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LG 70” TV 70UM7300PTA $1290 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


Original Coupon Deal
First Post but thought I’d share this LG 70UM7300PTA 70” TV $1590 down to $1290 with EBay postie code @ appliance Central

JBhifi and Harvey Norman also have on sale at the moment for $1590 but I thought I’d was too good to say no at this price.

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  • Ah tempted. Let me check if there are a bit cheaper options for 70 or 75" from the same seller. Damn I paid much more for 55 fhd 6 years ago

  • Is this the cheapest a 70" has been?

    Aldi 65" was $599, but I'm thinking I'm trading up for a better brand.

  • Part of me wants to jump on this, but the other part reminds me that screen size and quality are important - a TV will be with you a while and its best to check out the UI (interaction / speed), features and physical remote because you'll be dealing with them a lot.

    • LG has the best UI .. this TV is hands down the best thing you could get.. i love my LG 65" 4K tv :) better then anything else on the market

  • $120 postage to Perth Metro.

  • Damn I like this deal but nothing wrong with my Samsung so just can’t justify it!

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    Damn, this is very tempting… Wondering if 70 inch is a bit too large to watch since our lounge area is rather small :(

    • +10 votes

      never too big! you will adapt! that's what i said to mrs….

    • No such thing. You can never have too many inches :)

    • Yeah there's nonsense going around that there's a ratio, ignore it, if you can get it in the door, and afford the price, biggest you can afford. Happy with a 65 inch, but 70 is a solid size for sure.

      • i have 55 now and next upgrade have to be 70 or 75. i think going to 65 from 55 isnt much diff.

    • People are rocking 55" and 60" in bedrooms so should be fine for a lounge.

    • Thanks all! A bit of a relief then… Now this is an LED TV. Is it too inferior compared to OLED? I am guessing 55 inch OLED models are available around the same price. Or is the bigger size the best feature to have?

      • There's people that notice details, there's people that just want something that works and their brains are not tuned to caring about details. If you think you just want something that produces a picture, get a big LED tv. You'll be happy without knowing there is better.

        If details MATTER A LOT. Then nothing comapares with oled or an extremely high dimming zone qled. But you won't be able to go back. So you're locked into a new expensive ecosystem.

    • Never too big.

  • This or b8 65 oled ?

    Im using samsung 2016 model 55 atm and wondering this Lg. Is it better image than Samsung ?
    Gonna buy new one for new house asap

  • This TV sucks
    Washed and dim

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    If you are sensitive to flickering then don't buy this one. I bought same model due to low price and larger size but returned it in two days because it was giving me headaches. Couldn't watch even half an hour. But that was just me, my wife didn't have any complaints. Apearantly LG has cut a corner in these budget range to use lower frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming. While some people are sensitive to low frequency PWM some aren't. Another thing to keep in mind, you won't notice PWM at showrooms because they set brightness very high (in which case PWM is not used) but as soon as you reduce brightness at home especially at night, you will begin to notice (if you are sensitive to it of course..) Hope this helps someone.

    • These TV doesn't have local dimming though? Are you sure it wasn't TruMotion? Did you try with it off?

      It's looks like it has a native 50Hz panel regardless which isn't great.

      • PWM is for the entire screen brightness dimming (not necessarily for local dimming). I now have a higher end LG TV (albeit an older model) and no issues with headaches whatsoever. This one has local dimming (not the best implementation but acceptable) even with that enabled at highest settings I have no issues. I don't think it's related to true motion because I played with many settings but only time I felt comfortable was when I increased the brightness to almost to the max.

        • Yes, you're right. Thanks, I learnt something today :) I assumed they would just reduce the voltage of the backlight if there was no local dimming feature but it seems some TVs do use PWM instead. And your conclusion is what my research told me too - the only way to "fix" it was to have brightness at 100%. Not ideal.

    • Im using Samsung 2016 series 5 and even mind about pwm. Thanks for letting me know this.
      I did come to store today and ur right. They set max brightness… So tricky. Do u recommend another one over 65" ?

      • Rule of thumb is to get one or two years older model but higher end. LG super UHD range doesn't use PWM (at least not in low frequencies). Besides SUHD panels are much better (wide colour gamut, HDR10 plus,has Dolby vision, use true RGB colours therefore very colourful). Do your research regarding TV model you'll know what to buy. See below (i.e 2018 line-up)

        • Thanks for ur assistance. My budget is not much but do u have any better option than this ? My budget is below 1700 and have to be over 65" :))

  • Cheers OP! Been meaning to swap out our old rear projection 70".
    Just got my local Good Guys to do it for $1400 and picking it up now. Figured once you pay the shipping from appliance central for $50 more I could get it locally and now.

  • Brother just bought this at JB for $1500. He'd be spewin'.

  • This or the hisense 65r8?

  • Anyone order has been shipped yet? Nothing from the seller from my end. Bought it over the weekend no shipping notice or anything

  • Item has been removed by the ebay seller.

  • Got mine today and I'll be returning it. Anyone have experience with returns to Appliance Central?

    Primarily I bought it to watch sport. But as soon as I put on the cricket tonight I knew it had to go back. Crap quality.

    • What were the issues with it? Blurring due to fast motion?

      • No issues. Just rubbish picture quality. I bought it based on a review that stated it was good for sports, which is what it turned out to horrible for.

        FYI appliances online basically don't do returns. They make it incredibly difficult to bring anything back, and change their returns "policy" constantly. Be certain of what you buy from them if you choose to purchase from them… cause you wont be returning it to them. They'll make sure of that.

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