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[VIC] E10 Fuel for $0.999/L at 7-Eleven Hoppers Crossing VIC


99.9c per L for E10 petrol at Hoppers Crossing VIC
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    Such a good price, but it makes my e10-compatible car from not starting. Confirmed by NRMA roadside dude who came to fix it.

  • Is there much difference in fuel economy between e10 and U91?
    I've actually never filled up with e10!

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      In theory e10 should be better as it has a higher octane 94/95


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        In practice, it's the reverse - slightly worse fuel efficiency. There's about 3% less energy in E10 vs RON 91: https://www.e10fuelforthought.nsw.gov.au/facts

        Reduces emissions a bit.

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        higher octane = lower chance of detonation/pinging. Only really useful if you have an engine that uses it.

        Ethanol has a lower energy content than petrol, which means for the same volume, you generate less bang, thus requiring more to make up for it. Less mileage for the same full tank of petrol.

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        In theory it should get worse mileage because it has lower energy density which is why it does. Higher octane let's you run higher compression without detonation, which is unrelated.

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      E10 has 3% worse fuel economy than unleaded.

      It's higher octane than UL91, so you get a little bit more horsepower using it.

      Lower net emissions as the ethanol is made from stuff that is basically agricultural waste (cane molasses or wheat starch), so the carbon you're burning is what the plant absorbed during its life cycle.

      Also the ethanol in it is actually made in Australia (we don't import any of that stuff, in fact we export a tiny bit), in contrast to our gasoline supply which is 100% imported.

      • "It's higher octane than UL91, so you get a little bit more horsepower using it." Only if your engine is designed to extract extra power from 95 octane fuel.

        My car is designed to run on 95 fuel, but can accept E10 as well. I have used both and find performance is the same but fuel economy is about 3% worse with E10. But even with the worse fuel economy, with E10 being 99 cents I am still saving about 34 cents per litre vs P95 fuel (or about $17 per tank).

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    • Is this a thing they do?

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        Doubt it, there are plenty of people who live in Hoppers Crossing. There have been accounts being locked as a result of locking in very low prices but haven't heard about it for a while.

        • Agreed unlikely at 99 cents…

        • I get a few eyebrow raises from the attendants and sometimes asked where I got such a good price but have never been denied.

    • Nah. E10 has bee 99c before throughout the year. Locked it in, paid for it, no dramas.

  • Locked! Thanks OP!

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    I could get car jacked driving out to Hoppers Crossing but it’s worth the risk !!

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      just avoid knife point and scumshine area, you should arrive in one piece matey

  • just off to Melbourne, bbak.

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    It’s not 99 now

  • Locked in right now. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks op great price. Have rarely seen it go this low for a while now!

    Edit: spelling

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    Still available, locked in just in case. Thanks OP.

  • Still working now, locked in!

  • Never used this on my Honda Euro. Anyone know if this is OK fuel to use?

  • Thanks locked in. E10 for me!

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    The only time you should be using E10 is when you return a rental car.

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      You mean you're not suppose to put diesel in them?

      • diesel costs more than e10. I prefer water.

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    Cheaper than water! Works better in your fuel tank than water too. Not so good as a drink.

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    Dang it. Tried all the steps and still can't successfully 'visit' Hoppers Crossing

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    Cheap but I will pass on E10.

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      Thanks for letting us all know!

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    Expired? Can’t seem to get that price now.

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    My app is not even showing that E10 is available at Hoppers Crossing

  • Just realised no 7 Eleven in Perth sells E10. F**k.

  • always good price there

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