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Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel (PS4, PC) or Logitech G920 (for XB1, PC) $276 @ Harvey Norman


Good price for the G29. Link to the Logitech G920, please note console compatibility differences

The Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel for PS3 and PS4 brings you even closer to the action on the tarmac with Dual-Motor force feedback, helical gearing and easy-access game controls.
Key Features

Dual-Motor Force Feedback lets you feel every turn, bump, drift and ripple strip as you negotiate treacherous racetracks with the Logitech G29 Driving Force.

Solid Steel ball-bearings in the wheel shaft, hand-stitched leather race wheel and stainless steel pedals give the G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel a construction quality that’s second to none.

A whisper smooth steering action is provided by helical gears modelled on gearing found in automobiles for a smoother steering action.

All the buttons of a standard PlayStation controller are found on the G29 Driving Force, with a D-Pad, buttons and paddles all built in to the steering wheel.

The Logitech G290 (XBox) is also on sale for $276. Cheers PTG Benny.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Great price!

    Note - the G920 (Xbox One) is also available for $276.00 at HN

    I have the G920 and I highly recommend it for this price

    • Thanks, I added it to the deal.

      • Small typo on G920 in the deal description :-)

        By the way, this G29 really does work with PC, right? There aren’t multiple versions? This one only lists PS3 and PS4.

        If so, I think I’m going to blow the budget and get this for the PC and PS4 :)

    • I recall Phil saying all peripherals would work on future consoles, do u think that`s definitely the case? Thats the only concern i have about this kind of investment.

      • who is phil?

        I wouldn't bet on it till it gets released of future consoles

        even the older models g27 stop working on ps4 etc..
        so nothing for certain

        • The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, He promised a year or two ago all controllers and peripherals would be forward compatible. I am not sure about Sony though.

          • @Iggemo: I would still wait
            if you want certainty when the newer consoles get released..
            but if you willing to trust phil's word then up to you.

            if you are just gonna use this on PC,
            then it won't matter then..

            I think racing wheels are more reliable if you only use it on PC
            since each new consoles changes things or make Logitech pay new licensing fees if they want to enable support for it..
            so they usually stop working on newer consoles..

            also PC has some really good true racing sim games
            whereas consoles are more arcade racing or not as good sim racing games on consoles

  • Good price

  • great non-price error price

  • +8 votes

    The stick shift is $47 @ EB. 😎

  • Good price. I've had one of these for about 3 years. Great wheel. Somewhat ackward to use in a living room situation though. I have mine set up in the study (when I use it).
    I reckon I got this 3 years ago.for the same price.
    Overpriced when not on sale.

    • +25 votes

      How is it their fault you live so far away from civilization?

      Just try your luck at any local store and ask for a price match.

      • Whats your setup look like? Do you mount the wheel on the horse and sit on a chair? I wanna get this but dont wanna spend like another $500 to set it up.

        • +2 votes

          I think you meant to reply to someone else. But yeah that’s how I’d set it up with the horse.

  • Looks no shifter included?

  • have always wanted a steering wheel set ever since ps1 and gran turismo came out, however i just dont know how to properley mount/use one unless you have a full seat rollcage setup. balancing it on your laptop or a small table in front of you just seems silly

    • I get my friend to hold the wheel for me, then we swap when it's his turn to drive ;-)

    • You can get a racing stand on eBay for about $120. Just need to supply your own chair. Does the job OK.

    • I used an ironing board for ages and then swapped to a cheap sawhorse from Bunnos. They do the job surprisingly well.

      • not sure if serious or not about the ironing board, but thats borderline genius lol

        • I have the Next Level Racing GT Pro Racing Simulator with monitor mount, gear shift mount and it is a great set up for racing. Available on eBay from Gold Coast.

        • Haha yep totally serious. Yes it looked ridiculous but it had adjustable height, was reasonably stable and you can park your chair under it. The looks I got from my wife while using this setup with a headset on to talk to my xbox friends were about the same as when I bought my first set of crocs.

        • +5 votes

          I don't blame chriso1's wife

        • Yeah i used to use a cheap card table which was similar to the saw horse u showed. How do u keep the pedals secure tho - or do u use the paddles behind the wheel?

        • I am not sure if i would trust some of the cheaper ironing boards with the force feedback force a g29/920 is capeable of, but the the link for the cheap sawhorse from Bunnos looks sturdy enough.

      • Whats your setup look like? Do you mount the wheel on the horse and sit on a chair? I wanna get this but dont wanna spend like another $500 to set it up.

        • I only have a wheel and pedals (Thrustmaster, not a G920). The wheel clamps to the saw horse, the pedals sit underneath and I sit on a desk chair - that's it. I use it on carpet and find the pedal base doesn't move around that much, but there isn't much in the way of resistance on either the pedals or wheels so it manages fine. If you had something with strong force feedback or pedal resistance it might be a different story.

          I used to have an Xbox brand steering wheel for the 360 which had force feedback and the same setup worked fine.

    • clamps onto the computer desk with no issues. It's fine because it's not a direct drive motor and doesn't have much power. If you want to get a proper wheel, consider a full setup.

  • How do we get amazon to price match this?

  • If you have limited space and want something that will work with any chair, look at the wheel stand pro.

  • Buy an old crap box car. Take out the windscreen and insert monitor. Replace steering wheel / shifter etc. If you really want to impress the neighbours, use the actual motor and accelerator for true 'surround sound'.

    Actually probably some merit in using a front cut from a wrecker and mounting it in a man cave…much cheaper than a simulator setup.

    • you havent factored in the cost of transportation of said front cut, but ive seen it online and looks great if done properly. a toyota corona front end would look mint :P

  • Loving mine. Paired it with the Next Level Racing Stand Lite. It's really sturdy and hiiggh build quality.

  • Good find, thanks Op. Purchased!

  • Thanks. I've been hanging out for one of these for a while. No stock near me but I chose pickup anyway. Hope it doesn't take too long.

  • So tempting but am hanging out for a good deal on a Fanatec setup instead but the urge the urge to grab and drive now is strong.

    • I got a thrustmaster t300 and the FFB strength and detail is strong enough imho. I cant imagine how insane a DD would be.

      Would've bought a fanatec but i couldnt find them for sale anywhere othere than thier own website which is paypal only.

      • I have been tossing around the idea of upgrading from my Driving Force GT wheel (bought used for $40) to a T300 but a cheap G29 like this deal is certainly tempting, I'm just not sure if the G29 will be a big enough jump or better off spending twice as much on a T300. I am simply a casual racer and mount the wheel to my PC desk when I feel like racing (have heard the T300 prefers a dedicated mounting solution).

        What are your thoughts?

        • I am simply a casual racer

          That should answer your question. Save your money and get this.

        • T300 works fine on a normal table IMO, probably should consider a dedicated mounting setup if you head down the Fanatec route.

        • T300 is fine for desk mounting, i do it myself its no more fuss than the old logitechs. The only issue you'll come across is probably if your desk has a little bulge on the outside edge. It can make clamping/unclamping i bit of guess work i guess lol. Because the clamp moves when untightening it in a way that makes it feel like its still wedged in good.

          Im more than satisfied with the T300, The biggest diference is in the belt driven design you really feel it being much smoother than the gear driven wheels logitech make.

          Its also whisper quiet if you drive cleanly and dont have many excursions offroad. (the logitechs gear is always making a noise when it rotates.

          Edit: im actually glad i got the t300 over the logitech, as i think theres no way i even consider logitechs now. Its just a huge step up. Im not missing having the extra $300 it cost either. 2 years ago i would've bought a logitech at $270 if i found one for that price. If i had the choice now i would go the t300. (the set without a clutch can be had for around $430

  • Argh. Bought from EB a month ago

  • thanks Op! clicked and collected already

  • I own a G27 from a few years back now and I have to say that the software is a terrible let down for Logitech. I can't install the software for the G27 from the Logitech website and have it work. I have a $300 (at the time) steering wheel which is useless now because I can't change any settings.

    It's not just the G27's software which is bad also. I have a mouse and headset from Logitech as well, and in order to use both of these I have 2 different Logitech gaming software installed on my computer.

    • I have all Logitech peripherals (including the G29 with shifter) and the software works perfectly fine for me.

      It might be worth doing a full uninstall (deleting all files) and trying to reinstall the software again.

      Like all software sometimes it doesn't work for everyone but it definitely works.

    • I never had issues with logitechs software on Windows XP, 7 before.
      Lots of issues with thier hardware throughout the years though. Worst was when one of thier $170 wireless mouse dock would short out usb ports destroying them.

      Still my MOMO ffb wheel lasted for 10 years with occasional maintenance on the pots in the pedals.

  • Now I have to pick between Forza or Driveclub + GT Sport. Xbox or PS4…Hmmm… Any suggestions?

    • Hands down Xbox, u get Forza Motorsport and Horizon, Driveclub is dead and buried m8

      • Cheers. I only play single player anyway.

        • Even so driveclub studio was closed since it was such a failure so there will never be another one of those whereas Forza is kicking on. So its really Forza v Gt Sport. I would definitely prefer the former but opinions may vary. If you look at critic ratings tho Forza is always rated much higher than GT games these days.

          Edit, for example, GT Sport got a 7.5 from IGN and Forza 7 got a 9.2. That is fairly normal these days.

      • Forza isn’t great with the wheel surprisingly. Project Cars works better.

        • Can u elaborate on how Forza isnt great at all? I have heard controller is actually faster but would like to hear your thoughts. Also are you talking about Motorsport or Horizon? Thanks : )

          • @Iggemo: Both. It's fine, it just doesn't feel like it's designed for the wheel as much as it is for the controller. Especially Horizon. It was a pain to use the wheel.

            I'd still try it though if you have the wheel.

            • @cnut: Yeah i figured such an arcade game as Horizon really wouldnt be that suitable for a wheel but was hoping Motorsport would be good.

    • I went Xbox for my rig - Forza (both Horizon and Motorsport) are winners and if you have an Xbox One X, the choice is even easier.

  • In response to comments above about which wheel stand to get, I can highly recommend the TrakRacer FS3. Grabbed one about a year ago - very sturdy and good setup. Note, none of these wheel stands are space savers!


    • They are all far too expensive, saw horse it is! ;)

    • Thinking of buying one of these, how is the stand when packing away? Does it fold up small enough to fit in a wardrobe? Looking at smaller options for my apartment.

      • The stand itself does fold up 'reasonably' but unless you detach the Logitech components it's still quite bulky. If you're prepared to remove the G29 / G920 then it will pack down better. If you're tight for space at home you'll need to think before you buy but it is good driving experience if you pair it up with a chair of your preference at home.

        • Thanks for the info mate, really helpful. I might have to think about it a bit more!

    • How about some suggestions for the $30 segment ^_^

  • JB Hi-Fi price matched this for me, and the Shifter price from EB Games too. Good if you have gift cards / JB Hi-Fi is closer to you.

    • Thought I'd try a JB HIFI price match for convenience as I pass it every day - I've never been able to get them to price match anything and today the guy laughed and said no way they can match this price.

      I've done a click and collect at HN though so all is good

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