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Increased Data on Prepaid Plans - $15 Now 3GB, $25 18GB, $35 35GB, $45 48GB, $55 60GB, Family 72GB @ ALDImobile

  • S $15 plan was 2.5GB now 3GB
  • L $25 plan was 14GB now 18GB
  • XL $35 plan was 26GB now 35GB
  • XXL $45 plan was 37GB now 48GB
  • Jumbo $55 plan was 48GB now 60GB
  • Family Pack $80 was 56GB now 72GB

OP Edit: Family Pack also increased to 72GB. Thanks to ojay

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  • ok boost, show us your moves

    • -2 votes

      They already have, this aldi offer is garbage in comparison. Small is 180 for 36gb in a year.

      Edit: sure the higher data plans may be slightly better, that being said I'd always take the yearly allowance of data.

  • ALDI have retained me with there regular data bumps. Two thumbs up :)

  • What happens if I'm already on the large pack? Will the data allowance go up by itself or do I need to re-sign up?

  • Can anyone confirm if you get the NRL and AFL subscriptions data free on Aldi, as it's on Telstra?

    • It uses part of Telstra's network and has no affiliation. 99% sure you won't get access to Telstra perks.

      • got my fingers burnt with Telechoice who uses also I guess the same part. There are many hidden shortcuts, some numbers just do not work the way one can dial on other services. When data gets congested they are the first ones slowed down!

    • Nope, only Boost or Telstra pre/postpaid.

    • Don't quote me, I've never tried it, but apparently if you hotspot to someone's mobile using Telstra, you can load the AFL app on your own mobile and take up the free subscription.

      • Do you think it'd work even if they've already redeemed it from their service though? Surely limited to one activation per phone number?

        • To take up the free subscription it will ask you to login using your Telstra Myaccount Login details.

        • No idea. I've just read it (I think on here) and have a friend who told me it worked for him last year. Maybe it works, maybe it worked then and doesn't now, I honestly don't know. Never needed to try it as I'm with Boost lol.

  • Would be great if they introduced a $20 plan as the large plan is well above what I need by now. I'd be happy downgrading to 5-10gb.

    • That's the M pack.. they used to sell it for $20, but stopped selling it. I've still got it, and it was 5Gb before but not sure what it will jump up to with all of this (probably go up to 6Gb).

      • Yup, me too. I'm tempted to move down to the $15 S plan. 2.5 to 3 GB is all I need.

      • I was able to change to the Medium pack last month using their mobile app. I pressed "Recharge" button on main page and selected the "M Value Pack" in the list and was surprised it allowed me to prurchase it since their website says it's been deprecated.

        The Medium pack is $20 for 5GB. This has not changed like the other plans.

    • I just got the Boost Mobile $150 one. 6.6 GB per month for $12.50 per month.

  • They've pushed it up so far, I could comfortably downgrade, but I don't want to lose my 150 GB of rolled-over data, haha.

  • When is the $99 365 days recharge coming again?

    • +1 vote

      My mom just bought one recently so prob close to a year before it's back again (was last time)

    • Are you already on a 365 day plan or monthly.

      I just recharged on the $99 365 day plan after my $249 plan finished.

  • Awesome great work Aldi

  • So I would get this (the S pack) and get rid of my $30/month Optus sub, but I use Optus Sports to watch the Premier League… does anyone know if I could get that for <$15/month in Aus?

  • Kogan is cheaper and more data, right?

  • Can someone wake up Belong Mobile?

    • You can do it yourself by porting out.

    • Add Woolworths Mobile to that list. I'm currently paying $30 for 10GB/month, I could save $5/month by switching to aldi AND get an extra 8gb.

      Coincidentally my current prepaid month with woolies is set to end tomorrow…. might make a trip to Aldi and pick up a sim.

      • @mynameisck the Woolworths prepaid no contract plans may be better value for you.
        The Extra Small pack gives you 18GB and unlimited calls for 30 days for $20.
        Plus you get a 15GB bonus on the first two recharges, and then 10GB bonus every 3 recharges.


        • @jenki I'm currently on the $30 (medium) plan and the stuff on their website is misleading unfortunately.

          The $20 extra small pack has a base data of 3GB (that's what you get every month), the reason it says 18GB is because of the 15GB bonus on the first two recharges. After that it'll drop down to 3GB which is nothing these days, and that kind of deceptive advertising is why I'm leaving them. Ever since they launched this "happy family mobile plan" crap they've stopped being competitive altogether.

          Just picked up an aldi sim from the shops a few minutes ago, looking forward to making the switch.

          • @mynameisck: Thank you for the information, you are correct, their advertising is totally misleading. I was about to switch to them but now I'll do some more research.

            • @jenki: No worries. I had a chat with their staff today before porting out and they're APPARENTLY releasing new plans in 2 weeks but I really doubt that they'll be competitive with Aldi.

              In the tiny chance that their plans end up being better after the upgrade I'll be real annoyed because I just gave up 100GB of banked data when I left them :')

  • Good value for money.
    Good luck if you ever need to contact their customer service.

    • Yeah, agree. I could be nice and say that the language barrier accounts for the difficulty communicating with their customer service representatives, and that they're showing a facet of being smarter than me by having some handle on a second language…but I just think they happen to also be dumb at the same time.

  • I changed from Amaysim to Aldi about 3 months ago. Much happier with Aldi. 30 day plans at $25 dollars is a lot better than Amaysim's 28 day $30 plans.

    • Same here. It really put me off Amaysim when they changed to 28-day plans, really annoying when you try to budget monthly.

  • +5 votes

    i tether from my phone as a backup. imagine your sim 4g being faster than your home connection.

  • Does this bump affect the family pack?

  • Been a while since i changed network provider, can someone help me answer my question.
    Is the Standard Calls, SMS & MMS Unlimited to all mobile networks (Optus/Telstra/Vodafone) or is it strictly only ALDI?

    • Fineprint
      Excludes some calls such as: calls to international numbers, satellite numbers, premium numbers (e.g. 19xx numbers) and call forwarding.
      Excludes some SMS/MMS such as: video MMS, SMS/MMS to international or satellite numbers, and premium numbers (e.g. 19xx numbers). Any MMS that includes Video or Audio is charged at $1 and is taken from your Pay As You Go (PAYG) credit.

      • "Any MMS that includes Video or Audio is charged at $1"

        But does this charge if the we are sending the video MMS or receiving it or both within Australia?

  • So how do I change from my current Aldi $99 yearly plan to any of these plans while keeping my number?

    Do I have to port out to a different provider (i.e. Optus/Vodafone) and then port back in?

  • +2 votes

    No seen on web site yet.

  • Has anyone bought recharge vouchers from Aldi before and is it easy to do so? Wanting to use my HSBC card to get a cashback

    • You'd have to route it through the Visa network which costs you 0.5% surcharge at Aldi. IF you're fine with that then go ahead otherwise Woolworths/Coles/Newsagents are better options.

  • Excellent move, I would’ve stayed with them if there was Telstra reception in my office

  • Now hopefully the bump the 1 yr super pack before my next renewal or I might have to look elsewhere.

  • $180 for 36GB of data (S Plan over 12 months) - Average deal

  • Ovo has a $15 30 day plan with 4gb that beats this, but the roll over feature with ALDI makes it a hard call between the two.

  • Does anyone know how if it's possible to switch to a different/lower tier data pack (e.g. XL > L) without losing your rollover data?

    • Has to be another value pack of higher or equal value.

      Straiht from TOS

    • You lose your rollover data with that. I didn't read the fine print and went from the grandfathered M plan to the S plan, and lost 25GB of rollover.

      Oh well, it made me look at what's available elsewhere and will be going with Boost next month with their $150 12month plan.

  • I'd love to have multiple services under a single "L $25 plan 18GB", like you can under the Family Plan. Is anyone aware of any service that offers that?

    • Optus allow data pooling between numbers but I dare say you wont get anything reasonable for $25

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