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Vodafone $30 Starter Pack $10, Belong $25 Starter Pack $15 @ Australia Post Store


From the back of the current catalogue in Victoria. Some reasonable deals for you SIM swappers. You will have to check the providers for full details of GB data allowances. Both of these are 10GB on first activation. Calls and texts in Auz unlimited.

Also listed, but not quite such a good deal, Telstra $40 for $20 (typically includes international to some locations) and Optus $30 for $15 meah on Optus for value and porting experiences.

Store deal only, can't find online.

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  • Just got one today, got a sticker at the front which says "24hr activation period applies", what is that about?

    • I got a Belong and vodafone one at 4pm yesterday. Tried activating them but neither of the codes was getting picked up on the operator websites. This morning the Vodafone one activated, but the Belong one is still unrecognized.

      So I think it just means 24 hours from the time you buy it until you can activate it to start using it.