What Nice Deodorants Do You Like?

I actually went into Chemist Warehouse, there was so many body sprays there. I ended up choosing the wrong one and ended up paying far more.

Lynx was everywhere and sold from $2.84, I ended up choosing one called Lynx New which was $5.99, seems to be not much smell.

What Body spray / Deodorant do you like?

I have tried Norsca, Brut 33 and Lynx Africa and Sports.

I'm looking for a powerful one which is average price.


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    L'oreal Men Thermic Resist. Not strong smelling and great for hot weather.


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      +1, thermic is great when you want to smell halfway decent but dont want to use the expensive stuff

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    We got onto these guys a couple of months back. Good products.


    • Are you royalty?

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        I could have been, but nobody voted me to be King at the last election. Why is that?

        • You referred to yourself as "we".

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            @kahn: I did indeed, thus signifying that when the lady of the lake, her arm clad in shimmering samite, held forth Native Deodorants from the bosom of the internet that I, Eightimmortals was to share this gift my family. And that is why I said 'we'. :)

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      Did you find any staining on your clothes at the end of the day? I've made my own deodorant with a similar composition to that link you posted and it produced white stains on my black sports t-shirts. The formula I was trying to emulate was Shmidt's Bergamot and Lime.

      • I haven't noticed any staining. :)

    • Do 'we' have a refer code or discount to share?

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    I like the smell of this one on a man.
    Lynx africa is horrible.

    • This is what I normally use, I don't smell like garbage at the end of the day like other deodorants leave me smelling

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    Mitchum roll-on. The best one there is in my opinion. If you're an extra sweaty person, they have a clinical antiperspirant too, but that's a bit more $$. Standard roll-on is about $3.50.

    • Agreed, Mitchem for medical levels of sweat and stink.

      I use nivia black/white or dove sport because for some reason, I don't stink like I used to. I blame decreasing testosterone levels… Or more frequent showering…

      Lynx, brut, all the heavily scented spray one are just yuck. For teenagers, but even then…

  • I use imported axe

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    I use the Sukin pump spray one. Multiple people can use it, pump action so no aerosol issues, smell is not overpowering and a relatively small bottle.


    You can, often, get it, on discount, from places like Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, etc.

    • I used to use that one but I find it isn't enough when I sweat a lot, I still smell, it just smells slightly like the spray. I'd still recommend it though if you are someone who doesn't sweat much or doesn't have to exercise to get to work.

  • I tried axe , very strong smell

    What about OLD Spice?

    Anyone like that ?

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      The best bit about Old Spice was the ads.

    • I prefer new spice

    • Old spice used to have Old spice Denali which was my favourite, just the smell, effectiveness is average but it's no longer in production.

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    unscented deodorant ( i like Mitchum roll on) and then if scent or fragrance is required then a decent cologne.

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    el natural B.O.

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    Ralph Lauren polo blue, not cheap but smells great

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    My long time favourite is Nivea For Men "Stress Protect" Roll-On
    It is available in spray on too but i hate having my deodorant go forth and assault other people's noses, i just wear it cover my BO, which it does excellently.
    It is regularily on half price sale for ~$1.75 at coles/woolies - i dont think i have ever paid full price in like 10 years wearing it haha

    • Not sure if I've used that one particularly but I generally found the Nivea did not work as well as rexona for a deodorant.

      Not sure I've used a body spray per se since high school. Just used rexona sports deodorant and David Beckham cologne (cheap but not crap).

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    I use Rexona Mens Sport. It's a stick one but I think they have spray as well if you prefer.

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    Whatever's on the table outside the showers at the gym. Sometimes it's women's deodorant, but still gets the job done.

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    I use the Dove Men anti perspirant spray. Much less like a traditional deodorant smell, and good for the sweat control

    • …and the only one that doesn't make my underarms itch.

      Before it existed I could only use ladies Dove deodorant.

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    Nothing but clinical stuff, due to my dish plate pit stains from all the Adderall.

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      Any flavour

      You're using these incorrectly.

  • Lynx legend. Really hard to find nowadays though

  • I used this one
    they are from japan. Unscented. Doesn't leave white mark on dark color shirt too.

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    only teenagers and chavs use Deodorants

    use an antiperspirant or nothing you filthy grots.

  • who remembers the lynx ad from the 90s?


    wonder how it would fare in this day and age.. especially the remakes at the end in place of the 2nd girl (gay guy, old granny etc.)

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      the ending would now have a non descript man woman half black half aboriginal wearing a skirt and rainbow coloured t shirt with pink hair.

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        hahaha true. but they will be protesting with a hashtag accusing him of somehow conducting the sexual assault

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    I use the moo goo roll on. It's nice and works well, but is a little pricey

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      This. Not toxic crap like antiperspirents and won't smell like a high school kid using deodorant instead of a shower

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    Sorry but if you're a grown man who uses Lynx, everyone can smell you, and everyone judges you. Particularly women. I would rather smell your sweat than your Lynx.

    Personally, I have a Brut deodorant stick that is amazing. Doesn't smell very strong, and yet only very rarely do I smell at the end of the day. And I ride my bike to work (not very far). Plus, made in Aus, no aerosols, lasts ages (maybe like… 3 months?), and it's cheap ($4?), and it's free of whatever it is that causes pit stains in other deodorants (aluminium? not sure).

  • Old spice. I typically bring a heap back when I visit Canada as it’s so cheap there.

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    I can't believe ol slice and brut are still around. I remember they were available as a teenager and I'm in my mid 50's now, plus you'd use your old man's… We wore it as young pimply 14-15 year olds thinking we were Kool… Anyway there's a lot better choices around these days in my opinion…

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      Ins't one of their taglines: "If your grandfather hadn't worn it, you wouldn't exist"? :)

  • Coconut oil….

    / JK

    I use a few depending on availability. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Deodorant for Men is my daily and the Old spice Anti-perspirant deep sea is my go to for gym days. We sometime get both of them for free from work and I stock up. If I run out, I usually grab a Dove men one from colesworth: it's cheap, smells pleasant enough and does what it says on the box.

  • Schmidts Natural Deodorant. The charcoal one is especially good imo

  • Mate. The best one out there is chemical free. Buy from most places. Always get good comments on the clean smell. Body Chrystal Botanica

    • Chemical free you say? Is it imaginary?

  • What's just as important as deo-odourant is fabric conditioner for your washing.

    Axe is the export variant of Lynx for South east asia - Yes, the deo factory in North Rocks NSW is actually producing cans for the region.

    The Clinical protection variants of Rexona and Dove have additional antiperspirant agents.

    I personally prefer the Garnier Men's but the Nivea stain free also is quite good.

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    Nivea Sensitive Protect roll-on in the girly looking bottle. No smell as such. About the only mainstream deodorant that doesn't give me an immediate rash.

  • issey miyake roll on deodorant. a very nice subtle scent, however very expensive and hard to find now.

  • My go to are:

    • Every Man Jack Deodorant, Cedarwood
    • Sukin Natural Deodorant

    They don't have any harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, dyes or aluminum.

    They don't stain either.

    They smell great.

    In winter apply once, in summer you may have to apply twice, depending on how much you sweat.

    Both don't leave sticky residue or flake off. Rare with relatively natural products.

  • I've been using Nivea Men Silver Protect for many years now on my armpits. I've had far less issus with armpit acne and the smell isn't too strong. It's occasionally on special at half-price so I buy six or ten at a time.

    I use a light spray of Brut too but I don't think it's necessary for me.

  • Aesop spray deodorant. But that’s a splurge @$35 for 50ml

    • Yikes! Is it effective? His long does it last, both an application and a bottle?

      • Works like all others, but smells oh so wonderful. It’s a rare treat.

  • Nivea Men Deodorant Roll On - I've been wearing for a few years now and have had a dozen or so compliments from friends, family and acquaintances.

  • I often hear people talking about Lynx, always disparagingly, as a symbol of appalling teenage taste. What's it like? Is it a super strong scent? I've never had the pleasure of sniffing it - that I know of.

  • I think they all taste horrible

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      try sniffing them instead

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    Check out the ingredients on the body spray, it will read like a chemistry lab index.
    There are some reasonable alternatives if you wish to ditch the chemicals.

  • Brut sport. Never have issues with itching, and the small is pleasant.

    Nivea for Men, smells like soap.

  • My go to is Rexona Adventure…love the fresh smell…
    Currently half price: https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/66176/rexona-men-ant...

  • I’ve taken to the solid roll on type deodorants lately. It’s purely personal preference, but I just like the idea of something that is less likely to puncture or leak in my luggage.

    • I've never tried the solid ones. Are they just like soap?

  • Do people use Anti-Persp/Deod as a fragrance? To me it should just neutralise the smell of sweat not add another smell.

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    You said "more powerful"
    A deodorant does not stop someone from sweating or stop the smell from happening, it just masks it.

    If you want something for odour from sweating, you need a good antiperspirant. Which is a whole other topic.

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      The pedantry is strong with this one.

      • Just trying to help.
        Many people buy and put on tonnes of "deodorant" and can't understand why they still sweat and have BO

        • Yes I agree with you. Hence the upvote. I bet JV is pissed he didn't come up with that.

    • Almost all antiperspirants are also deodorants.

      • Yes.
        I prefer the ones that have no smell, personally.

  • if you can get your hands on Gatsby - Advantage / Crazy Cool Water or Clear Ocean then go for these Japanese deodorants. i have tired many of times and have even been complimented for these.

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    There is no such thing as a 'nice' body spray. Just go to any highschool and you'll understand that soon enough.

    Unless you're a teenager you don't have any business/excuse buying body spray. Use antiperspirant for armpits (I use Rexona Invisible Dry Black + White), and perfume/cologne for your scent (I use various Tom Ford).

  • My wife got some No Pong for me to try and I haven't looked back since - works a treat without any of that nasty crusty residue and staining on your shirts.


    generally available from some chemists and health shops.

    • I wonder if it has a sister product, “skid marks removed”.

      • Asking for a friend? username checks out

        • I'm not that close to my friends; metaphorically or physically.

    • No pong is good but watch out it bleaches your armit hair. I used it effectively for 6mths then moved to moogoo which I prefer now. Still much better than the clinical stuff or the various anti perspirents people use which may work but long term health implications are highly questionable

  • Adidas roll on, long lasting and no stains. been using it for few yrs now.

  • I started using No Pong a few months ago.
    Will never use anything else

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    Get antiperspirant deodorant. Not a body spray

    I buy one from Coles for $2.50 a can. It's blue and made by Schwarzkopf

  • I'm using Gillette Gel, but would like to try Polo Ralph Lauren.


  • I use the Nivea Cool Kick. The smell used to be stronger but not it is more subtle.

  • I dont have BO but have smelly feet. I just buy whatever on sale.

  • I brought back half a dozen cans of FCUK from the UK (on special) last time. Unsurprisingly, it seems that security opened and checked my bags!

    Nice smelling stuff tho

  • Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant because arm pits are sensitive and neutralises any smell. This is a natural deodorant (yay). I've had this for two years and use it almost everyday and I haven't finished it. Bit pricey but I love it.


  • Black chicken axilla… natural fresh smelling and lasts the day

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