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VPN: Private Internet Access (PIA) | USD $29 Per Year (~AUD $44)


I churned away from PIA to PureVPN a year ago; today PIA sent me an email offering a US$29/yr subscription (normally it's US$39.95):

For this weekend only, save an incredible 75% when you come back to Private Internet Access, the VPN you know and love. We don’t need to remind you that we’re a values-driven company, battle-> tested in courts with a proven no log policy.

And for the next two days only, you can come back at the lowest-price we’ve ever offered.

We hope you’ll re-join.

The link from the email still worked when I stripped the unique ID. I'm not sure if I believe the "this weekend only" / "two days only", as the content on the website makes no mention of an expiry.

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  • Pity VPN tunnels can't shield us from currency fluctuations! >.<

  • Got the same last weekend for an old account. So assuming it works whenever without the Id.

  • Hang on, how does USD$10 off a USD$39.95 equal a 75% discount?

  • Anyone know how this one compares to Torgaurd?

  • Which is better compare to Nordvpn?

  • Took a 3 year subscription and cannot get access to Singapore toggle live. Was basically told too bad as we cannot guarantee it as Singapore probably blocked all VPNs. The only reason why I signed up was for to get access to Singapore. $ down the drain.

    Request for full or partial refund denied.

    Would never deal with the again.

  • Does PIA allow you access to Netflix Japan?

  • Anyone have any problems with paying by CC?
    I have always paid with the US gift card option, but this has increased from US$50 to US$75.
    Wondering if it is safe enough to use my CC.
    Note I am currently wearing an alfoil hat.

  • WOrks well for renewals too,
    I've been with them for 2 or 3 years, really good service , support is also great,
    Happy to renew, mine was coming to expire anway so good timing,

    Thanks OP.

    Good Company, good service,

  • Sigh, appears dead. I can get the $39.95 deal, but not the $29.95 deal. (I needed the $29.95 deal because I only have a $50 gift card. Yeah, I'm another tin foil hatter….)

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