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[Switch] Death Squared $5.39, Super One More Jump: $1.43, OTTTD $2.79 @ Nintendo eShop


Hi Ozbargain,

These are three games our Australian studio made and we've created a sale for the highest discounts ever.

Here's a playlist of reviews and trailers for the games: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKdcHHLIB5g7FKYK_sQBw...

The support from the Ozbargain community when we had the last Super One More Jump sale was amazing! Thank you!!!

Buying our games supports the team in Sydney and Melbourne who made these games. Which lets us continue to make more!

if you have questions about the games or how games are made ask me here. I can try and answer as best I can


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  • Will check them out also please, prices in title, much appreciated

  • Welcome to OzBargain MrTruffle, I for one will be grabbing DeathSquared. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Love the sale comments on the games LOL

  • Death Squared and Super One More Jump are both great party games - would recommend them both!

    • +3 votes

      You can play solo too but yeah better with friends!

    • Good to know. Party gaming is one key reason we have the Switch. Cheers and good luck with sales and future dev!

      I’ll be grabbing the games too!

  • Ooh, definitely grabbing OTTTD for that price

  • Got Death on Xbox, and Jump on Switch.

    Haven't played a tower defense game since Bloons in high school, might have to complete the trilogy.

    Keep it up, dudes.

  • Fantastic deal. Bought all three.

  • Death Squared is great

    • It looked really cool but I thought it was a turn based puzzler, turned out it was a twitch coop game. That's fine, just not for me.

      Perhaps an offshoot game could be done. If the market is big enough?

      Edit: good to see demos. I actually bought on android and refunded after starting the first level. This will let me give it a proper go.

      Plus, let's be honest, real controls >> touch screen. Touch screen is a real put off for twitch gaming

      • +1 vote

        Oh it's not really twitchy. You can play as slow as you want. That was a big design decision to make it accessible.

        Super One More Jump is twitchy but we have practice slow mode also :)

  • Picked up Super One More Jump a while back, and it’s a great little game. Will have to check the others out.

  • I got to try death squared in one of their playtests. It was pretty fun!


      Ohh thanks. We're doing playtests of Moving Out these days. Check our twitter for sessions

  • Do you have video trailers for each game? I think it will help sell your games.

    • There was one for OTTTD this morning when I purchased from the eshop.

      Also their marketing ideas are quite humorous. They made an ASMR video to promote OTTTD when it first came out despite the two things having nothing in common


      Ohh yep. Lemme collect

      The eShop pages have the trailers also. Plus 2 of them have free demo

  • What the hell, I just grabbed all three! Haha! Thanks for the awesome sale.

  • Just bought OTTTD today to complete the trilogy of SMG Studio games

    My girlfriend and I have enjoyed Death Squared quite a bit and I was super bummed after thoroughly investigating the ASMR promo video for OTTTD only to find all the codes had been used. Got it now though!

    Also, was this the previous sale mentioned?:

    If not, oh well, but I am always keen to support Aussie Devs on Switch :)

    FINALLY, I have wanted to get into game development for some time, but struggle with motivation and the stresses of life tend to get in the way of the "dream" per se. Any tips, advice or guidance regarding this?

    Love your work! Will continue to support SMG Studios in the future !


      That previous sale was one i helped put together with the other studios around. So much great talent here downunder

      Thanks for buying the trilogy :)

      Sorry about the ASMR video code search. The codes were gone in an hour.

  • Upvoted for being so responsive.

  • NOTE you can get Death Squared plus other games for $1 (AU$1.45) on the Humble Bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/games/hooked-on-multiplayer-201...

    • Yeah, but it’s a blast to play with friends couch co-op, so I’d pick it up on Switch instead, for portable multiplayer action! :)

  • Loved playing death squared at friends place. Just recently bought a switch and now a copy of the game. Love your work!

  • My Wife bought me Death Squared for Christmas and I love it, just a shout-out to say thanks, great game! (and I bought OTTTD)

  • Ok will support, buying now.

    Do not quit your day job David.

  • Purchased….thx

  • I would also recommend:
    - Grab the Bottle $3.00 (-60%)
    - Save the Ninja Clan $1.50 (-80%)
    - Akane $2.99 (-60%)
    - Elevator…to the Moon! Turbo Champion's Edition $2.04 (-90%)
    - Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes $1.51 (-90%)
    - War Theatre $1.00 (-93%)
    - Urban Trial Playground – Deluxe Edition $5.40 (-80%)
    - Tachyon Project $3.00 (-80%)

    • Most of those games have poor reviews. Akane is fun mechanically, but the singular environment disappointed me.

      War Theatre and Mecha Wars (along with Plague Road and Mecho Tales) are almost notoriously bad. I know very little about the others, but from memory they all have middling to negative receptions.

      • I'll do the research for you, let's not complain about under $6 games:

        • Grab the Bottle 8/10 Steam, 75% Destructoid
        • Save the Ninja Clan 8/10 Steam, 90% TheXboxHub, 75% Gaming Age, 70% PlayStation Country
        • Akane 10/10 Steam, 70% Vooks, 70% Nintendo Life, 90% Pure Nintendo
        • Elevator…to the Moon! Turbo Champion's Edition 8/10 Steam

        Plague Road and Mecho Tales are bad, the below aren't:
        - Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes 6/10 Steam, 9/10 PSPminis, 4/5 appvee, 8.5/10 Gamerlimit
        - War Theatre 80% Video Chums, 70% PlayStation Universe, 60% PlayStation Country, 78% Digital Chumps

        Tell me they're not good value for Advance War like clones?

        • Urban Trial Playground – Deluxe Edition 80% Nintendo Life, 80% GameCritics, 78 Video Chums
        • Tachyon Project 75% NintendoWorldReport, 70% PlayStation Universe, 70% Nintendo Life, 80% Digitally Downloaded

        Also, I recommended them because they're at a price point that's acceptable for the amount of fun you will have with them. I have played them and at this price point, they're awesome. We're not talking about $30 games here. Only Urban Trial Playground I would consider for $30.

        • I get what you're saying. You've also just nit-picked the best review scores for each game lol

          I've been somewhat interested in Urban Trial Playground, but I have Trials now. I feel the aforementioned title would pale in comparison?

          Also elevator to the moon got 8/10 on Steam as a VR experience. Without that on Switch, I believe it's likely a hollow experience with a few tacked on gimmicks to justify to switch port.

          • @Ninternet: lol, although I did nit-pick, there wasn't much to nit-pick from, some other reviews seemed like they absolutely hated the game and gave an unfair score which dragged the overall down.

            They're different games, Urban Trial Playground is more of a compact experience, really fun though, but Trials is a whole different beast, I have both, and enjoy both, but if you had to pick, hard to go against Trials.

            That's what I thought before I did more research, however, the VR experience is nice, I thought I would give it a shot for $2 because people said it was funny. It was funny and worth the price, spent about 2 hours with it. Keep that in mind. I wouldn't spend anymore than $2 though. If you like point and click, get it.

  • Death Squared is also available from Humble Bundle for Steam, PAY WHAT YOU WANT. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/472485

    You can also allocate where your money goes… https://imgur.com/a/wDkYIhq

  • Thank you OP will pick these up! Slightly off-topic but what microSD card do you use in your Switch?

  • Awesome! bought all 3 titles. Thanks OP

  • Death Squared is great

  • +1 vote

    Just got death squared on pc, heaps excited, keep up the solid work! Love some good couch coop.

  • Already bought them, but still a brilliant price!

  • Thanks, bought Death Squared & Super One More Jump. It’s great to see Aussie devs on here and I’m more than happy to support them. Keep up the great work, thanks OP!

    • +1 vote

      Thanks. I'll definitely spread the word to other aussie studios to support this channel

  • My Switch recently let me know I'd spent more time playing the Death Squared demo than I had a bunch of other full games I had installed, so picking it up on sale was a no brainer. Also grabbed Super One More Jump and it's really addictive!


      Haha that's awesome actually. How much time did you get out of the demo?

      • I'll have to check for the exact figure, but I know I showed it to or played through it with a few different groups of friends (at different levels of drunkeness too - got to find that sweet spot!)

  • My wife and I just tried the demo of Death Squared, loved it, and bought it. We're planning on playing it on the plane on the way to Thailand! Cheers!


      Thanks, glad to hear the demos work. It's a risk for a developer to make one but I think for our game its paid off

  • I'm considering buying your games for my switch because they look so fun and enjoyable to play! Good job, guys, keep up the good work! :)

  • +1 vote

    Just wanted to thank everyone who contributed here with such friendly and respectful chatter.

    And those also who bought our games you're awesome.

    The sale is over and it did well for us and I also tried to spread the word to other devs to not neglect Ozbargain.


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