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All Apple iPads 10% off @ Harvey Norman (Get Extra 5% at Office Works with Price-Beat Guarantee)


Harvey Norman is offering 10% off on all Apple iPads. This is probably to clear out stock before new iPads are launched next month. You can get additional 5% off if you go to Office works and get them to match the price plus beat by 5%.

I was able to get an iPad Pro 12.9" 64GB Space Grey for $1307.20 from Office works Mentone VIC(Saved about $219.80)

From what I can see, plenty of Harvey Norman stores in Victoria have stock. Not sure about stock levels for Office works. The following stores in VIC have stock:


Call your nearest office works and see if they have stock, as long as Harvey Norman stores say (limited stock or in stock) you're in luck!

I'm not sure how long the Harvey Norman 10% off sale is on for.

Added TIP: Ask the Officeworks/Harvey Norman store person to email you the receipt so you can claim a tax deduction for your 2020 Income Tax Return. No risk of losing receipts.

Happy hunting!

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      Yeah, but they have like 2-5% margin

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    10% is also the standard discount with apple education isnt it? Maybe you can get 5% off gift cards to make it sweeter at hardly normal.

    • Bit less. Just checked.
      Base ipad pro for $1229, or $1149 education.

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      Nope, normal 6th Gen iPad is a flat $30 retail off for education.

    • Nah, that full discount doesn't apply to iPad and iPhone.

  • OP. Thanks for the heads up. If people still have the discounted Domain gift cards this would be a nice deal.

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    Just something to point out, a new ipad pro isn't expected this year.

    • I thought I did see that people had found new product codes in iPadOS 13 that indicated there may be some new iPad pros around the corner, as well as one more new iPad. Will check

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      No - they need time to redesign to get their new battery-nagger included - because the wisest idea is always to drive more of your customers away each successive model.

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        But then your school for your grade 4 kid forces you to buy a iPad pro, air or 6th gen minimum iPad

    • Couple of rumors that iPad Pro is releasing this year with a triple camera thingy used for it's push into AR.

      I hope for a better rear and front camera only for scanning documents and video conferencing:p

      Good deal, thanks OP.

  • Good deal. New iPad airs look to be included

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    Seems Officeworks have updated their prices

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      Yeah OfficeWorks won’t Price Beat any more because they matched the price (spoke to the Preston store)

  • Have had the 11" since December great iPad, just picked up a as new condition 9.7" 128gb 4G for $200 off gumtree, just for work to throw in my case.

  • Any ideas on how to beat this now OfficeWorks is out of the question? I thought maybe Good Guys with ShopBack 2.5% but that won’t work cuz you can only price match in store.

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      See if JB Hi Fi can price match and then buy with discounted JB gift cards

      • Any suggestions on where to buy discount JB gift cards? I can buy them from Member Advantage (also Harvey Norman) 5% off but it says may take 3 days to arrive. I don't have RACQ, and can't see any others right now.

        • Check the classifieds here in Ozbargain for someone selling JB gift cards

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    See if JB Hi Fi can price match and then buy with discounted JB gift cards

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      or free ones that people got from Telstra deals :)

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    anyone know a good way to buy a Macbook pro for cheap without the student discount….

    • Got a good deal recently on a Macbook Pro at JB Hifi when they were running 10% off and paid with gift cards as well.

      • oh right, so you bought the JBHIFI gift cards at 10%off and then walked in and bought the laptop ?

        • Did the same thing with myer a year ago. and then got the TRS refund after.

    • The best you will see at most shops is 10% off (and you need to carefully check what model that is if it's around the time of a new release because they often don't clearly advertise they're actually selling the previous model).

      I think what DoctorHu679 is saying is JB Hi-Fi had 10% off for everyone just recently, and then they also used discounted gift cards to buy it at 10% off (probably 5% off the gift cards).

      • PS - Don't ever bother trying to get a discount straight from Apple. They never discount their own products. The only discount you get from them is refurbished devices. You need to watch the big retailers generally.

        • Wrong, Apple will match their genuine re sellers price of up to 10% discount, ie GG, HN, OW, JB.

    • Isn’t the good guys doing 10% discount for MacBook ?

      • +3

        Apple will match that if you ring them.

        • Just did that, thanks for the tips!

        • Really ? Apple store will do the price match ?

          • @dealhunter-au: Yup, just did on the iPad mini, sales operator went and check and came back no worries.

            • @cloudie9: Can I still get 10% off if I upgrade ram at Apple?

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                @dealhunter-au: It’s price “match”. If the item at competitor is not identical, so obviously it’s not price “matchable”.

    • got jb to price match ifrog- was about an extra $50 off 10% off

    • If you want a custom build just buy it through the education store. I’m sure you know a student

  • They release an iPad 6th gen as their budget model only a few months ago. I don’t think they will release another low end model this year.

    • Idk why anyone would pick the new iPad: I bought the 10.5" for just shy of $600 from an OzB deal, which represents great value considering its got 120Hz display, quad speakers, OIS camera and can run some intense games.

      • And white spot is coming to a iPad near you.

        • Good thing for Australian consumer laws?

          • @ATangk: for 2 years yep then your on your own.

            38 pages here, good luck i was one that had it.


            • @DisabledUser260423: How often did you use your iPad? Do you know of any contributing factors other than manufacturer fault.

              Also, ACCC can probably say that an iPad Pro should last maybe 3-4 years because it’s a premium product of a premium brand. Even more, so the standard Apple warranty is not a say all end all to service repair. If you can be bothered that is.

              • @ATangk: Was actually my wife’s, never left the house used on a stand, if you read up it’s a known fault can happen anytime, hers had about 2 weeks warranty left when noticed. Apple replaced it. Can’t fault their service.
                Mine never got it but I sold it after about a year or so for a 11”.
                I have read on that forum someone with the new air got it too.

                • @DisabledUser260423: Apple have always been great to me on warranties, but I’m planning to give this one away anyways. Won’t be my problem for much longer :P

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    OMG,officeworks already down the price of all ipads as same as HN.

  • The deal from school locker combined with office works is better for ipad 6th gen. I Paid $390.

    HN is good deal for other iPads.

    • Yep. I just bought the 32GB 6th Gen for $390 from Office Works.

    • What is school locker and how do you combine it with Officeworks?

  • I bit the bullet and bought it with no further discount… I feel dirty. But thanks OP :-) Good deal.

  • Been looking to get a mini for the longest time. I doubt there's going to be a new one that's coming out right?

    • Doubt that it's just come out the mini 5.

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    So now Harvey Norman are tracking us:

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      Yeah I noticed that too.

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      Has always been, if the last page you visit prior Harveys is OzB, they can trace it…

  • Still got my gen1 9.7” pro and it still works as perfectly as the first day I used it. Keyboard attacher pin things are a little sketchy from wear but the machine itself is perfect. And I hammer it every single day and during the night with insomnia. Goes in my bag everywhere which is tossed around. It’s in a half-case which helps but nothing shock-proof

    • machine?

  • Checked with live chat, discount ends on 12 August 11:59pm AEST.

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