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NordVPN 85% Cashback (Was 60%) @ ShopBack


Works out to be US$16.13 for a 3 year plan when you stack with promo codes SHOPBACK or 3ynordvpn (US $107.55 before cashback - New customers only).

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Referral: random (4036)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • Great deal. Would this be an all-time low?

    • I thought it was and was about to sign up. Turns out two years ago I signed up for a 3 year plan for $99. No doubt would have found out here.

    • +2

      Last time 85% cashback was in June. I think exchange rate was better for AUD then.

  • How do you apply both coupons?

    • +4

      No need to apply the coupon, just go via shopback website and the price is already adjusted.

      • So, I went in via shopback website and tried to buy. On the Nord purchase page there is an option to enter coupon code again. Do I need to enter the coupon code here as well to get the cashback?

        • Yeah enter the coupon anyway although its not necessary.

  • +1

    Hotstar seems to be not working on Nord any longer.

    • Even I am looking for a VPN that works for Hotstar

      • Try Hoxxvpn

      • Ivacy works

      • PIA works

        • What speed you get?

    • +1

      I just used Hotstar on my Shield TV yesterday evening. Did this just happen recently?

      • What speed you get with nordVPN? Can you watch KabadiPro?

        • Haven't tried watching KabadiPro yet. But I did watch Cricket WorldCup matches using it. There were minor buffering issues.
          I'm on an ADSL connection due to get NBN in a few days. But most things have been alright.

      • Do you use same mobile app or do you have any link to android tv app.

        • I downloaded the app from some link on Reddit. The mobile app cannot be installed on Shield I realised.

  • On mine when it reconnects to Shopback it says 60%

    Update: says 85% now

  • +12

    Doesn’t work with Netflix on smart tvs.

    • +2

      Using a router as a VPN gateway (best method), using your computer as a gateway for your TV as per https://support.nordvpn.com/Getting-started/1047409252/Can-I... , using http proxy settings on your TV or just using a dns server setting on your TV (weakest method)?

      • Using smart DNS option doesn’t work.

        • +1

          I imagine the TV is using a certain DNS (like Chromecast and Google DNS) and you're SOOL. Not very affordable, but having a HTPC or similar really makes viewing whatever you want a hell of a lot easier.

          • @Crankyted: Are you saying that if I have a good router (AC68U) and I set the VPN on it instead Netflix and all would work flawlessly?

            • @3zzy: maybe. I got nord last night and set it up router-side, and it works for everything besides chromecast which still seems to drop out constantly. I can watch Hulu on my phone fine, but once it's on chromecast it stops constantly, doesn't start sometimes etc. Blocking doesnt seem to work anymore - all my google home devices and chromecasts didn't move to my DHCP's DNS, they just completely stopped working and didn't come back until i unblocked those addresses.

            • @3zzy: Depends on your router, but a lot of modern routers support openvpn.
              Failing that, if you have a raspberry pi kicking about, you could use that.

            • @3zzy: If you don't want all traffic to route via VPN, you can just buy a second cheap router that supports OpenVPN and use that exclusively for devices that need to go through the VPN. Makes management a bit easier.

              • @skittlebrau: Don't you also need a second connection for that? I do have an extra Modem/Router though.

          • @Crankyted:

            I imagine the TV is using a certain DNS (like Chromecast and Google DNS) and you're SOOL

            Not quite. Typically these devices fall back to using the DNS server specified by DHCP if Google (or custom defined DNS) is unreachable. So all you need to do is "blackhole" the route to Google DNS IPs.

            I remember using this to get Chromecast working with SmartDNS.

            • @ThadtheChad: are you still using it? Didn't work for me as recently as last night - it used to definitely - i was using the same thing with Getflix for a year or so about 18months ago. Now the google devices just sit there and say they have no internet when I try today.

              • +1

                @atrorz: I recently signed back up to Getflix and it sort of works on my Sony TV… I just need to re-install the Netflix app about once a week and it starts working again (which is getting old fast)… Oddly while Prime Video goes to the US library on my laptop, on my TV it seems to be the Indian library…

              • @atrorz: Sorry mate, didn't see your reply. I just use the apps built into the TV now as I stream 4k on Netix. Stopped using Chromecast a year ago.

                The getflix dns is configured via dhcp on the router for a different network used solely for my TV and other media devices.

          • +2


            having a HTPC or similar really makes viewing whatever you want a hell of a lot easier

            This is ozbargain. Just plug your laptop into the TV with an HDMI cable. Better than any set top box for any price, and free.

            • @ItsMeAgro: Great for broke students/backpackers… but we all move on/up, and need the next step.

              For me, that's mini/nano routers.

    • works via the NordVPN app on android TV (Sony/TCL/Hisense and some other manufacturers) or via Android TV boxes like VTV/ Mibox/ Nvidia Shield

      However you do have to manually mess around for a while to find a non blocked server. takes 5-10mins and then youre set for months, until they block that one.

    • I had this problem with my Sony Bravia. It's the latest versions of the app that detect VPN. If you sideload an older version and turn off auto update NORD works with every server.

  • +2

    Damn it I just bought it yst

    • Same boat, bought it few days ago

      • +1

        Same. I wonder if I can cancel and then register it again with a different email

        • +4

          that's what i'm doing - they have a 30 day refund and they're real nice about it. I just told them I tried it and it wasn't right for me, and they refunded immediately.

          • @atrorz: I just requested to get a full refund and they said ok. However, I haven't received any email confirmation ? is it normal?

    • Can't you use Nord 30 day refund?

      Then re-purchase with shopback deal?

  • +1

    I've got an account expiring soon, I wonder if I can just sign up as a new customer somehow. Anyone Done this? Guess I could just get my girlfriend to sign up!

  • vs PureVPN?

    • Also interested as I picked up the 3 Year PureVPN plan the last time is was posted on OzBargain.

      • +2

        I found the PureVPN kill switch as useful as a see-through plastic kilt for hiding your privates. Maybe they have improved but never again for me.

        • Can confirm - tried PureVPN recently and had to cancel as they couldn't do exactly what I needed. It was extremely painful to close account - had to talk to support multiple times where they would offer a better deal or say it was closed but then I'd be charged again.

    • Netflix US has been hit and miss for me on PureVPN. Mostly miss lately.

  • +3

    Very timely, thanks OP. I was just looking for an alternative VPN to supplement PIA as I'm in Hong Kong on holiday and cannot access Australian Netflix through PIA (why? Try explaining to your toddler that he can't watch The Wiggles because of geoblocking!).

    Unfortunately it still seems I cannot watch Australian Netflix through Nord, but thankfully the ABC iview geoblocking isn't as picky so that works!

    • when we were in Malaysia, we were able to use the southeast asian netflix service with our Australian account without vpn.

      • Sorry, should have been clearer. I can access Australian Netflix ok, but some content on it is geoblocked Eg The Wiggles.

        • Try a different server. Depending on which one you're on it may have been blocked by Netflix, however I've found that not all the servers are usually blocked by Netflix.
          This is the same for US Netflix and most of the other countries, however as more people use them they are more likely to get blocked, so unless you are going to pay the $5.83+ a month for a dedicated line, it's just what happens.

    • If you’re desperate you can try express VPN.
      It’s very expensive but it’s works well most of the time.
      Sometimes it’s hard to connect to a server.

      • Exoressvpn gives free refund within 30 days

    • Connecting to Australian NORD Servers actually connects you to the US Servers.


      • Ummm what you said is not mentioned anywhere there… It doesnt even mention Australia

  • +1

    How long is this deal valid for gotta wait till Thursday payday ? Thanks wayne

    • I have activated the 85% cashback.
      And it says "Tracking Speed: Your cashback will be in your SHOPBACK account within 2 DAYS".
      Does it mean we can't purchase yet? And have to come back in two days to purchase?

      • +2

        No. It means "Your cashback will be in your SHOPBACK account within 2 DAYS".
        With this Nord deal it is saying you will receive the money in your Shopback account in 2 days time. This does not mean you can withdraw the money necessarily as it depends on possible refunds offered by the seller. eg With Amazon and ebay you have to wait 60 days incase you get a refund within that time. Your account will show you at what date you will be able to transfer the funds to your account.

        EDIT: Shopback states 75 days until you can claim and transfer the funds to your bank.

  • -1

    A lot of providers like Netflix US, Hulu have blocked off NordVPN + PIA, I would suggest buying less popular VPN alternatives..

    • +3

      I'm using NordVPN and can access Netflix US just fine.

      • +1

        Are any other countries working? I have US Netflix through Getflix, but that is all they offer now sadly.

      • my bad, Netflix US works, Hulu doesn't work for me though.

        • hulu worked for me on nord, just not with chromecast in the testing I was doing last night. Was fine to watch on PC or phone though. (VPN operating at router level)

        • I am using HULU with Nord VPN

    • On this note, anyone tried Amazon Prime Video?

      For some reason it defaults to India(??) no matter what region I try to use.

      Netflix seems to work fine from what I can see.

      • Amazon Prime Video will show you content based on where you have paid for a prime subscription.

        • Just found a workaround: go to amazon.com and type in Prime Video — it takes you to the US main page and now I'm here watching Jackie Chan films.

          Good times!

  • Does it take time for the cash back to come through?

    • +1

      yes, usually 2-3 months

  • So not very familiar with VPN
    I am currently in Canada, looking to move here. Would this allow me to access Kayosports and Optus Sports while in Canada, and other services like Stan, Netflix US, Hulu, etc etc?

    EDIT: Not sure if I am doing this right, my final cart price is USD $118.30
    Should I also use the VAT for Aus or just leave it at US for 0%?

      • +6

        Maybe try being helpful for once.

  • +1

    Android Kill-Switch (terminate internet when VPN dropped) is not part of the app settings and you can enable it via:

    • The "Block connections without VPN" functionality, that can be enabled on most devices (depends on the ROM) that have Android version 8.0 or higher, works just like a system-wide killswitch, blocking any Internet access while not connected to VPN services. To enable it, go to System Settings > More (in the Wireless & networks section) > VPN, tap the cog icon next to NordVPN or tap and hold the NordVPN application highlight until the menu opens. In that menu, click on "Block connections without VPN".

    • Most devices (depends on the ROM) that have Android version 7.0 or higher have "Always-on VPN" functionality which prevents leaks in case of a sudden VPN connection drop. To enable it, go to System Settings > More (in the Wireless & networks section) > VPN, tap the cog icon next to NordVPN or tap and hold the NordVPN application highlight until the menu opens. In that menu, click on "Always-on VPN".

  • +2

    Thanks for the post OP!

    Some feel that NordVPN is slow

    • +1

      They have a lot of servers, the issue I find is that it doesn't often load balance between the servers in a countey very well automatically. If you're having an issue with slower servers then I'd suggest you find a server that has a low load to use manually.

      I've personally never had any issues with them apart from closing and reopening servers occasionally so I lose my favorites.

    • +1

      NordVPN maxes my connection out (~40Mbps) for local servers but most of the servers in Asia gives me maybe 10-15Mbps. At 70 cents/month, I find that not bad as a VPN and more reliable than something like WindScribe.

  • +3

    I followed all the cashback steps and it wasn't tracked. Contacted shopback and have heard nothing back about tracking my purchase.

    • +9

      Yeah this is the risk with high percentage cashbacks. If it doesn't track then you're screwed and would most likely have paid a premium for something you didn't actually really need.

    • You must not have had a trial or account before. I had to cancel and reorder by making a new account that never accessed the trial.

      • No I was a new customer I've never had an account with Nord before.

    • How long ago did you purchase?

      • About a week

    • +1

      Don't forget Nord has a 30-day refund policy so you could get your money back.

    • +1

      Says it tracks within 2 days, if not the VPN website says 30 days refund guarantee, so ask for a refund half way through the month if you don't get it.

      • +1

        Good idea

  • +1

    Dang, real cheap. I just signed up with surf shark, can recommend.

    Anyone here used Nord alongside their pi hole (with pi hole as your DNS resolver, using quad 9 servers)? For obvious reasons, that's the only minor complication I've had.

      • +7

        obviously.. because you didn't even spend the 4 seconds googling what a Pi Hole is, to know what to say.

    • +1

      You have 2 options to do this. You can do it through your router or your computer using OpenVPN.

      OpenVPN allows you to ignore server's DNS option by providing these in the .ovpn file

      pull-filter ignore "dhcp-option DNS"
      dhcp-option DNS

      If you choose to do it through your computer, you need to host the pi-hole in your machine as well. In my case, I have a combo of OpenVPN + pihole docker.

      • Interesting. I'm running pihole on a raspberry pi, and have its ip address as the destination DNS server in my router.

        I know you can setup OpenVPN on the pi, does your advice still work in that instance?


        • +1

          I have never attempted that. But it might work if you set your pi's ip address as the gateway in your DHCP server.

          Do tell me if that works, cause I might try that too, to offload the work to my pi.

  • Trying to sign up but getting and internal server error when submitting mobile and name. Anyone else having the same issue??

    • I did when I tried in mobile browser..however try computer browser it works for me..

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