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Telstra $150 Pre-Paid Sim Kit (60GB, 6 Months) - $120 Delivered @ Telstra


Just ordered one - online sim offer.

6 months expiry

All inclusions for use in Australia - details in link

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    Still value for money was that 200$ inc 300$ voucher, 365 days, 150GB data. (Currently OOS)

    • value for money is KOGAN 365 when they're on sale

      • *CATCH

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          $12 cashback on their $15 3 months?

          • @tempura: that and their half price 365 deals

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              @follow: for their $170, it's almost similar to Telstra $200 with 200 GB.

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          also Catch increased data from 80GB to 150GB, all for $150 for 365 days, got a $15 off voucher to sign up too.

          • @Jamesx: Catch: 220gb for $170 and 150gb for $135. If you get catch vouchers at 10% and also unidays works out even cheaper. Hopefully they will have their half price deals around jan-feb when my current KoganOnes expire. My daughter has catch 220 (data updated for free). The 150gb will work at $109.5 if you have both discounts. So cheap.

            • @fozzie: Oh wow had I known the 80gb was upgraded to 150gb I would've gone with that instead of the 375gb I just activated at the start of this month. Thanks for the 10% discount btw :)

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                @CVonC: Hi, no worries! Yes the plans have just been upgraded. If I had known too I would had bought the 80gb as well for my daughter. Oh well hopefully we can get a cheap plan when we need to renew.

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        I got the Kogan 90 plan for $15 and can’t wait to leave it. Vodafone service has been horrible for me.

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          That's interesting; i been with ×Kogan× for few times now and I think their coverage been nothing but excellent.

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          from vodafone to optus to telstra… telstra done deal.

          • @mountains: it depends, Boost is the worst for me even in regional centres.

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      International calling might make this plan worth it

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        how many people still call internationally? there's things called Vibre, Skype or Whatsapp right?

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          I don't think everyone has access to VOIP services or good data network to support stable connection. For included developing markets like India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, you might be better off with normal phone calls.

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            @Cisco123: I beg to differ; those SEA countries you mentioned, shouldn't have issue with their data connectivity. I can't say the same thing with India, Nepal & Pakistan as I never been there.

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              @tempura: Incorrect. Philippines is extremely congested in metro Manila. Same with Bankok and Jakarta.

              Barely can connect over 4G in these cities.

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                @cute as ducks: I don't know where you live/stay in those SEA cities but I never had any issue.

        • viber is crap for calling, waiting 10 seconds until the other side hear what you say, call drop out for unknown reason and ads infested screen, skype can't hear each other's voice, whats app only good for texting. And they all useless if you want to call someone too old to use smartphone with data

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            And they all useless if you want to call someone too old to use smartphone with data

            this I can relate.

        • Telstra Network in Lifts and tunnel :)
  • Not sure how this is a bargain

  • 60gb for $120. how is that a bargain.

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    this equates to $240 a year @5gb data a month……..hell nah……..

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      60 + 60 =120/12 = 10GB a month..

      • Probably the best Telstra has to offer if it's not from JBhifi

      • woops yeah my bad, but still hell nah when you see they offered this

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        10gb for $120+150=270/yr though.. Nah

        But maybe that's just me. I like paying $150/yr for 6.67gb with boost

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    Boost uses full Telstra 4G/3G network, and have $150 12 month expiry with 80Gb data, unlimited national calls/txt and international minutes to many countries for $150. That's a better offer, value wise, than this I feel.

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    Coles or Woolies always have a $30 - $40 starter packs on special. I've been sim hopping every month, porting my number across from telco to telco. I've always port my number during weekdays as some telcos porting department are closed on the weekends. At most I've been paying is around $10 - $15, plus you get the bonus data roughly around 20gb to 30gb. On an odd occasion or 2 you get free additional promotion such as the Netflix card.

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      Personally I wouldn’t have the patience. Maybe every 3 months, but no way every month. I have 1 year sims for all the family and love the peace of mind

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        Fair enough to each their own, in terms of convenience. It takes around 5 to 10m to activate the starter pack. Then based on my experience an additional 15m for the port process to be completed.

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      Better to do 3 months for $15 average, that is my current plan

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      been there done that sim whoring; i agree if you have the time, patience, virtue then you be rich.

  • Isn't the boost $140 for 12 months length. So how is this better at only 6 months

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