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Samsung LU28E590DS/XY 4K UHD LED 28" Monitor $251.75 Delivered @ Shopping Express eBay


Limited quantity with only 6 at the time of posting.

Discover the detail of stunningly UHD (3840 x 2160) picture quality, the Samsung UE590 UHD monitor offers PC viewing, gaming and more, all in Ultra HD picture quality, 2 x HDMI, DisplayPort.

Can get it even cheaper $238.50 if you're eligible for BIGGIE10

Original Coupon Deal

Edit: Apparently the stock went back to 10 again! LOL!

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  • -1

    TN Panel :(

    • Yeah I feel you. I was looking for UHD with true HDR myself. But seeing how the technology in monitor is lagging, I settled with budget 4k.

      • Yeah I dont think you will see much of HDR unless you really spend up… HDR600 or HDR1000 monitors are closer to $1k.

        TN I get it but its a cheap brand name monitor. Only 3 units as of now.

        • That's what I found. I think the only monitor with true HDR would be the DELL monitor which is no less than 1.1k.

          I know this monitor ain't any good. But I personally have no problem using it at work.

          That being said, I haven't used any of the fancier UHD monitors, so I do not know how much better other UHD monitors are.

          • @juns: I paid $350 for 4 K cheap IPs ….for office use the TN is great value to get into 4 K.

        • re 4k IPS, I use https://www.pccasegear.com/products/45664 which is $359

          A short review given I never found any about the monitor prior to ordering:

          I have used it for about a month. Input lag was an issue with HDMI (was capped @ 30hz) but not an issue with DP - I don't know if this is a limitation of my laptop or the monitor.

          The base sucks, there's another model which contains a better base + USB hub on PCCG, but I use a monitor mount and don't want/need the USB.

          Picture quality is good, though I haven't noticed much difference compared to a TN IPS and I don't have 10bit capability on Linux so that's a missed feature for me.

          0 dead pixels on both the monitors I ordered, no noticable bleed either. I haven't attempted to game on it as I'm not a gamer.

          I believe phillips or someone else is producing a monitor with the same panel, and I wouldnt' be surprised if the AOC was just first to market and more monitors with the same panel start appearing soon.

          Until [email protected]>60hz becomes a thing, I see no reason to upgrade, personally.

    • I have the QLED version and its great picture quality

  • not the QLED version tho

    • Correct, I was considering getting QLED too. But I stumbled upon this one and seeing the price tag, I decided to settle with this monitor.

  • -1

    LOL all gone.

    52 gone in total.

    Thank christ I had one and was about to go but I really should be looking for something nicer.

    • +1

      It's back with 10 stock again lol!

      • why yo do this lol?

        btw. the coupons dont work but even $265 is decent

        • +2

          Double check if you are eligible for BIGGIE10 for even better deal.

  • Added 30 QTY ASAP

  • Bought one. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Ordered. Mixed reviews. Should pair well with (soon to be) 5700xt. Thanks

    • I had it with the V56, not fun. Downgraded my monitor to 1440p144Hz, 4k was crisp though

      • And cancelled :(

  • +3

    Picked up the last one for $238.
    What a steal seriously! 4k Samsung damn

  • I think the model on the eBay page doesn't have hdcp 2.2 so won't play Netflix? Please correct me if I'm wrong

    • +1

      I think this is true. The manual is dated 2015 and there's some amazon reviews that says it doesnt.

      I dont intend to 'consume any encrypted media' so….

    • +1

      This is correct.

    • yeah it doesn't. I bought one and it's pretty much useless for anything except gaming.

  • Picked one up too for 238, can't go wrong at that price

  • 60hz refresh rate. Still good for the price.

  • +2

    Wow, they canceled and refunded my order…

    • Same

      • Same here. They relisted the item with the new price.

    • Ouch, I hope mine isn't.

      • Gah, they refunded.

  • Oh man.. just missed out.

  • They just cancelled and refunded my order too :(

  • Same just cancelled my order

  • +2

    I'm just going to leave this here for those who seek blood.

    • Ah was wondering how I could get to this. Thank you ;)

      • Its shopping express. They're used to the bad press.

        But a side of me says the price was too good to be true.

  • Ordered 12 hours ago and now refunded. No explanation

    • +1

      Deserves negative feedback.


    • Pity, makes it same price others are selling for. Wont be rewarding their incompetence and paying $110 more.

      $337 @ Amazon with 3.5% Cashback.

      • there are stores around that will do it for $350 pickup but as people say, this is 1st gen tech

  • why would they keep adding new units if it was a price error, so weird.

    maybe someone went rogue on the inside

  • Dodgy seller…!!!!! Totally going to neg them

  • -1

    Worst monitor, 28" too small for 4k especially with TN panel. I sold mine about a year ago. Need 32" minimum to really make use of 4k unless you're using a mac quality screen.

  • bought one.

    seller cancelled fast

  • Just got a message from them after cancelling with an offer to buy for 319.

    • +1

      yup. got the same offer.

      i'll pass. this model came out in 2015 and is TN panel

  • Was dispointed in missing it…
    then found its was a price error
    dodgy seller ~

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