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Men's Suit $25 USD ~$37.04 AUD (Was $78 USD), Men's Hoodie $8.64 USD ~$12.80 AUD (Was $26 USD) Delivered @ PJ Paul Jones


I noticed this deal for a discounted suit and hoody on facebook (codes below). I have ordered the suit (looks good in the pictures) for myself through the website, the price came up as $25.03 after entering the CODE, turns out it is in USD, so it came to $38.26 AUD when I paid through paypal. I don't know what the quality is like and it looks like its coming from China or similar, I have seen the other deals from this seller on here and have not heard what the quality is like yet. The code for the suit works, but have not tried the code for the hoody. Sounds pretty good to me with free International shipping… I'll post an update here when I receive the suit (with regards to the quality and delivery time) if the thread is still active when I get it. the deal DETAILS:

Stylish Men's Casual Slim Fit Formal One Button Suit Blazer Coat + Pants S-2xl .
was $78USD now $25USD with CODE: PJ1062
(not sure how its 'Casual' and 'Formal' all in one item??)

Men's Stylisy Slim Fit Soft Warm Half Zip-Front Hooded Coat Hoodies .
was $26USD now $8.64USD with CODE: 67HDS

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  • Stylish Men's Casual Slim Fit Formal One Button Suit Blazer Coat + Pants S-2xl

    So the pants are only available in 2XL regardless of what size you choose for the suit?

  • I’m fascinated by the quality of a $25 suit. Please do update.

    They call it a “one button suit blazer” in the title when the photos and description show 2 buttons. I’m already blown away by the attention to detail.

  • Gotta give it a go at that price

  • Bought 1 of each, why not try at that price, with OP will report back! will be interesting to see if 1 button or two ;D

  • looks good in the pictures


  • PRO TIP: Pay with Paypal account to get FREE returns

  • More landfill

  • Perfect jacket for a messy night out where you can just throw away afterwards when it gets splattered with alcohol and vomit

  • Any ladies stuff?

    • Define lady? In the trad definition no lady would be seen dead in $25 formalwear.

  • Tempted to buy the hoodie but where is it shipping from? As in will winter be over by the time it arrives?

  • I got a medium but if this is all chinese perhaps i shouldve gotten the large, opps

  • My jumpers arrived promptly -within 2weeks. I was pleasantly surprised

    • thanks for that info, can u comment on size? when i buy chinese junk on ebay even tho im a medium at best i normally have to get XL or 2XL just to get the equivalent of a medium, is this place also like that?

      • Their size guide seems accurate, the jumper fits fine, but we'll see how it does after a few washes, but for under 20 bucks I'm not complaining

  • This is garbage, you want a wool suit.
    A polyester suit is uncomfortable, expect to sweat a lot.
    I made this mistake when I was a rookie, but that cheap price is for a cheap suit.
    I use to wear suits at least 6 days a week, comfort and breathability are key.

    • I don’t think anyone has high (or even mid) expectations. Most are just curious what a $38 suit looks feels like.

  • I bought black trousers from their previous deal. Man.. the fabric was appalling! So high sheen with chrome ring buttons on that would put girls' apparel to shame. I couldn't dare to even try it out, went straight into salvos bins with tags and plastic sleeve still on it.

    PS: Also note that their sizes run slight bigger so if you are still considering buying, order one size smaller.

  • Did anyone get there parcel? Getting below error while tracking my order-

    Unfortunately no tracking information was found using the reference that you provided.

  • My suit came today, it is 2 buttons! It looks good, the material is very light and it appears you can wash it in the washing machine (if I'm interpreting the chinglish correctly). I'm going to soak it in vinegar (to hold the colour) and wash in cold water (hopefully this does not wreck it). I don't know if its hot to wear as its not a natural fibre, but its winter here now. The quality of the stitching looks good, zips and buttons are good and the jacket has a nice inner lining and is well finished (with the exception of the front pocket which is a little bit dodgy and small). The pants looked extra long, but it turns out the bottom of the leg fold which is normally folded up and pressed was not finished properly (ts probably going to take a good press, or few hand stitches to keep it at the right length). The material feels like kmart trousers. Overall,for under $40 it is a good bang for buck.

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