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Edifier R1280DB Studio Bookshelf Bluetooth Speaker $109 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Edifier R1280DB 2.0 Lifestyle Studio Speakers with Bluetooth and Optical Input - 2x 21W - Dual RCA to Dual RCA, 3.5mm to RCA, Optical Inputs - Wireless Remote Control - Bass, treble and master volume dials - R1280DB-BR - 2 Years Limited Warranty

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  • Store in title please

  • It's only one year warranty (confirmed with Amazon).

    • It's 2 Years Limited Warranty in Australia. We get an extra one year warranty on top of the general warranty by Australian consumer law.

      • Even on edifier website Australia it states 1 Year Warranty.
        Only Edifier USA says 2 years warranty on their website.

        • It doesn't matter what Edifier or Amazon say in this case, ACL trumps them in this regard.

          For example: Apple has always (AFAIK) listed their big ticket devices as having a 1 year warranty within Australia, yet under ACL you are entitled to 2 years. Apple does this to encourage people to buy Applecare, and because they know that not everyone is savvy enough to utilise their rights under ACL.

          • @Shmexalicious:

            It doesn't matter what Edifier or Amazon say in this case, ACL trumps them in this regard.

            Yea it does.
            The ACL does not extend any express manufacturers warranty by any period of time.

            Apple has always (AFAIK) listed their big ticket devices as having a 1 year warranty within Australia, yet under ACL you are entitled to 2 years

            You are incorrect.
            The ACL does not extend manufacturer warranty.

            • @spaceflight: I think they mean consumer guarantee, which Apple states they'll honour for 24 months.

              Apple will provide its own remedies equivalent to those remedies in the consumer guarantee provisions of the Australian Consumer Law at any time within 24 months of the date of purchase.

      • We get an extra one year warranty on top of the general warranty by Australian consumer law.

        ACL does not give any automatic extended warranty

        • Instead of deny others saying, would you please explain that why Apple shows 1 year warranty on their products but we are actually entitled 2 year in Australia? Really appreciate your time in advance.

          • @OzBargainerMel: It's a consumer guarantee. Similar to a warranty, just a lot more vague. There's no set time limit, it's just whatever is "reasonable" for the type of device and the amount you paid.

          • @OzBargainerMel: Apple Australia only provides a 1 year warranty, but they have interpreted the ACL concept of reasonable lifetime to mean two years, so they cover for 2 years as their default interpretation of a reasonable ACL duration. They will cover beyond this in some circumstances (since the ACL does not actually have a defined limit), but you'll get strong pushback from the staff, and it will need to be approved by a manager. They needed to pick a duration so that they could be consistent, and 2 years is their interpretation.

          • @OzBargainerMel: The reason that they provide 2 years is that the majority of telephones are signed up on 2 year contracts.

            There was a test case under the ACL that stated that if a phone is signed up on a 2 year contract then there is a reasonable expectation that the product should last that long.

            As such all mobile phones sold in Australia effectively have a 2 year warranty under the ACL

            I can only assume Apple extended the interpretation to cover the rest of their products which to be fair are in a similar category.

            The two years would NOT automatically apply to these speakers.

            • @Wallyt99: Thank you for the clarification. Since'2 Years Limited Warranty'is mentioned in the description for this speaker, so we suppose to receive 2 years warranty anyway, and it is manufacturer warranty and no connection with ACL.

  • it is not $109. how can you get this price?

  • How do you all use this? Do we need a decent amp for this?
    I would like to be able to stream music to the speakers, What else would I need to do that?

    • these are active speakers, the amp is built in. Just need to plug them into the wall and you're good to go.

    • If you are using Bluetooth for streaming mostly…wait for R1700BT deal for around $130.

      R1280DB has optical input but everything else the R1700BT are better.

    • Chromecast audio. I have these speakers with the CCA and it's a great combo. You'll need an adapter for the two RCA inputs to a single aux.

      • I think yesterday someone said the DAC in these speakers was better than in the CCA, so you could get a mini TOSlink lead (or whatever it is) to take advantage of the optical out of the CCA as an alternative.

        • I did state many others saying digital optical input sounded better on the R1280DB than analog input, but this feedback was mainly from people connecting to a TV or computer.

          Regarding Chromecast Audio DAC quality, someone will have to try both R1280DB on-board DAC (Chromecast optical output) and compare it to Chromecast DAC (Chromecast analog output).

        • I thought it would be important to add: the DAC inside the a powered speaker usually sounds better due to it being optimised for the speaker’s sound by the manufacturer.

          Even if the Chromecast uses a decent DAC, using digital optical input of the Edifier (using Edifier’s built-in DAC) will most likely sound better.

  • Price is under lighting deal tab. Fyi

  • Is there a delay with bluetooth audio? looking to use it as my everyday PC speakers.

    • Yes. There are many bluetooth codecs, depends on the tx and rd chipset. 200ms is not uncommon.

  • Which cable connection is the best for sound quality? For a TV.

  • Bought mine from Kogan last year and very happy with them

  • Could I expect a decent improvement on the sound quality on a mid range Sony TV?

    Clarity of voices is probably the most important factor for me.

    • Most likely yes, even a low end soundbar can be a decent improvement to the highest end of TV speaker.

    • Yep amazing improvement. We have a decent LG TV and running it through the speakers totally changes the quality of your viewing experience. No more hard to hear voices with overwhelmingly loud action scenes.

    • this will definitely be a significant improvement, but for ultimate voice clarity you need a centre channel.

      there are ways of approaching a three channel system affordably (easily <$500), but that's obviously a pretty big hike compared to the asking price on these.

      the only downside to these speakers is that there's no upgrade path. Still, my suggestion would be to get them anyway, and if you get bitten by the bug you can always repurpose or sell them and build your LCR system from scratch.

  • What's RRP?…

    EDIT: Around $130.

  • I see $137.99

  • Kogan also sell these on sale from time to time at about 110 bucks.
    Great set of bookshelf speakers for the money.
    Got a pair a few months ago and extremely pleased with them.

  • I wish they were angled like the 1700.

    Deal is over anyway.

    • Angle is always achievable with angled stands or foam.
      Removing angle from a speaker which has it built-in however is much trickier.

      • Use the angled stands/foam in reverse to remove the angle?

        • Yes it is technically possible, but I more often hear of people adding angle, instead of removing it.

          My guess is you buy angled speakers if you intend to use them that way (near-field on desktop). It just seems weird to buy an angled speaker than have to use it in a non-angled position.

          • @thebadmachine: Agree completely. I was half joking because it would indeed be a bit odd, but half serious because it's not really "much trickier" as you originally put it.

  • All claimed for now it seems

  • 100% claimed

  • 109 is less than 39 to be eligible for free shipping?

  • Disregarding the active/passive difference, would these be better or worse sound/bass/clarity/volume than Volls?


    • well you can't disregard the active/passive difference because DACs and amps are important.

      the speakers are probably fairly comparable, but I'd be surprised if the Volls didn't have the edge in sound quality. The b44 is based on an very highly and widely respected budget speaker (micca) and it would not be hard it all to drive it with something significantly better than whatever is loaded into these Edifiers.

      plus passive speakers are always more reliable and more versatile.

      worth noting that the b44 is discontinued though and that the new b50 is a much larger speaker and would certainly be louder and extend lower into the bass frequencies.

      • For the typical consumer, I would say the sound difference between these R1280DB and Voll’s would be barely noticeable. The main benefit of getting Voll’s is the ability to upgrade (and you pay for it), which I imagine many Voll owners end-up doing eventually.

        • I think most people would be able to hear the difference between just about any two given sets of speakers - the hard part is usually deciding which sound you prefer.

          If I had to use one word to describe the nature of speaker design it would be trade-off.

          • @diamondd: Yeah maybe what I am trying to say is the typical consumer will be perfectly happy with the sound from the Edifier’s.

            I think the Voll’s and Edifier’s cater to two different markets.
            On one hand you have people who just want a pair of simple to setup / decent sounding bookshelf speakers for the TV with the option to play music casually via Bluetooth.
            Then on the other hand you have people who are wanting to dip their toes into the sound / Hi-Fi market with a pair of budget bookshelf speakers.

    • I got the Voll B44s with sub and Topping MX3 amp from a previous deal, they don't sound good at all and I'm not an audiophile.

  • PHEW! Just made it before out of stock.

    Finally my TV can output to decent speakers! yay….

    • better off to get some proper speakers.. high volume will have distortion.

      • Not really after killer volume - just turn up the footy. Currently TV goes through the inbuilt speakers. Just want a bit more.

        Bluetooth addition is perfect. Wifey can play music to it when @ home.

  • Purchased a pair from Kogan last year, very good upgrade from my crappy built in tv speakers

    Highly recommend

  • This vs Yamaha Yas 108?

  • How do these compare to the Voll B44's?

  • Nice price! looking for R1700BT ><

  • Is this over? I'm getting $149

  • Looks like the waitlist idea hasn't worked, because waitlists are invalidated when a special deal is over.

  • So who got this in the end? I have found the bass a little underwhelming at low volumes. Looks like you really need to crank it up to get the full sound range.

    Not really an ideal TV speaker then, since you don't want to always be watching TV at "cinematic" level volumes all the time.

    Tips from anyone else? Feel the same?

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