Targeted Pre-Order nbn for $20 off Per Month for The First 6 Months on Unlimited Data nbn 50 or 100 @ Aussie Broadband


Pre-Order nbn for $20 off for the first 6 months on unlimited data nbn 50 or nbn 100 plans. No lock-in contract, no setup fee. For example, nbn50 unlimited data & BYO modem/router $59 per month for 6 months.

Offer only valid to targeted premises for pre-order of nbn. Sign up online or call 1300 180 905.

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Aussie Broadband



    Oh man, just signed up with another provider. Should've seen this sooner

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      Aussie is the only provider you should be looking at :)

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        I beg to differ. You should try out Superloop. They're insane.

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          I had them (nuskope) with their wireless service, agreed they are great, but I'd still take Aussie for NBN.


          Not sure why they are so good. I have TPG - 100 plan unlimited at $89.95 pm, evenings are 96 MBps. Sydney metro FTTC. Connection was done on the day it was available at my driveway.

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            @Wetwork65: In fairness any ISP SHOULD max out FTTC or FTTP.

            I know my parents who I thought had wireless congestion switched from My Republic to Aussie and they went up over 5x faster… And paid less… It's for those lesser connections Aussie shines in my experience.

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              In fairness any ISP SHOULD max out FTTC or FTTP.

              It's the private sector, what they SHOULD do is maximise profits for their owners.

              In fact they're bound by legislation to do that if it's a public listed company.

              That means giving you as little as possible for the most amount of money possible.

              Brainwashed people claim this delivers a cheaper outcome than Government monopoly despite not being able to point to any instance of this actually happening as they lose their money like morons.




                Private Sector

                Pick one. Yes, the links to the internet are definitely operated by the RSP, but the NBN itself is by far the most limiting factor when it comes to NBN speeds.

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            @Wetwork65: TPG is definitely great for a few people LOL

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        Depends. For those that matter, aussie uses CGN which is a bit problematic. They do have some opt out, but it's a bit difficult sometimes.

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          It's not, I just said I needed to opt out… Done. Their customer service is top notch.

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          CGNAT is very easy to opt out on. Either call them, or send a 2-line email to them.


          I opted out for my house and i just signed up my folks to Aussie as well. Do i need to opt out for them as well? I am over at their place every few days and do some gaming as well as downloading. I notice that ever since i put my folks net over from ADSL to Aussie NBN, there seems to be some issues with my torrent program.


      I literally signed up 5 hours ago FML!!!


        It sux I know, but maybe you can find some comfort in the fact that Aussie Broadband is one of the best (if not THE best) ISPs in Australia at the moment.

        It's certainly in the top 5 out of the lot, and I would argue that, even at their regular prices, they represent a good deal.

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        I had the same thing happen when I signed up. I phoned up their support all prepared for a fight, but straight away they said "no worries, we'll apply the deal now". Give them a call, you may be surprised.


      We Pre-Paid MyRepublic over $800 (for 12 months), to
      bring down the effective cost of NBN50 to $60 / mon,
      across 14 months (by getting 2 months Free)

      Was paying ~$70 / mon, before making the big payment

      Most recent Aus Computer Society (free) newsletter
      has an article ~"NBN is too costly"

      With all these Deals… is a price-drop coming? :~/

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    for all speed and package ?


      Thanks for asking. I have reached out to ABB sales and clarified the deal. Please see new edit.

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    Exetel has been providing nbn50 for 59$ since ages.

    • +2 votes

      That's on a 12month contract. But how reliable and fast are they compared to Aussie?

    • +6 votes

      I think they have upped the price to 65, connection fee and 12mths contract. I was about to go exetel when my 6mths AussieBB promo finishes.

      With that price, exetel not that appealing

      • -4 votes

        With that price, exetel not that appealing

        Why? It's cheaper and the same advertised speeds?

        Is it worth spending an extra $14 every month, just to have access to an Australian call centre?

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          Also belong with nbn50 for 55 a month plus $80 sim card (essentially 8 months free calls and 1gb data)

        • +10 votes

          Have you looked at Exetel's wait times for support? 118 minutes at the moment (7:30pm WA / 9:30pm Sydney).
          And yeah, I would pay an extra $14 a month so speak to an Australian, living in Australia with an Australian accent.

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            Have you looked at Exetel's wait times for support?

            I've had internet for decades now with various providers and had never had to call support.

            I would pay an extra $14 a month so speak to an Australian, living in Australia with an Australian accent.

            I will save $14 a month and speak to an Indian, living in India with an Indian accent.

            • +12 votes

              @jv: You would rather save $14 a month (less than 50 cents a day) with Exetel, and put up with their congestion, slower speeds, useless customer support, and the absolute worst attitude towards their customers by the private company's owners, rather than going with a top ISP like Aussie Broadband for an extra?

              I have learnt the hard way, that staying with Exetel after my contract expired just to save $10 to $20 a month, was one of the worst decisions I have ever made in my life.

              It wasn't until I finally had enough of Exetel's slow, unreliable, wildly fluctuating speeds, and customer service so useless that they may as well not have existed at all, because I doubt they ever helped anyone:

              The scripted responses from customer support were limited to advising customers to turn their equipment off and then back on, resetting customers' equipment to default settings, and little else.

              So it wasn't until I couldn't take it any more and switched to a top ISP, that I realised just how big a mistake I made by signing up to Exetel's 12 month plan.

              I was 'saving' $0.50 to $0.67 a day with Exetel, when I spent many hours of my free time every day on the internet.

              But when I finally bit the bullet and signed up to a top ISP, I noticed a huge improvement in internet performance, and I finally realised that I wasn't really saving anything at all.

              In fact it can be argued that I wasted a lot of money by staying with Exetel, because I could get things done on the internet in much less than half the time, that it would have taken me to do the same thing on Exetel's network (and time is money).

              If I signed up to the better ISP from the start, I could have saved a lot of time on the Internet, and could have spent the hours I saved every day just relaxing, instead of biting my nails staring at the computer screen and waiting for a page to load.

              I would never, EVER, go or stay with a budget ISP again, or with an ISP with less than top reviews, or with an ISP that turns out to provide less than top internet performance, especially considering the large amount of time I spend on the internet, just to save 50 to 67 cents a day.

              Internet is a necessity rather than a luxury these days, and there are much better ways to save 50 or even 70 cents a day than saving it on the internet.

              I can think of many other ways where I can save the same amount of money, ways which will not have nearly as much negative impact on my day-to-day life, as a slow internet connection.

              • +3 votes

                @BooYa: I can't agree more. Exetel are disgustion with how they treat customers. I have had the displeasure of dealing with them on several occasions recently and over the years on behalf of clients and nothing has changed since I dumped them overe 12 years ago for shocking service. I even had the displeasure of dealing with one of the owners and totally see why its so bad. He couldn't give a dam and for them its all about getting your money and more or less have zero interest in assisting customers once you pay your $$.
                I was going to say good luck to them but that would be wishing them well so won't! Stay well clear if customer service is important.


                  @Borg: I feel for you, for having to deal with one of the owners - see my post below, about (at least some of) the owners' attitude towards their customers.

                  I know it probably wouldn't have been a very pleasant chat.



              had internet for decades

              just venerable.

          • -1 vote

            @jelko: What about an Australian, living in Australia, WITHOUT an Australian accent? Would you be happy speaking to them? Or do we judge competency based on accents these days? Sorry, just curious.

          • +2 votes

            @jelko: just got off the phone to my existing SP wanting to obtain my phone number or ULL.
            It was like pulling teeth. couldnt understand their thick accent and she kept on providing me the wrong information. Going off on tangents. Even script monkeys would need to stop and assess the nature of the customers call.

            Why Australian companies still bother with Indian help desks, beats me. Is it to thwart Australians from ringing them ?

            Got onto ABB, spoke to a local. Signed up and finished within 12 minutes. No BS, no arduous effort trying to understand the rep, concise - to the point.

            They get my vote. Just hope they dont ship their sales and support later-on overseas to the Indian continent.

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          Still good value, but can't beat when they had the 59 and no connection fee.

          At the current price (65 + 79 connection), compared if i stayed with ABB and paying 79 after my 6mths is up. For the first 5, it will be the same if i stayed with ABB. Only on the 6th I'll get the saving. Hopefully my math is right 😬

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            You would rather save $14 a month (less than 50 cents a day) with Exetel, and put up with their congestion

            Everything I’ve read recently suggests congestion is no longer an issue.
            Only differentiator is call centre.

        • +2 votes

          You've obviously never had to contact exetel support… last time I tried to call them I was user 102 in the queue with an estimated wait time of 2 hours.

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            @andiw: Well if I need to call them once in 10 years, it’ll cost me $14x12x10. For $1680, yes, I’ll wait for 2 hours.


      It's no longer that price, went up to $64.99.


      2-3 months ago they were at $59 for 12 month contract.
      Now they're at $65 for 12 month contract plus $79 set up fee.
      Guess they're trying to make up for new website.

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      Exetel is a family owned, private company, who's owners have almost total disregard for their customers.

      The company's founder, John Linton, has once gone as far as comparing customers to a herd of cattle that need to be culled from time to time.

      He was referring to those customers who were the most vocal about their dissatisfaction with the company.

      He was also referring to a certain percentage of customers who downloaded a disproportionately large amount of data per month (those in the top percentages).

      He argued that despite the fact that practically all of those top downloaders were on unlimited plans, they were abusing Exetel's network because a term in Exetel's T&Cs contained an 'Acceptable Use Policy', and therefore limited download quotas to a 'fair' amount (even for customers on unlimited plans).

      He justified it on the basis that, in his opinion, it was those customers who were the most dissatisfied with Exetel, who were most likely to get verbally abusive towards customer staff, and that it was the most dissatisfied customers who were most likely to get verbally abusive towards staff over the phone, and that it was those customers who were most dissatisfied with Exetel who made a disproportionately large number of negative comments on social media.

      So he argued that, like a herd of farm animals which needs to be culled from time-to-time for the benefit of the herd (more food, more space, etc), and for the benefit of the culled animal (by putting it out of the misery of surviving on insufficient food, limited space, etc), so some Exetel customers needed to be 'culled' (kicked from the network) from time-to-time too.

      He based his opinion on the belief that, if the most dissatisfied customers were kicked from Exetel, it would benefit not only Exetel (by providing better working conditions for some Exetel staff, by improving Exetel's public image and reputation, and by greatly reducing the number of 'unfairly' negative social media comments posted by the most dissatisfied customers), but it would also benefit those customers who were kicked from Exetel (by forcing them to find another ISP which was more to their liking, which would greatly reduce their stress levels, he argued).

      As for the customers who were the biggest downloaders … well, he simply regarded them as thieves, and called them as such (he literally used that word and explained why).

      In his opinion, those customers were thieves because they downloaded 'too much' which breached Exetel's Acceptable Use Policy (even if they were on unlimited plans).

      This total disregard for their own customers is unlikely to change any time soon, because it's coming from the very top of Exetel's owners and managers.

      And since Exetel is a private company owned by one family, they don't have to contend with shareholders' questions, nor do they need to elect top executives to a board of directors, like public companies do in annual general meetings, which are held in public.

      So, Exetel owners' actions are not accountable to anyone, their board of directors is unlikely to change unless there is a change in family circumstances, and company policies are not likely to change without a change in ownership.

      The only hope Exetel customers have of being viewed as human (let alone being treated with respect) is if there is a change in company ownership.

      However, that is unlikely to happen in the near future, since the owners have stated that they are not interested in selling the company at this stage.

      Their unwillingness to sell is clearly due (at least partially) because the family wants to honour their father and husband, Exetel's founder John Linton, who has now passed, by continuing his work and by preserving his legacy (the company he built).

      Another reason Exetel's disrespectful, and condescending attitude towards their customers is very unlikely to change anytime soon, is because company owners highly respect John Linton, and from their public statements it is clear that they want to emulate John Linton's management style.

      John Linton's statement, likening Exetel's customers to farm animals or cattle, can be found on his public blog, and is stored on the Exetel website.

      The blog is continued by his son, and gives insight into company culture after John Linton passed away.

      Other sources for this post were forums such as WhirlPool, and various online articles published on well-known IT, Internet, Technology, and related websites.

      • -2 votes

        Other sources for this post were forums such as WhirlPool

        Most of the recent posts about them seem to be quite good, a lot different that what they were like 10 years ago.


    I'm still waiting on NBN to be connected to our area - if I pre order NBN with ABB - do I need to contact Internode? Not sure how this process is completed with a pre-order NBN plan, will ABB switch me to their ADSL? been with Internode for almost 20 years!! A brief explanation would be appreciated!


      I'm pretty sure you will need to contact them, I just changed NBN providers they knew the connection was down but I had to tell them to stop charging for it lol

    • +6 votes

      if I pre order NBN with ABB - do I need to contact Internode?


      Not sure how this process is completed with a pre-order NBN plan, will ABB switch me to their ADSL?


      A brief explanation would be appreciated!

      First off, ABB normally only allow pre-orders up to three months prior to RFS (Ready For Service, i.e. when the NBN is available). I'm not sure if this targeted offer is an exception. If you don't know when the NBN is coming to your premises, you may be out of luck with this deal (if your RFS date turns out to be after Jan 2020, that is). You could try checking the NBN website.

      All a pre-order means is that you get to lock in any offer and you pay nothing upfront until you actually go through with the activation.

      With respect to your current ISP (Internode in your case), typically you designate an activation date for the NBN with ABB, and cancel2 your Internode ADSL on the same or next day. To minimise paying for two services (ADSL and NBN) at the same time, you would arrange for the activation date to occur towards the end of your current ISP's billing period.

      Lastly, if you are using an Internode email address, you will have to either change it, or alternatively, pay a fee to Internode to keep using it (assuming they allow you to do so).

      1. Not until you are ready to activate the NBN. 

      2. You can have both an ADSL and NBN connection active at the same time. You just can't use them both. However, it's a good way to guarantee maximise the chances that you don't go without any Internet connection (i.e. by only cancelling the ADSL once the NBN has a been activated. 

      • +2 votes

        Wow, thank you for your time. I really appreciate the explanation!

        Changing emails would suck, some little extra tidbits I had overlooked.

        Thank you!


    Im in Hawthorn Victoria and NBN keeps getting delayed.


    Damn, says invalid promo code - Richmond Vic

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    What does it mean by targeted premises?

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    Been with Aussie since April. VDSL connection. Never dipped below 40mbps on the nbn50 plan. Everything just works.

    Had a problem in the first month, called up and explained, guy was very polite in saying it was a wifi range issue. Very confidently said it was not Aussie's fault. Got an extender. Sorted.

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    HFC - last week….didn’t even know that the HFC box was installed. after a decade or two on the slowest ADSL with TPG

    will look like taking up Aussie…. we were a targeted area…just going thru the motions on cleaning up my TPG mailbox to Gmail….

    TPG will not price match or do any deals….. even after being with them for so many years


    How many years will this be the norm ? Where is the future with speeds ?


      I always wonder why people used ADSL2+ when cable was available in their house before NBN came along. Would have had up to 100Mbps for all those years.


        ADSL2 was/is cheaper and not restricted to the few cable providers. Cable speed is not necessarily required by many.


    One thing people need to watch out for when choosing a ISP is don't get fooled by the speeds they are selling. Your speed will always be limited by your infrastructure and there is nothing the ISP's can do about that. Its easy to go 'ill choose the 50mb/s plan, awesome' but still only get 20-30mb/s.


    How does this compare to iinet? I have been with them since dial up days when it was ozemail. Our area has had issues all the way and ozemail was very helpful which is why we did not move. I’ve been told that iinet nbn sucks compared to Aussie but not sure if the speeds will be up to scratch and reliable?


    I’m interested in signing up to Aussie BB.
    Can I check what modem is the best to get?

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