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Set of 8 Stainless Steel Straws - $5.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Direct From Factory Amazon AU


Set of 8 Stainless Steel Straws, 8.5" (6mm x 215mm) - 316 Stainless Steel - Reusable Metal Curved Drinking Straw for Smoothies & Tumblers (4 Straight + 4 Bent + 2 Cleaning Brushes)

  • NEVER BUY PLASTIC STRAWS AGAIN: Switch to a more eco-friendly, safe and economical option compared to plastic straws. Direct From Factory Stainless Steel Straws can be reused for years to come. One steel straw will last a lifetime and will replace hundreds and thousands of plastic straws.

  • VALUE PACK OF 8: We offer four straight and four bent reusable steel straws with two cleaning brushes. Measuring 8.5 inches long and 6mm wide, these metal smoothie straws are wider than traditional smaller straws, making them suitable for thick shakes and smoothies.

  • 18/8 FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL: These metal straws are crafted from premium quality 18/8 stainless steel which is EA free, lead-free, scratch free and rust resistant so they won’t rust in your drinks or dishwasher. Food grade materials make sure there is no metal aftertaste.

  • HASSLE FREE CLEANUP: These reusable straws are dishwasher safe, so after use, you can simply toss them in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning and complete disinfection. Bonus cleaning brush provided is very handy to rinse stains and can also be used to clean cups and bottles.

  • NO SHARP EDGES: Thoughtfully designed, these reusable cocktail straws have concave and rounded edges which feel nice and are smooth to touch. You will never have to worry about hurting your mount and teeth. Steel tumbler straws are perfect for use by kids and elders.

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  • Didn’t someone recently die from using one of these?

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      didn't some marine life die from the plastic alternative?

      • -9


      • +1

        It was plastic fishing nets. Also,these are never long enough.

        • -1

          Abandoned fishing gear is responsible for >50% of plastic in the Pacific garbage patch, straws don't even register a single %. We don't need new straws, we need to stop fishing. But…


          • @afoveht: Any evidence of this? Interested to read more about it.

            • @mdogxxx: Start with Wikipedia, there's plenty more if you are interested.


              In a 2014 study[36] researchers sampled 1571 locations throughout the world's oceans, and determined that discarded fishing gear such as buoys, lines and nets accounted for more than 60%[37] of the mass of plastic marine debris.

          • @afoveht: @thevofa not sure about the 50%, that seems a rather high but certainly fishing gear in plentyful in the oceans.

            Your other comment.. BUY A STRAW - BE AN ENVIRO-HERO. Plastic straws are easily found on beaches, they are a problem. Making a move from a plastic products to some other material is good step and is something we should all strive to do no matter it is.

            • +2

              @Jenny Jingle: Sure, go after the <0.1%, but doing that before addressing the >50% (ie: boycotting wild caught marine animals as food) is a bit like trying to tackle greenhouse gas emissions by holding in your own farts while driving a Hummer.

      • You can buy silicon alternatives with a cleaner pipe. The silicon ones roll up and can be put in a container.

    • +1

      yep, the straw went straight into her brains.

      • All of them? What bad luck.

    • +4

      Maybe we should ban metal cutlery as it's also dangerous!

      • These are way more dangerous.

        • more dangerous than cars and knifes?

          how many died from metal straw vs how many they died from car accidents or by a knife?

          if you are so concern about danger
          then you should not leave your house or drive or use a knife
          since you have a higher chance based on statistic of getting killed by a car, knife, falling down

          yes, these metal straws are also a dangerous risk (and probably should not be used)
          but based on statistic, they are at the very bottom of risky dangerous items..

          • +1


            more dangerous than cars and knifes?

            More dangerous than cutlery under normal use, (which is what I was responding to.)

            • @jv: you should not go out of your house
              cos I bet you will more likely die in car accident (under normal use)
              than you would from these metal straws..
              this is based on statistics which are proven facts..

              if you use these metal straw under normal use then the odds of you dying from it
              are probably the same as any of your other cutlery..

              if you want to argue about dangerous items..
              then cars should be the first thing that should be banned since that has resulted in more deaths (millions)
              than a metal straw (1 death)

              what happened with the metal straw death was a freak accident..
              even if more people used these metal straws..
              I bet the statistic would still show that cars and knifes results in more deaths than metal straws..

              So while it is not recommended to use these metal straws since they do pose a risk…
              your over concern is more emotional based on a news story rather than facts based on statistic..

              Even if you bought these metal straws and regularly used them..
              I bet how you died would more likely be from those other statistical causes of deaths or by some illness.

              • +1


                you should not go out of your house

                yes I should.

                My doctor says i need more vitamin D.

  • Can't wait to have my teeth/mouth damaged from using this junk!
    Very misleading to have 'FDA approved' in the product title too. The straws themselves are NOT FDA approved.

  • I got these last deal and they did NOT come with the cleaning brushes

    • Mine did.. Also ordered from last deal…

      • Well bugger

        • +4

          Should've contacted Amazon, i have found their C/S the BEST of any retailer…

          • @Bunsen: They refunded me. But now I can't clean my straws

            • @teacherer: Actual brush is sold separately on Ebay for $1

  • +5

    Has John Wick used these yet?

  • +3

    Mhhh. Stainless steel … you can't see the dirt inside. Would rather use see through material … glass staws.

    • +3

      I used to put rocks in my mouth running around the place and turned out fine.

      • You're quite successful too you have a degree in IT, and you have a good job in a different field.

        • +2

          ED is just down the hall if I choke on some RAM.

  • +1

    Bamboo straws are better

    • Has anyone considered … you know … actual straw straws?

      • Yes. Everyone who is using alternative straws. Most likely for environmental reasons.

      • Straw tubes made from most grasses have bumps in them (nodes) so they wouldn’t be sanitary for re-washing. Single use oat or wheat straws might work in theory for small cups but the people who actually need to use straws like stroke victims would require bigger diameters than what straw straws would provide.

  • +3

    Same 8 straws with 2 brushes pack, $2.95 delivered. Extra brushes can be bought for $1 for multiple vendors.


    • +1

      Damn i just went to grab some of these they put the price up to $3.95 15 minutes ago. Still not a bad price.

      • Sneaky of them, but they must have realised they are the cheapest on Ebay by a few bucks so went for an extra buck :).

        I picked up two sets at $2.95 (been thinking about buying these for ages, just never got around to it).
        But you're right, even at $3.95 still very competitive.

        I just hate how on Ebay they can advertise separate components for a $1, yet show the picture of the whole set. Makes it hard to see what they are actually selling the full set for. The above link I gave is definitely the cheapest I've seen.

  • What's the bristles on the cleaning brushes made of?…..

  • Just cut a small length off your garden hose. Job done

  • +2

    Why not use Silicone straws?


    Throat / eye impaling problem solved.

    • +1

      That is what we did. Went to House outlet place in DFO South Wharf. Cost us $10 for four straws and pipe cleaner. They are also easier to roll up and carry with us for when we buy milkshakes.