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KFC $5 Bucket of Chips


Big news! For one week, starting on Tuesday, you can buy a LIMITED EDITION BUCKET OF CHIPS for $5. Bigger news! $1 from every chippie bucket will be donated to the KFC Youth Foundation. Time to chip in!

Same bucket used in the Popcorn Bucket so around 2 Large chips will fit in there. For $5 it's not that bad.

Edit: Bucket of chips is listed as 3326kj. Large chips is listed as 2376kj. According to KFC details listed in KFC app.

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      Yup. I went to a place near Wellington Point which sold fish n chips.
      It looked expensive but we got fish and a $10 family chips.
      The fish were these really nice big portions and the chip 'box' was almost the size of a shoebox with the most gorgeous chips ever. Yum yum.

    • Hard to neg when $1 goes to charity.

    • +4

      Don't agree with you. More than half of the fish and chips shop I've been to have fried their chips in old oil or oil they've fried fish in. And tbh it's disgusting.

      A busy local charcoal chip shop on the other hand would be a better choice imo.

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        I have worked at 2 different fish chips shop owned by Greek (i believe they are the "expert") when I was young.

        This was the process:
        New oil on day 1 to pre cook potato cake, pre fry fish and any seafood in batter.
        This new oil is used same way on day 2.

        Then it get moved to old oil pot to fry chips and fish and any seafoos in batter from the new oil pot, and this would be used for 2 days, forming a 2 day oil rotation.

        If you think its disgusting to fry fish and chips in same oil pot.
        You are after 5 star restaurants $$$, not local fish and chips $.

        • Explains why most of these places have either shut down or been bought out by the Chinese.

        • Lol Nah I just buy the fish from a decent fish and chips shop and then buy the chips from a charcoal chicken shop. Take the extra effort to get the best of both worlds :)

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            @JungliChilli: Well, I happen to have worked at one charcoal chicken shop too when I was young.

            And a distant friend owns one for almost 20 years.

            The fryer they use are different, have a inbuilt cycle filter system with certain chemical.
            Inturn they wound last longer, much much longer(horror story even to me, 2 months is short).

            And guess what, they fry their schnitzel, frozen fish and other pre crumbed and pre battered stuff in same oil pot.

    • +3

      Pro: Employ a lot of kids, giving them a step up for their first job
      Con: Super huge corporate store, poor filling of chip cardboard vessel

      Fish and Chip Shop
      Pro: Local family business
      Con: Local family business only employing its own local family, "minimum chips" is not a standard unit and may feed between 0.3 and 7.42 adults

    • Unfortunately nearly all the fish and chip shops I have been to all use the same frozen chips simply dumped into a fryer, so they're all the same.

  • its not a bargain thats for sure. I miss the old ozbargain : (

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    When's the hot and spicy gonna come back, I want KFC to take my money!

    • +3

      What's the point of Hot and Spicy that's neither Hot nor Spicy.

      • I take my chilli's with me :)

  • +2

    Miss the $1 chips years ago at KFC

  • Hallelujah!

  • +2

    Better finish it in an hour or it will be soggy af..

    • Like most chips…

      • True, but especially with kfc.They don't come out that crunchy for starter compared to macca and hj, but still tasty nonetheless due to their seasoning.

  • Anyone from QLD know if the Hot Rods finish today, or is it tomorrow? Some promotions seem to start and finish a day early than the other states, and sometimes not.

    Going to have a hot rod party with myself, then might go get some KFC afterwards.

    • +3

      Every time a food related deal gets posted we have to have at least one self-righteous person come in on their high horse…

      • +1

        Oh no, don't worry man. I'm a complete sucker for each and every one of these deals. Just making fun of that 'one person' at this point…

  • not bad. Usually, they have the $2 large fries, so it would be $4 vs this $5

  • Can I bring my own bucket.

    • +3

      I take a bucket with me wherever I go

  • I'm about to get PHAT

  • -2

    Chips?? Those look like fries to me.

  • Wow.. All this for a chips

  • Is the deal national?

    In SA for work at the moment and neither the Welland or Kilkenny KFC's today are running this promotion. Instead they seem to have a bucket of nuggets deal. I asked one of the managers about it and had to show her the phone app advertisement, as she hadn't heard about it.

    • It's showing in the app. Maybe app only?

      • They wouldn't accept it via the app either.

  • +13

    Bucket of chips is 3326kj. Large chips is 2376kj.

    Going by these values the bucket is equivalent to 1.4 large chips, so not sure it actually is equivalent to 2 large chips.

    Hopefully someone will confirm once they make this purchase.

    • +2

      If that's correct this is a rubbish deal .

      WD guys for the 268 upvotes .

    • +1

      Gotta follow the herd

    • +2

      Kilojoules don't lie unless it's not the same chips or they messed up the calculation.

  • Bring back Zinger Tower!

  • +1

    Free Buckethead costume for the baby. Deal!

  • +3

    Just got these tonight…. bucket was only 3/4 full.. got the mrs to go and tell them to fill it up straight away hahahhaa

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    Was today, wish i took pics. What i got today is an absolute sadness and deception (no, im not some fat, mutated, GMO food obsessed chunky) i got 3/4 bucket filled and lid on top of it, kill me if there was more then 1 large fries and maybe 2/3 of anothero one, max. I checked at the counter and told them to fill it up, then it actually for the first time ever looked as its advertised.

    • That's just sad. 3/4 of bucket? Shame on KFC for teen slavery

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    Just bought some (after waiting 20+ minutes in the drive thru) only to arrive home to the same - a sadly underfilled bucked that was definitely not two large chips equivalent!

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    I got this BUCKET of chips today.

    Absolutely a joke. I doubt if it is as much as a large chips.

  • +2

    Bought the bucket today in Sydney darling harbour and was very disappointed.

    1. Bucket sounds very big but in practice was small. I also think at most it’s 1.5 large chips.
    2. Staff filled it to about 75% so I complained when he handed it to me and he said it was his first time… =_=
    3. Chips were clearly from different cooking batches as some hot and soggy, some cold and rubbery, etc… very disappointed.

    Sigh. At least $1 went to charity.

  • Any pics?

  • -1

    …2 pages of comments on some chips. sigh.

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