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Macpac Halo Down Jacket Mens & Womens $99.99 + $10 Shipping or Free for Orders over $100 @ Macpac


The popular Macpac jackets are back at this great price.

Macpac Halo Down Jacket - Women's

The legendary Halo Down Jacket is warm, compact and a great all-rounder — perfect for urban adventure, travel, hiking and camping. Filled with 600 loft Responsible Down Standard (RDS) duck down and featuring elasticated cuffs and an adjustable hem, this jacket works to keep you warm by trapping heat against your body. The lightweight nylon shell features a water repellent finish, while the internal draft tube and soft chin guard aids insulation and overall comfort. A separate stuff sack is included for convenient storage when not in use.

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  • +3

    It's a must buy at this price

    • +1

      Definitely. I paid $125 a few months ago

      • -4

        Isnt this a poor man's Kathmandu?

        • +12

          Unless everyone is rich, Kathmandu must be the poor man's Kathmandu. I swear I have never seen as many as I have this year.

          • @Soluble: Yea cos it was on 50% off from 600 to 300.
            Actually are the kathmandus warmer/lighter? Or are we buying the brand?

            • @Bryanalves: I'm not sure about everyone else who bought one, but I got mine during the sale for $200, and it's fantastic. Super lightweight, and super warm.

            • +2

              @Bryanalves: The MacPac Halo is unbeatable at this price-point.
              Even at its full retail price of $279 it's a superior jacket.
              I've had mine for three years and wear it constantly through winter.
              (yet I've always hated 'puffers'! - until the Halo)

              Comparing MacPac to Kathmandu is like comparing a Landrover Defender to a Rav4.
              They're not in the same field.

              Kathmandu is mostly for suburbanites who don't go anywhere.
              It's an average (and overpriced) brand that tries to pretend it's up there with the real guys.
              Plus their colours are atrocious.

              Macpac on the other hand was founded in outdoor-mad New Zealand, by serious outdoors experts and has a SOLID reputation with camping, hiking, climbing, adventure-sport folks the world over.

              At this price? EVERYONE SHOULD BUY A HALO!

            • +1

              @Bryanalves: Halo is warmer, lighter and MUCH better quality than an equivalent Kathmandu jacket.
              It's serious outdoors kit - Kathmandu is an overpriced high-street brand. :-)

          • @Soluble: Kathmandu’s aren’t that expensive.

          • +1

            @Soluble: Chicks with leggings and Kathmandu jackets.

        • +5

          er no, this is better.

        • +4

          Lol no, this is good quality.
          Kathmandu products are not.

          • @ScJ: Lol @ the downvote.
            Feel free to buy the overpriced crap at Kathmandu
            Macpac is at least an entry level outdoor gear

        • Well Khatmamdu equivalent jackets are 550 loft where as this is 600.

          Higher quality from that perspective

      • +4

        Macpac is quality NZ brand some of the best gear for the price. I havent had one of their puffers but the packs, gators etc I've had form them are some of the most durable I've ever encountered. So MacPac is great value for high quality gear. Kathmandu is more of a fashion brand that is reasonable value when its over 60% off.
        So I would say that Kathmandu is the fashionable poor mans macpac and MacPac is the poor mans Arc'teryx.

    • +1

      Funny, I've never felt the inclination to wear a sleeping bag

      • +5

        I laughed, even if I don't agree with you. Some people are a bit defensive about their down jackets :)

        • +3

          Cause they spent their hard earned money on it, so they need to feel the justification from the purchase

      • But it's so warm, though that makes it easy as to nap anywhere too…

  • How do these compare to Patagonia Down Sweater in terms of warmth? (ignoring the massive price difference)

    • +1

      The down sweater has higher quality, higher lofting down which will be lighter and more compactable but this halo has way more total down so its quite a bit warmer

    • Patagonia Down Sweater is a better all-rounder but the Halo is warmer. Down Sweater has higher quality loft down but isn't as puffy (less total down). I also prefer the fit of the Down Sweater.

  • +6

    I've got this jacket, 10/10. it my daily winter jacket.
    I would recommend getting the hooded version for $30 more

    • What do you think about this Mercury jacket?

      • +1

        Can't say coz I haven't got it myself. Looks like it has 650 duck down filling vs 600 on the halo down. just go into a physical store and try them out

      • halo is 600 loft duck down
        mercury is 650 loft duck down

        • Halo:
          Fill Weight (g) 205 (size M)
          Weight (g) 540 (Size M)

          Fill Weight (g) 136 (Size M)
          Weight (g) 390 (Size M)

          The Halo is heavier and warmer than the Mercury.

        • It's strange MacPac Uber light down is also 650 fill power, feels very thin though, am I get it wrong?

      • +2

        I just bought mercury last week for $125. No regret because last mercury S size in store. The store guy said mercury almost as warm as halo. Because 650 down loft. I like mercury better and lighter.

    • +2

      I always prefer hooded versions…

      BUT why are all Australian hoods just head and not face covered ie there is never an edge that goes over to protect your face from rain.

      Yanks and UK hoods the top goes over 10-15cm

      • +11

        Men (and women) Down Under ain't afraid of no rain on their faces. Yankees and Pommy Bastards are sissies. Can you hear that thunder? You better run, you better take cover.

        • You better run, you better take cover.

          Nah, I bought the Xiaomi brolly last year

      • 'Cos these arne't designed for rain …. .barely a light shower.

      • You can't wear puffer jackets in the rain!!! - at least not in anything beyond a light shower.
        They're not meant for it and the water can seriously impact the down, its loft and the subsequent warmth of the jacket.

    • Is the ETA Primaloft worth the extra $30?

    • Nah, have to disagree on the hood. (soz)
      Hoods on puffer jackets just get in the way (and people throw their rubbish in them as you walk by :-) )
      Plus it makes it a little tougher to roll up and pack away. (My Halo goes into its bag and into my glove box).
      Serious outdoors types just wear a beanie or a hat.

  • +4

    If you are wanting free shipping (orders over $100) get yourself one of the clearance items for $2

  • Can I avail this offer in-store?
    I want to confirm the size before buying.

    • Yes you can buy instore

  • +1

    Great jacket. Have one from previous deals.

    The hooded versions are on sale as well, $129.99

    • Damn, bought the hooded version only 4 weeks back for $150 and don't intend to use until travelling next year.

      • +1

        If you're not completely satisfied with your new Macpac purchase you are welcome to exchange it for a full refund, a store credit or an alternative product, within 60 days of your purchase along with the original receipt*.

        Returned product must be unused, be in the original packaging with all tags still intact.

        • +1

          Thanks, although I have cut the tags off (still have them). In anti-OzBargain spirit, probably wouldn't be worth my time, and the hassle, of returning it now to save $20.

          • +9

            @Matt88: Buy a new one and return with old receipt. Easy $20 back

            • @CodeXD: Up there for thinking, genius in fact

          • @Matt88: You dont get 20 back. Youll be stuck with 20 macpack credit.

    • what was the cheapest price for the MacPac hooded version ?
      i thought i saw it cheaper than $129.99 before

      or i could wait until "Black Friday" sales :-)

  • +4

    Literally just bought this last weekend for $150.. should I return and buy a new one? Haven't worn the one that I bought

    • +4

      If you're not completely satisfied with your new Macpac purchase you are welcome to exchange it for a full refund, a store credit or an alternative product, within 60 days of your purchase along with the original receipt*.

      Returned product must be unused, be in the original packaging with all tags still intact.

      • Forgot to mention that mine is a hooded version. Will try to return it this weekend then. Thanks!

  • What's the best deal going around on a vest ?

  • Standard edition ozbargain down jacket!

    This is an awesome jacket - but note you need to choose a size down for most people.
    Note also this is a very warm jacket - possible too warm for Brisbane and other places where winter lands on a Thursday!

    • Yes. I tried in store. Feel too warm for me. Bought mercury lighter and not too warm for aussie winter.

  • +2

    I bought this in the same sale over 3 years ago now. I still wear it daily in winter during morning walks in temps of as low as -6. Warmest jacket I've ever worn and worth every cent. I would buy another without hesitation if my current one wasn't still in perfect condition.

  • +1

    Great deal. I've got one of these but their sizing is all over the place. I normally wear XL but had to get an M for this. If unsure, try it in store first before placing the order.

  • +8

    I've bought 3 jackets for my mates and myself and I personally would not recommend it. The stitching is weak and all 3 of the jacket's fluff are leaking out. Imagine randomly seeing feathers fly out and lint stuck the clothes under.

    • -2

      must've been cheap knockoffs…

      • +3

        Bought it directly from MacPac themselves.

    • +4

      You'll find almost all down jackets leak a bit. But yes shouldn't be leaking loads unless there's a hole somewhere…

      • Any cheap non-ethical versions anyone would recommend?
        I don't really mind if the feathers glow from being irradiated as long as the jacket keeps me warm?

    • +6

      Exactly what happens to mine. I feel like i was a duck with fluff flying everywhere lol

      • +5

        Just tell people you're moulting.

    • +1

      We've had ours for a good 2 years and I wear it everyday in winter. Next to no issues for us. Yes there will be the odd fluff getting loose and coming out but I think this is normal for a down jacket. Maybe you got a bad batch. If you take it in and complain I'm sure they'll work something out.

    • The dog didn't bite any bits off?

    • I've been told by staff at The North Face and Kathmandu that it's perfectly normal for furthers to come out as it happens to all down jackets.

  • +2

    There are some nice touches on this jacket that my north face jacket that was triple the cost does not have.
    Pockets sockets are lined with a warm furry material. Keeps my hands warm.
    Zips on both front pockets and they're easy to use with one hand.
    The top corner of the collar is lined with the same warm furry material so when it's zipped up you dont get the cold weatherproof material touching your chin.
    Velcro sleeves so you can tighten the sleeves.
    Draw string on the bottom of the jacket so you can tighten the bottom of the jacket.

    Only negative is I have had feathers escape through the material. Not a lot but its noticeable.

    • I have been wearing this jacket for the past 2 months and I didn't know it had a draw string on the bottom…

      • Check the sides.

        • Will do. Cheers.

    • yes, lined pockets and elasticated waist adds to warmth. I Halo is a bit too puffy, their thinner version is good for 3 seasons and also great under a coat as a mid barrier or under ski jacket if super cold. Also a vest and that they’re all packable.

  • Can anyone comment on how well these would perform in a UK winter?

    • I reckon it would treat you well, with a pull over underneath

    • My personal experience - I wore one to the snow in NZ a couple of weeks ago and it worked very well there. I had long sleeve thermal and a thin jumper on under it. If I moved around too much playing with my kids I would get too hot.

    • I wore this in Toronto earlier this year and the temperatue was -10 on average. It will easily deal with UK weather.

      It's a great city jacket, but not it's not super hard wearing if you want to do lots of outside activities.

      • Thanks guys!

  • Would highly recommend Macpac! My wife and I both got goretex jackets last year for our trip overseas - great quality and so warm!

  • +3

    Grabbed one from their Melbourne CBD store, heaps of stock, they were still unpacking them out of boxes. A word of warning to people buying online, use the size chart. I'm a tall, fairly slim (beer gut) dude and would normally buy a medium for anything. The guy talked me into the XS and commented they are a "big jacket". Another guy walked in while I was trying one on who I would say would wear an XL t-shirt walked out with a medium. Sales guy noted that down insulation is supposed to be fitted. They are also really puffy, so look big even in a snug fit.

    • How do you wear a M with a beer gut?

      • +2

        I'm fat skinny, fast metabolism but mid 30's plus a love for pale beers = no shoulders and a beer gut. That equates to a medium size and sucking in your gut around the ladies.

        • ah right..enjoy

        • -1

          Why not suck in your gut around other men

    • Thanks, Originally ordered a Large but contacted customer service and they were onto it quick and changed it to a Medium just before was packed and posted.

  • how this compare to Kathmandu Heli?

  • Such a great price, wish the coats were this cheap :(

  • Would something like this be useful for a decent amount of rain?

    • +3

      I wouldn't use this for rain at all. The down in the jacket can degrade if exposed to a lot of moisture and not dried properly

      • Ok thanks

        • More importantly than that (at the time) is that down won't insulate when wet. It works by trapping your body heat in the little air gaps around the fluff. When it gets wet it clumps and reduces the space of the airgaps, also reducing it's ability to retain heat.

          If you need a jacket to insulate you while it's raining a lot, you will need a synthetic material (primaloft etc), or wool is becoming popular. Additionally, you can layer up a decent waterproof shell over the top of the down jacket, although any movement in this will see you warming up very fast.

  • I usually wear L T-shirt’s and a mix of L/XL jackets/ long sleeve.

    Should I be ordering a M or a L for this?, I don’t want it to stick to my body, but don’t want it baggy either.

  • +1

    Thanks OP got this $2 torch with it to get the free delivery

  • +2

    No they're not waterproof mate.I got one for $95 on the last deal and added a few carabiner clips to get the "over $100" free shipping.I've just had 6 weeks away on a campervan trip down to the Great Ocean Road via western NSW and wore it every day with a Uniqlo thermal underneath.Fantastic jacket (sorry,don't wear hoodies..prefer a Beanie) Buy a size down from your regular fitting and wash the jacket in a pillow case or laundry bag using Grangers Down Wash,then in the Dryer with a couple of tennis balls to reinstate the Down loft.Don't store in the stuff sack but hang it as you would any other jacket.

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