playstation credit