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Balter Pilsner Cans 375ml 4-Pack $10 @ Dan Murphy's


Balter Pilsner 4 packs currently $10 at Dan's.

I believe the Pilsner is being replaced by a lager so could explain the price drop.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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    Good onya Mick.

  • Ooo 2fiddy a baltie

  • Not amazing reviews on Untappd.

  • Thanks mate just got a few packs.

  • Thanks, got a 4 pack :)

  • ohhh what, I was there at Dans 2 hour ago and didn't see it :(

  • tried some balter stuff a few weeks ago, for the price it's not too bad.

  • and how is it such a great deal when I can buy a Budvar 6 pack from my local for 14 bucks

    • 375 ml vs 330ml so you get about 12% more with the balter per can than the 330 ml budvar, so price difference narrows if you are looking at cheapest beer per ml vs a beer with a flavour you prefer.

      chicken is cheaper than beef per kg but it depends what you are in the mood to eat.

  • Going to pick it up at Corrimal :(

  • +36 votes

    Whoever invented 4 packs needs to be severely punished

  • Thanks OP, grabbed 4 x 4 packs for $40

  • Thanks.

    Don’t forget cash back and discounted gift cards.

  • Heads up that my 4 pack had an expiry on the 13th of May 2019. Not gonna complain though for $10 but it could alter the flavour a tad

  • I’ve had a few bad XPA batches lately. Has always been solid and consistent and my fave beer, 2 bad batches put me off it for now.

  • The balter 500ml IIPA is dynamite

    • Too bitter for me. Still prefer the XPA and IPA.

      Real review, i still have 9x IIPA in the fridge waiting to be drunk.

  • Love the Balter IIPA but not a Ozbargin beer at around $35 for a 4 pack.

  • How does this even rank as a deal ???

    Works out at 60 bucks a case.

    • And here's the reason: https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/enough-to-make-you-w... Old $200K Hayseed Barnaby will be frothing at the mouth when he reads it. He'll probably be forced to set up a go fund me page to pay for his annual beer intake.

    • This comment is the equivalent of saying that it isn't a deal when Moët & Chandon goes on sale because Passion Pop exists.

      • Just a thought but maybe he's less influenced by craft beer hype/bs than others?

        • It's not hype/BS though.

          The ingredients (e.g. hop / malt varieties etc.) that go into craft beer cost more than those that go into your average big brewery adjunct lager, so as a result the end product costs more.

          Maybe it's a rural thing but where I live a 30 can block of Great Northern Original goes for $54+. To get this beer instead for a similar price is a no brainer.

          • @Nomadesque: Your opinion only. Plenty of "craft beer" is no better/worse than mass brewed beer, and like many Dyson etc products relies on hype/sheep mentality of consumers to extract a premium - a VERY significant and undeserved premium in some cases. Personally haven't tried this drop but ratings don't suggest it's anything special.

            • @Possumbly:

              Your opinion only.

              Sadly, no, as a simple Google search would tell you if you were actually interested in changing your mind.

              Economies of scale + cost of ingredients are the reasons why beer brewed in small batches costs more.

              Here are two breweries who have run the numbers, if you're at all curious.

              4 Pines
              Black Hops

              You mention poor ratings but in comparison to what, exactly? I'm pretty sure any macro lager rated on those sites would be rated worse than this. Hell, even Pilsener Urquell (like, the original Pilsener beer that other Pilsener styles stem from) is rated 3.35 on Untappd.

              • @Nomadesque: My reply was about your assertion that there isn't hype/BS or at least an element of that attached to the craft beer world. Taste is subjective, which means that no-one can say definitively X is better than Y. In my view (stressed for the negging nupties) there is a significant wank factor attached to many - too many - craft beers. If that, and handing over your hard-earned without much care is what floats your boat go for it, but don't expect everyone to be as easily swayed. I can think of many occasions where I've been completely underwhelmed by an expensive craft beer, and only marginally more where I've thought now THIS is worth double the price of my regular beers. Doesn't suit your narrative? Deal with it.

                • @Possumbly: Note that all of this discussion stems from someone saying that this isn't a deal because the special price equates to $60 a case and not because someone posted a comment about this beer being better than Australian macro lagers.

                  The question of price differential has been dealt with using actual statistics and quotes from brewers saying what their beer costs to produce. In response there's only been subjective assertions about taste and perceived value for money from you and your cohorts.

                  The notion of people who don't consume craft beer somehow being "woke" and not susceptible to being easily swayed is laughable. If anything the recent swing (back) towards craft beer has been driven by the fact that beer should actually taste of discernable hops and malt rather than what CUB and Lion churn out as vaguely beer flavoured alcoholic beverages. One taste of a Belgian dubbel that was first brewed over a century ago will tell you that.

                  • @Nomadesque: The notion that people - esp a particular demographic - aren't swayed by hype is far from laughable, unless you've just come out of hibernation. This website alone has served up plenty of examples. If you're now moving away from taste to cost of production arguments - which I didn't comment on - then as far as deals go it makes no difference to the end consumer, so he's right to that extent. It may be more expensive to produce but unless it is a significantly better product (plenty of craft beers aren't) then I as a consumer couldn't care less.

                    Your attempt to define what beer is/should be is interesting (and arrogant) but pointless. Beer is different across the world and drinkers have widely varying likes and dislikes, and long may that reign. Suffice to say that craft beers have brought many good things to the market, and we're better off for it. But it doesn't take much intelligence to also acknowledge that there the whole craft industry is awash with hype and some very mediocre product being sold well above its worth.

                    • @Possumbly: Great, but do these comments apply to this specific beer?

                      Oh. That's right. You haven't tried it. But yeah, you can safely claim that its premium price is just hype, right?

                      • @Nomadesque: Can't recall doing that. In the not so wanky world we might call that a straw man argument, aka clutching at straws.

                        • @Possumbly: You didn't do it for this beer because you haven't tried it.

                          I'm not sure what the purpose of your commentary is other than pointing out the not-very-surprising fact that some craft beer isn't that good but is still sold at a premium price.

                          Unless you have personal experience with this beer then your observation isn't all that useful.

                          • @Nomadesque: Lol. Seems you're not so cock-sure about anything related to craft beer anymore. My apologies, that wasn't my intention.

                            You're really struggling. First you say I "can safely claim that its premium price is just hype" then after being corrected you now say I didn't because I "haven't tried it". Straw man went to straw very quickly. Might want to lay off that overpriced craft beer for a while.

                            As I've already suggested reviews are people's opinions and relate to their own taste so they're a rough guide at best but you might want to look at the comments at the foot of this deal from people who bought and drank this beer. You're once sure ground looks to be crumbling right beneath your feet.

                            • @Possumbly:

                              Seems you're not so cock-sure about anything related to craft beer anymore. My apologies, that wasn't my intention.

                              That's good, because you haven't actually taught me anything.

                              Might want to lay off that overpriced craft beer for a while.

                              So is this beer overpriced because of hype or not?

                              You're once sure ground looks to be crumbling right beneath your feet.

                              Looks like stats aren't your strong point. Two reviews on OzBargain apparently supercede over 2300 on Untappd with an average rating of 3.4.

                              • @Nomadesque: Yes and looking at most beer rating sites one can quickly see the obvious wank factor which is so appealing to you. Even if my stats knowledge was mediocre, based on your comments on this deal it's still light years ahead of your comprehension and consistency. It's trivial but if nothing else I'll teach you how to spell one word correctly - the word you wanted was supersede.

                                • @Possumbly: Thanks for the spelling correction. I won't make the same mistake again. I'm also glad that you accept that your rejection of more representative stats isn't particularly logical.

                                  • @Nomadesque: Still using a struggler's approach to argument I see. Verballing is a poor substitute for reason but some people never learn, even with experience. Logical? You might want to look up the meaning of logic some time. While you're there see if you can find something about the folly of incorrect conclusions.

                                    • @Possumbly: Did it really take you over a day to come up with that response?

                                      If you want to argue that using two reviews as opposed to 2300+ reviews to form an opinion on something that you haven't personally tasted is logical then that's fine. Personally that seems anything but logical to me, but I guess we're living in an era when subjective opinion supersedes objective statistics, so go nuts.

                                      I'm basically done with this interaction and think what's been said in this discussion speaks for itself. Cheers to you.

                                      • @Nomadesque: Back at ya. Hopefully your full attention/IQ hasn't been at play here. You obviously need to work on your backflips, straw man and verballing argument style, but your last comment shows you need to develop a basic understanding on the use of statistics, and more particularly the difference between subjective V objective data. The fact that you don't appear to know that all taste is subjective is only mildly surprising.

                                        • @Possumbly:

                                          The fact that you don't appear to know that all taste is subjective is only mildly surprising.

                                          Hopefully the delicious irony of you verballing me while being crticial of me verballing you doesn't go over your head.

                                          As for back flips, straw men etc; saying those things over and over again while making no effort to address the actual points I'm making doesn't exactly leave your argument on solid ground (except, of course, in your subjective opinion which as you've demonstrsted is more important than anything else).

                                          End of the day, we're discussing the aggregate of two subjective ratings vs. 2300 subjective ratings. I know which one I'd be more inclined to trust as representative of the beer's quality.

                                          How about you?

                                          • @Nomadesque: Look up 'verballing' while you're chasing that other homework. I could give you some simple hypotheticals about stats which might shake your confidence even further but you'll have to graduate from elementary first. Good to see you're finally coming to grips with the basic difference between subjective and objective though.

                                            • @Possumbly: Keep going man, I'll just sit here and wait for you to contribute something substantive that I can actually respond to instead of paraphrasing your university foundation unit textbook.

                                              Also, the "I could blow your mind but choose not to" rebuttal is pretty weak sauce when it comes to debate.

                                              • @Nomadesque: But but but…you were gone from this thread long ago? Verballing again? You're likely a Gen Z/cusper so have been born into a world of hype but that's no excuse for your bottom of the well argument technique. You want that a(n) hypothetical? If I thought you'd learn from it I'd post one but it takes a number of posts to develop. Instead I'll leave you to contemplate this simple "fact" on subjectivity (and audiences/ratings): 100% of vegans (may) think consumption of animal products is wrong. Is it?

                                                • @Possumbly: Nope, still nothing to respond to.

                                                  You're also very wrong about the demographic group I belong to, and I'm not sure what vegan opinions about consumption of animal products has to do with Balter Pilsner.

                                                  Have you tried the beer yet?

                                                  I'm still here because I've come to enjoy having a good chuckle at your latest contribution when I knock off work and log on to OzBargain.

                                                  • @Nomadesque: My mistake on your age group but it was a fair guesstimate. The inability to use logic correctly, the use of straw men arguments, verballing, and contradicting yourself in a short space of time is commonly found in that particular demographic, hence the odds were in my favour. I blame their "ejicashun", what's your excuse? Here's a clue to the vegan reference: it's a starting point for you to learn about subjectivity. Small steps for slow learners. If you still don't get it maybe you could ask one from the group I've denigrated? Glad to see you're enjoying the show though. If you learn something along the way that will be a bonus.

                                                    • @Possumbly: Sigh, still nothing substantive on offer. It must be getting tiring finding different ways of typing the same post repeatedly.

                                                      As you're obviously keen on your logical fallacies, I'd suggest looking up the "fallacy fallacy" or "argument from fallacy". Pretty much fits your arguing style to a T. Not to mention a good old dose of ad hominem thrown in for good measure.

                                                      • @Nomadesque: In this discussion my main interest is in getting to the bottom of what you're arguing about as it's still not clear to me.

                                                        On subjectivity vs. objectivity, you don't have anything to teach me. True objectivity doesn't exist (as we are all "brains in a vat" to a certain extent and experience the world subjectively) so the only thing we can do is approach it by using scientific and/or statistical methods which may rely on either quantitative or qualitative data. I use the term "objective stats" as a shorter way of saying the above so I apologise if this wasn't clear.

                                                        The reason I started using ratings from sites such as Untappd to support my argument was because you mentioned in one of your first posts that "ratings don't suggest it's anything special", but I've yet to see any evidence of statistics to support that statement with a sample size greater than that on Untappd. Bear in mind that I in no way see Untappd as a pure source of statistics as the community there is self selecting and not a true reflection of wider society, however those stats are the best we have.

                                                        Going back to the start of this discussion, my argument about craft beer price centred around its production costs and I posted two sets of a statistics in an attempt to back this up. I had no interest in discussing personal taste in relation to price difference because if two people like different things then there's no point in arguing which is better. I made this clear at that stage.

                                                        As for "flip flopping" and "backflipping", all I've done is clarify my position after you've asked questions. I mean, you opened with a statement talking about "craft beer hype/BS" without any qualification about that statement not applying to all craft beer, which you've subsequently clarified. For me that's not a case of your argument being weak because you've slightly revised what you said; it's just that statements at the start of arguments tend to be broader in nature and clarified over time as questions are asked.

                                                        I also think when you argue with people you have to do it in good faith, which involves actually responding to things that are written rather than trying to "win" by showing that the other person is somehow stupid and unreliable (see: ad hominem). It's also fallacious to argue the invalidity of an argument based on the presence of a fallacy (see: fallacy fallacy or argument from fallacy).

                                                        I accept your premise that there is hype/BS in some sections of the craft beer market and held this view prior to us kicking off this discussion, but as I've outlined and tried to back up with the best stats available, there are other factors at play which dictate the increased price.

                                                        Is there anything else you'd like to know?

                                                        • @Nomadesque: No such thing as objectivity? Astonishing ignorance. Perhaps you mean that data/information needs context? Originally you were concerned that I mentioned subjectivity - the very essence of opinion. You're a very confused fellow, or maybe it's simply that you've had your eyes opened and your own bias exposed as the discussion evolved? It's heartening though that you've finally done some thinking and recognised how bias affects many different things - including your own observations about "non-existent" hype in the craft beer world (which apparently does exist); what beer is; and that your opinion on the taste of Balter Pilsner must be correct because it rates okay among people who write reviews.

                                                          • @Possumbly:

                                                            including your own observations about "non-existent" hype in the craft beer world.

                                                            Your challenge is to quote where I said that. Seeing as you've used double quotation marks it must be a thing that I wrote, hmm?

                                                            and that your opinion on the taste of Balter Pilsner must be correct because it rates okay among people who write reviews.

                                                            Let's not forget that you were the first person to use the existence of poor reviews as a suggestion that the beer isn't anything special.

                                                            Direct quote in case you can't remember:

                                                            Personally haven't tried this drop but ratings don't suggest it's anything special.

                                                            Such breathtaking irony.

                                                            Also, I wasn't "concerned" that you mentioned subjectivity. I just didn't see the point in arguing the merits of something based on personal taste because it generally doesn't lead anywhere constructive. This discussion is certainly a testament to that belief. It's why I was trying to explain price difference from a more measurable standpoint (production costs), for which I provided evidence.

                                                            No such thing as objectivity?

                                                            I suggest you read some of Descartes' thought experiments around the nature of reality and consciousness if you want to debate whether objectivity exists outside of our perceptions. It can be a bit postmodern but interesting nonetheless. I suspect you know what I'm talking about but don't want to acknowledge that I might actually know something. If not we can add "personal incredulity" to your list of fallacious debating techniques.

                                                            Astonishing ignorance.

                                                            You're a very confused fellow

                                                            Good to see you're at least being consistent in not answering any questions or engaging with any relevant discussion, despite being given ample opportunity. It's much easier just to throw personal insults at the person you're dealing with instead of debating the substantive points. Classic ad hominem defence.

                                                            I've tried to reach out, but now I'm going to go back to waiting for a meaningful contribution from you.

                                                    • @Possumbly: Updated reply here.

                                                      Edit window expired while I was typing my revision.

          • @Nomadesque: It's still beer, and is not really that expensive to produce no matter what hops go into it. I hate this craft beer wankery that has been going on for the past 5 years or so. Yes the pale ales taste much better than mass produced lagers, but there is simply no justification for the obscene prices some of these breweries are charging. Many of them are also very disappointing, seems like they spend all their money on a fancy can/bottle design and copywriting but the actualy product itself is garbage. I love the Sierra Nevada pale ale but $20+ for a 4 pack is just a rip off.

            • @nubzy: Name one or two mass produced reasonably priced beers that taste as good as ‘craft’ beers

              • @UberIsCool: Toohey's Old, Carlton Draught, Asahi Super Dry and Black. All better than numerous craft beers twice their price. That's my opinion obviously and what you need to understand is that YOUR taste isn't particularly relevant to me or others, nor is your attitude to value for money.

                • @Possumbly: You seem to be the only one here who is trying to bring subjective taste into the discussion.

                  If you drink Tooheys Old and think that it tastes better than a craft beer dark ale / stout / porter, that's great for you and your bank balance. For people who can taste the difference, they think it's worth paying more for what they believe to be the better tasting product, particularly as the price difference can be objectively attributed to additional manufacturing costs and not craft beer wank factor.

                  But here you are, in a thread about craft beer that is being sold at a discount, telling people that they're "sheeple" for liking craft beer and asserting your right to enjoy cheaper beer that you believe tastes better when no one has said that you should think otherwise.

                  Bit weird, no?

                  Also the whole "twice the price" assertion is a complete furphy. As previously stated I can buy a carton of Great Northern Original (4.2%) in 330ml bottles for about $50 or BentSpoke Sprocket (7%) in 375ml cans for about $100. Twice the price, yes, but for almost twice the strength and extra volume to boot. If I prefer the flavour of the latter, why wouldn't I drop a few extra bucks on it?

                  • @Nomadesque: Lol. If beer drinking isn't about "subjective taste" (and value for money) then what is it about? Craft beer has emerged for precisely that reason - to offer alternatives, to experiment, and to challenge the mass produced varieties. All great for the "discerning" consumer. On Toohey's old you might want to read some reviews some time, not that reviews are particularly relevant if you enjoy any beer's taste.

                    • @Possumbly: I honestly don't think you even know what you're arguing about anymore.

                      Someone comments on the $60 per carton price being excessive. I point out that it commands a premium price because it's a premium product for reasons that I subsequently outlined. You chime in and suggest that the original commenter is perhaps less influenced by "hype" as if that is the sole reason why this beer is more expensive than other mass produced lagers.

                      That's how we got to this point.

                      For the record Tooheys Old isn't a bad drop and generally my go-to in country pubs that seem to otherwise exclusively stock macro lagers, but I can't pretend that it holds a candle to the darker beers that I usually choose to drink.

                      • @Nomadesque: Your knickers are really in a twist at this point eh? My first comment was a bit cheeky although I'd argue your comment deserved a response, and I could hardly have made my broad views much clearer - even if you've done a poor job of interpreting them. Funny how some craft beer fanbois are so defensive eh? Perhaps that's suggestive, although (thankfully) I wouldn't say it's typical of the craft beer fans I've met.