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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 Notebook Intel Core i7-9750H 8GB RAM & 256GB SSD for $2239.30 Delivered @ Lenovo


30% off the Gen 2 ThinkPad X1 Extreme with code INTRO. Also includes 30% off any additions you make during customisation. No reviews yet however hoping they roll out before 08 Aug when this deal ends. Also at this stage no option for i5 9300 or 9400. I think I saw these processors available yesterday so hoping they're back as options next week.

Specs as the laptop is without customising:

Processor : 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H (6C / 12T, 2.6 / 4.5GHz, 12MB)
Operating System : Windows 10 Home 64
Operating System Language : Windows 10 Home 64 English
Memory : 1x 8GB DIMM DDR4-2666
First Storage Selection : 256GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe Opal2
Hard Drive Total Capacity : 256GB
Display : 15.6" FHD (1920x1080) IPS 300nits Anti-glare
Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q 4GB GDDR5
Fingerprint Reader : Fingerprint Reader
Keyboard : Backlit (English)
Camera : 720p
TPM Setting : Enabled Discrete TPM2.0
Battery : Integrated 80Wh
Power Cord : 135W Slim Tip
Wireless : Intel AX200 11ax, 2x2 + BT5.1
Ethernet Dongle : RJ45 Extension Connector
Display Panel : 15.6" FHD (1920x1080), IPS, Anti-glare, 300nits, No touch, 720p HD Camera with Shutter, Mic
Package Box : Standard Packaging
Publications Pack : Publication-English
Warranty : 1 Year Depot

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  • +15 votes

    Only 25% off?
    We demand 75% off, even if it turns out to be a price error!

  • i like the price error one (HP) :P

  • Try BLITZ1500 for $1500 discount

  • Dat ram tho

  • 1 year warranty LOL

    • you can add up to 5 years for additional cost.

    • +3 votes

      You can still get them to repair it for free after a year. (I've done it)

      Hooray Australian Consumer Law!

      • What happened in your story?


          Probably the usual.

          You call them. Say “repair it under consumer law”, and if they don’t, you call your state’s fair trading department.

          It works for any seller. Two years is the established minimum for computers, tablets and phones.

        • Nothing exciting unfortunately. Just filed a warranty claim, they arranged to come and pick it up. Laptop came back 1-2 weeks later, fixed. Didn't have to pay shipping, or anything really, which is nice.

          For repairs done within the 1 year warranty, they actually come to you and repair it on site, so there's still benefit in having an extended warranty period. However, the guy who came initially seemed a little off, as he had to come back a few times, and it only got resolved after Lenovo dispatched someone else, so whether the onsite repairs go well may be another story (the issue was that the screen developed a bright spot, but the machine otherwise worked).

      • I've done the same for Dell laptops. In fact my laptop is with Dell right now foc repair 1.5 years after end warranty.

  • Extreme or 8gb RAM…..pick one.

  • that's a really bad price for those specs… average screen, tiny ram & storage, you're just paying $1k+ premium for the Thinkpad brand which isn't even made by the people who built up that reputation for the brand anymore.

    • +2 votes

      Lenovo's earlier Thinkpads were still good, but the last couple of years, they've sunk too low for Thinkpad standards.

      • +2 votes

        My X1 Yoga is pretty good. Up to the standard of any of my Thinkpads going back over 20 years.

        But I do want the Thinklight and “soft rim” trackpoint back.

      • i have a 3 year old thinkpad yoga. hinge broken, power button broken, third power adapter. and Battery now lasts less than an hour and constantly has trouble booting. terrible.

    • +2 votes

      It's not a great value laptop for sure, $1k+ premium is a bit harsh though…
      Not sure you'll find anything near this for $1239.

      Dell is running a decent price on a comparable machine and there's a further 6% cashback.

    • Don't look at it's minimum specifications, look at that laptops potential. It has two customizable ram slots, two nvme slots, 2 thunderbolt ports, the famous & powerful 6 core cpu, best graphics you can put in a think and light laptop, good thermals.

      Yes, it is pricy, I also wish they bring down the price a little more. But it's a great laptop.

  • At that price point, you'd expect Windows 10 Professional.

  • $2300 for a 8gb ram laptop? it aint ozbargain its ozluxury

  • Don’t believe the “Ships in 6-9 business days”! That’s after it leaves the factory - in the case of my P1 order, one month.

  • Deciding between this, this this exact same one and XPS 15 for next laptop.

    • Keyboard on the X1 rips the XPS 15

    • specs are the same. But XPS 15 has 97Wh battery which is slightly bigger.

      • agree, not much bigger BUT there's a massive difference, check reviews. you'd get about 2hrs more with the XPS 15. so can be used as a real portable e.g. work laptop. Also smaller footprint.

      • The XPS 15 has a full size 1650 while the X1 has a cut down lower clocked 1650 max-q.
        The XPS 15 is only slightly slower than a 1060, whereas the X1 is only slightly faster than a 1050 ti.

        The xps 15 gpu is 20-30% faster

        • Outgoing XPS 15 9570 has a major issue with DPC latency which has not been resolved ao far during the model life, I strongly suggest you make sure this issue is resolved with the latest model before buying.

          • @Austechguy: Yeah the XPS 15 has it's own set of issues. The new Gigabyte Aero 15 looks good. Edit: nvm that has DPC issues too. Still way better specced for the price though

  • +1 vote

    Still waiting for my x220 to break.
    It still running like a monster after 8years.
    I did ram and ssd upgrade though.

  • OK to so here's the deal, I had the X1 extreme Gen1 4K w/16GB RAM (pretty much same, especially battery etc) after 3 days I wanted to throw it out and returned it…it looks amazing on paper and is a brilliant machine BUT…

    So DO NOT BUY THIS unless you:

    1) Get the FHD version (as advertised in post, don't get the 4K version as the battery lasts like 3-4hrs of NORMAL use, so really only useful as a desktop replacement not a real world laptop)

    2) Get the $35 add-on for IR + 720p CAM (by default you DO NOT get this! You need it for Windows Hello Facial recognition which is AMAZING! Ridiculous that is not std honestly)
    - BTW applies to almost all their X1 series, not sure about other models

    3) Are willing to muck around will all sorts of settings from battery bios settings to undervolting to reduce power draw, improve performance, increase battery and reduce crazy fan noise etc to give it life - the FHD version again shld have no issue.

    This is why XPS 15 even the prev 9570 (cheap now) kills this as it has a 97Wh battery as I recall…to sustain 4K for much longer compared to the 80Wh in this one, DELL figured it out, better optimised 4K power draw and the extra ~20% battery size makes a huge difference, though it has it's own bundle of issues (no i don't have it)

    check reviews! :)

    TL;DR version…get the IR + 720p cam for $35 add-on, stick to FHD screen and you'll be fine.

    • Great info.

      The fan noise and lack of reviews is the thing that would be holding me off.

      The xps 9570 had a crazy fan cycling issue, even doung low level tasks like browsing in chrome. So if this has the same issue then I'll pass

    • If you get the one without the IR camera, it has a shutter that allows you to turn off the webcam. A much better feature than using your face to unlock IMHO.

      • Yes, personal choice but after having this I'd never go back. Also Lenovo finger print scanner apparently isn't great from reviews (I didn't use it myself)

        The new X1 series has both shutter and Windows hello facial unlock (not X1E gen 2, so on this one prob next gen)

        Absolutely personal preference on this one.

      • (mod pls delete repost)

    • stick to FHD screen and you'll be fine.

      this advice applies to people with inadequate eyesight. Nobody wants “standard” DPI after seeing high even with battery draw. I’d say it’s the most important choice.

      • As long as you're fine with less than 1/2 day battery with 4K… You need context and I was clear, great as a desktop replacement and brilliant package if like you say battery is not important.

        The screen at 4K is beautiful and worthy, battery tech way behind though.

        • battery tech way behind though

          with USB-C charging from BYO battery, built-in battery is less significant. Bothersome, yes, showstopper, no.

      • +1 vote

        It seems that you do not use a laptop as a professional portable tool (either for development, writing or field-based work) which are the main areas where Thinkpad X1 is geared towards. If battery life is not important to you, than you can find much cheaper alternatives that do not carry Thinkpad's premium price tag.

        And FTR 4K on 15" monitor is nonsense, I had Dell 15" XPS and that was the worst computer-related purchase I made (and I had plenty of them). On 15" laptop, you cannot effectively use 4K resolution as everything is too small using standard windows text and icon sizes. You have to change display scaling factor to 150%+ which makes it look size wise like normal 1920x1080 screen yet the battery is rained much much faster.

        Not sure what do you mean by standard DPI? FHD X1 Extreme has 140+ DPI, not the retina quality for sure, but neither are 50" 4K TV yet no one complains about them as it really boils down to angular resolution and your eye distance from the screen.

        • you cannot effectively use 4K resolution as everything is too small using standard windows text and icon sizes.

          doesn’t seem you understand High DPI. The size of things you see on screen should be as you prefer them - some people prefer big, others small, and you adjusted through scaling. Regardless of scaling, all vector and text rendering is at panel DPI (unless you manually reduce screen resolution) and determines the observable quality of rendering (not size).
          High quality glossy magazine publish at 1200 PPI - that doesn’t mean everything is minuscule.

          • @AlexF: Not part of this debate but as an aside I personally found it really annoying on how the 4k screen on 15" renders apps, even the native Microsoft office suite rendered poorly, the icon size and text size in Office are messed up, unnatural compared to std 1080p displays.

            No amount of DPI settings or scaling options wld correct it when I compared side by side with 1080p. Cld get close but not perfect.

            This was a negative for me personally, if you're not as finicky about details it shld be fine.

            • @jabbairc: All Mac laptops are retina now - debate about impact on battery don’t exist in that ecosystem. High DPI is a work-in-progress in Windows (and Linux and their applications) - there’s a lot of legacy to correct, but the goal is irrefutable.

          • @AlexF: Ouch, that hurts you really burned me… What is next, "your mumma" jokes?

            Doesn't seem you read very carefully, as it seems my last paragraph flew over your head, or that you understand the concept of angular resolution of the human eye (please google it). It is the reason why large advertising screens (e.g. on stadiums, roads) have much larger "pixel" size, why do not use 65" 4K TV from 3 feet away, and why the VR will really benefit from 8K displays (one day). And it is also the reason why in normal day to day use when 14-15" screen is at 50-80cm from your eyes you cannot distinguish between 2K and 4K resolution. If you can then you are really super-human and have much better vision than 20/20 like the most of us, so if your vision is really 20/10 or 20/5 there is no point continuing thius discussion.

          • @AlexF:

            The size of things you see on screen should be as you prefer them - some people prefer big, others small, and you adjusted through scaling.

            Initially you said it was difference in quality of an individual's eyesight, and now it's related to personal preference? Which one is it?

    • it's huge sample variation i think

      I have a gen1 extreme with 4k / 32gb / 2 x 512gb ssd and its absolutely faultless.

      I've never ever played with undervolting and rarely hear the fans. It runs quite cool, barely above room temp.

      Yes battery life is a bit average but apart from that my copy thankfully is great. And that keyboard…….

      • You're lucky and great to know too! (wish it was me!)

        For the rest of us you just have to search:

        X1 extreme 4k battery issues


        X1 extreme constant fan noise

        Personally it literally turned on fans shortly after entering windows, I only have the usual stuff syncing like Onedrive, Teams etc in the background and no I don't watch videos on it.

        As for battery if you read this, read about the dGPU issues which is ridiculous and hope it was fixed (essentially at every reboot you have to disable and renable the nvidia gpu) to address the error as it can't switch back to the low end gpu…hopefully fixed now. For me even that made no difference.

        To be clear XPS 15 9570 has its own bag of issues like not being able to use sleep mode and powering on during sleep! Apparently still not fixed… Ppl are using hibernate as a workaround!

  • Geez only 8gig of ram? We are still doing this in 2019?

    • While most people may expect a minimum of 16GB for such a 'premium' device, 8GB is plenty for any PC running Windows.

  • I bought the Gen 1 model. SSD and ram are easily upgradeable on this model look at YouTube video. I was also able to upgrade warranty to on site service very cheaply i think about $75 when something went wrong, and had someone on site the next day. You do have to be careful about which bios version you install to ensure there are no fan issues. After under volting I am very happy with the performance and the machine is relatively quiet.

    • Im tossing up between this or an x1 carbon gen 7.
      Two different machines, mainly used for coding.
      Want something relatively quiet while programming if possible.

      • I had the same dilemma… The only point I'd add was I personally found the X1E a little bulky for my liking, compared to other slim line 15.6" laptops out there, especially fitting into a slim bag etc was just really noticeable in comparison, also didn't want to go back to 14"… So all that said after having the X1E I'm in a similar boat…

        now looking at Huawei Matebook X Pro, mainly for the 14" and 3:2 orientation which is REALLY appealing depending on kind of work you do with good battery life and good specs for a 3K screen at a good price point.

        Again a big difference here is do you want all your ports etc there like X1C and X1E, or have an adapter you carry around. It's personal choice.

        Last if I recall the X1C gen 7 is slimmer with a smaller footprint than gen 6 too. Which is great. Wish they did more for X1E,but different target market too.

      • Don't forget Carbon has soldered RAM

  • 8gb ram, 256gb, 1080p my 4 year old dell has better …

    • I know right? my 4 year old XPS13 has this specs and was $700-800 cheaper.

      • Size of RAM and SSD aren't the only things that make up a laptop for example consider quality of the ram/ssd, screen, build quality/longevity, warranty, cpu, keyboard etc

        • Paying for T, X or P series on specifications alone would be missing the point - quality is main differentiation - value is elsewhere (Metabox).

      • I don’t think ur XPS has gtx 1650? Still think getting this or rtx 2070 laptop?

    • By your logic, a 10 year old computer with double the hard drive space and RAM would be better than yours?

  • More expressive than Macbook Pro? I thought apple product was the most expensive.

  • Hey guys.

    I need advice I am trying to decide between this one and the Dell Inspiron ( https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/474603 ) . Which do you think is better? The specs of Inspiron smash this and also $100 cheaper. But I've just heard that the Lenovo keyboards are amazing. Is it worth buying this one instead even though worse specs?

    • Lenovo are more expensive for a reason, generally far better overall build quality and the keyboards are in a league of their owner.

    • Specs look pretty good,
      A problem i can see is that memory is running on single channel cos its 16X1 opposed to 8x2. Not sure what the thinkpad runs on.
      Keyboard on the thinkpad would be superior
      Build quality on this might be poor compared to say the XPS lineup and the thinkpad, haven't checked but if you do a bit of research you might find out.
      Physically, the battery on the inspiron is larger if it does indeed have a 97WHr battery. But it has a 4k screen which is bound to drain alot more battery compared to a 1080p screen. At this screen size, i couldn't say there would be a major difference between 1080p and 4k. Its just the quality of the panels used that would matter, watch some youtube videos or check them out in person.

    • I would get the Lenovo; I always prefer to pay more for the business class models. An extra 8GB RAM is cheap and easy to come by.

    • OK. Thanks guys just ordered. :D

  • Wow thats really expensive.

  • -3 votes

    I would say it's not worth it. average specs for the price

    • +3 votes

      You don't buy a ThinkPad for the specs, you buy it for the mil-spec durability, reliability, legendary keyboard, driver support, build quality, etc.

      It's a bit like buying a Bosch Blue power tool vs an Ozito. The Ozito can be absolutely fine for home users, but you'd want a Bosch Blue if you're a builder or heavy user.

      • -1 vote

        my comment comes from a Dell Precision mobile workstation user. I sure know what it means to have mil spec durability, 90wh battery, color accurate screen, comfortable keyboard etc. in one awesome package. and I handled this Lenovo unit. so once again, my comment is: average spec for the price.

        • +1 vote

          OK, how much would an equivalent Dell Precision workstation cost?

          • -1 vote

            @eug: this is a tough question as my impressions of this device are mixed, as if it doesn't know what to do with itself and who it is for. it carries almost pro grade chassis, business grade components, gaming graphics and consumer grade warranty, and it left me confused. specced out configurations sound impressive, but in your Bosch Blue example above that would be as if Bosch Blue model came with micro-usb charger and 30 day seller warranty all of a sudden.

            if you wanted to go Bosch Blue equivalent in Lenovo realm, you would either go business grade T5XX or pro grade P workstation (P1 or P5X). all in all this X1 extreme looks like an expensive toy to me, and a weird choice for someone looking for a pro hardware or gaming hardware alike. I guess it is a nice gesture from Lenovo to make premium components available on consumer market, but longevity of support is a question here.

            so, how do we find an equivalent here? Dell G7 gaming? that's first that comes to mind. or XPS 15?

            • @DisabledUser213022:

              you would either go .. pro grade P workstation (P1 or P5X). all in all this X1 extreme looks like an expensive toy

              Except for GPU, P1 and X1 are same machines.

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