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New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo $50 (Was $240) + Delivery @ New Balance


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New Balance Boracay $50

New Balance 574 $50

New Balance Fresh Foam 574 $50

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Free Shipping on orders over $100

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2019

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  • How does NB fair against Adidas in durability?

    • I’ve worn all the way through NB runners before BUT they were the lighter foam based pairs which normally retail for around $100.

      Not sure if the more expensive RRP pairs are more durable. I will continue to buy though because wide feet.

    • Not a runner, but I have a pair of New Balance 890v4 that I bought in 05/15 that I've worn a crap tonne (been to multiple overseas trips with heaps of walking, done countless short runs (~5km), wear these almost everyday to work) and they still look damn new. The cushioning and lightness of the pair I have is fantastic.

    • I ran my 2 pairs of 860's for over 1000km each and there is no external damage apart from the sole wearing down a bit. I still use them for running in the wet and some muddy trail runs. I've got a pair of Ultraboost Uncaged that are getting towards 800km and no damage - the foam has started to soften more though so will start to rotate them out.

      • I think NB shoes are great as well - my casual shoes lasted a very long time, especially compared to other shoes.

        However, please be aware that with any runners, you should get new runners every 500-700km (depending on body weight, running style, running surface etc.) to ensure that you get full cushioning and shock absorption.
        Running in old runners increases injury risk and is bad for knees, tendons, the foot etc.
        The old shoes are still good for casual use though as obviously they are not exposed to nearly as much force walking around then running around.



        Also, if you want to run seriously, it is best two have two pairs of runners which are used in turns so that the runners you trained in today have 24 hours for the compressed midsole to decompress and be ready for the next run where you will then get the full cushioning and shock absorption again.

        • Yes, I run seriously enough - 100 to 120km/wk. I have 4 pairs in rotation and never run shoes 2 days in a row. Decent trainers will last more than 500-700km. As I said, I'm using the old shoes for running in wet or muddy conditions.

          • @Fraggler: Great. I was not doubting your commitment.
            If by lasting you mean they still look good, no hole in the sole etc. agreed. But you can definitely feel the difference in cushioning and firmness etc. after 700km, especially if a more heavy-built runner.

    • New balance are excellent shoes. Id buy over Adidas.

  • only small sizes left (9.5 or under)

  • bought a foam 574 two wks ago and found the size it too small. bought two us11 shoes, one was perfect but this one was too tight. had to return it. haven't got refund from NB

    • I had the same issue with them before. I chased them up for a few weeks with no response until I wrote an angry email and then they processed my shoe return.

  • https://www.newbalance.com.au/pd/580-re-engineered/MRT580-RE... - 580 Re-engineered are also $50, but no half-sizes.

    • Remembered to use this offer but forgot to use shopback for another 6% cashback. 🙈

    • This is what I did (I had the offer saved) but for some reason it didnt activate? Did you get the same?

      • I saved the offer in Amex app. So I don't think it needs to be activated.

        • Yep me too. Sorry what i mean by activated is that I didnt see an email come through from Amex thanking me for using the offer - which it does almost instantaneously.

          • @smurfstah: Oh I get it now. I reckon it should be shown in app in a few days. I did hear some people didn't get their offer credit sometimes, so just need to keep eyes on it.

    • thanks mate i was about to use paypal until i saw your comment :)

  • All tiny sizes for tiny people.

  • Theres a coupon code for 25% off NB25

    • Tried coupon before posting, doesn't work on clearance items.

      • Ah, yeah i bought a hoodie as well, just noticed it was only discounted for the hoodie and not the shoes

      Online and Selected NB Stores.
      Participating Stores: Chadstone & Melbourne Central.
      25% OFF full priced items only

  • ah RRP, the marketing departments dream. $240, seriously, who would pay that.

    • my wife for the kids

    • Ah, you don't understand what is happening with RRP.

      If the price is $50 without mentioning the number you call the RRP, less people decide to buy the shoes.

      This happens because of an automatic, unconscious process called the anchoring effect, which changes people's sense of value and how much money they lose.

  • Are these shoes for ants?

    • HA! Now tell me HOW DOES IT FEEL? I wear 7 and the story of my life is either not having my size or having the size sold-out by teenage-wannabe-adults. I've finally had a shoes deal FOR MY SIZE MUA HA HA HA

  • Comfort inversely proportionate to good looks.

  • Be careful, for some of these shoes (including the Fresh Foam Vongo) only the Wide (2E) widths are available. I almost missed that bit when looking at it, I normally buy Standard width.

    • And here's me, sad that only 4 out of the 131 clearance lines are available in 4E

    • Wish I would have read this comment about 2 minutes ago when I ordered a pair! Hopefully they will still be ok as I ordered a half size smaller then I generally wear.

  • Vongo.

  • grabbed a pair, thanks

  • I had a NB pair before that got stolen at the gym. these are great for running. wider shoe feels more stable to me.

  • I have bought NB shoes before and they were amazing. I bought UK 8 (US 9) and they were fit to size, not large, not small. What is the difference between 2E and 4E? I am thinking to buy 9 or 9.5 but confused.

    The website says returns are free, do they also reimburse the shipping cost like Amazon US does?

    • 2E and 4E are the shoe width, 4E is the widest they can go. these sizes are in US. so if you have had a US 9 fit perfectly before you should go with 9. moreover as 2E is a bit wider size 9 should fit better as 9.5 might go a bit lose. just my opinion.

      • If you need very wide shoes you need to go with the 857 which comes in width 6E. It also goes up to size 20 ;-)
        Strangely, the NB website does not sell them in large sizes. Other shops do and I have seen a few at this size - little children or/and pets can use them as boats for the beach.

        Also, be aware that the Vongo is primarily a neutral shoe. If you have medium to severe overpronation or supination, other shoes will be better for you.

        Overpronation (860, 670, 940 as they have medial stabilisers)
        Supination: 857 as it has the rollbar feature

        • Thanks but I need narrow shoes or standard ones. My feet is normal size.

          • @crazyboy: Great, gives you more choice. The part in relation to the overpronation or supination is still important as if you pick the wrong shoes it will make it worse (say, if you are a supinator and buy shoes for someone with overpronation).

            Have a look at runrepeat or solereview.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, got some 574 fresh foam and 247 luxe for work. Will see how accurate their sizing is. Also free shipping worked for me at exactly $100.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/250575 - in true OzBargain style, still have 1 pair new in box from this.

  • wow Nasty

  • The mesh type fabric of the new 860s just doesn’t stand up well to normal use. Not impressed with NB at the moment.

  • Can anyone comment on how new balance typically fit compared to Nike or Adidas? Might need to go to a store somewhere to try on first but will probably miss out on the dealsss. Thanks

  • Ordered 2 pair size 8.5 because they have wide 2E , ship is free at $100 , will be my driving shoe ( it has ventilated fabric and does not slip sole ) . thanks OP

  • I bought my mum a pair of 574 sports from Platypus shoes for her birthday last week, they're awesome shoes. I cant speak highly enough about New Balance, can always get a great pair of runners on clearance for around $100.

  • You can get a matching set of Vongos for the missus here https://www.newbalance.com.au/pd/fresh-foam-vongo/WVNGO-AU-S...

  • Men's shoes are basically a wider variant of women's. Just go a size and a half down on the men's sizing.

  • 18% Off New Balance AU eGift Card @ Suncorp Benefits atm.
    $50, $100, $150 GC in stock, $200 out of stock.

  • Can;t find the vongo for men sadly.

  • Got an email saying I purchased 2 and that 1 will come lol

  • My perfectly fitting Merrell shoes are US9, so I bought a US9 New Balance, miles too small for me. What do peeps suggest when buying shoes online with free returns? Buy sizes 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5 & 10 while on sale, work out which one fits then return the others free? Seems a bit excessive.

    • Yeah it's a bit annoying..

      I went into the store today to test it out and had purchased 9 and 9.5 online. 9.5 fits but I'm not sure if I have a wide foot or not. Felt a slight arch

      Normally you can just swap size for free at a store so it's no issue. Only problem is if they have no stock

      I'd call your local first and ask if you can swap size if it doesn't fit.

      I've had companies like platypus tell me just to pick sizes and keep the ones I want (picked 10 shoes 5 of each size lol)

      Kept two and they paid for the rest to get sent back. Seems a bit excessive but always better to try on in store if you can

  • I found my credit card transaction is disappeared in my Amex app. And my order's status is still being prepared. Don't know if they are gonna cancel my order or not. 🤦‍♂️

    • yeah so I called them and the girl said Oh I am glad you called as the previously person put a hold on your order but didn't update it. (1 was sold out 1 was pending).

      Received 1 of them today but looks like the transaction disappeared lol so I am confused…

      I was going to purchase another pair to get the Amex $20 back but now I am assuming they are going to recharge me in a few days $50 instead of the $100

      • Lol. Sounds so unprofessional.

        • yeah but to be fair I dont think they can recharge me later $50 without my authorisation / card again… I dont think they can

          • @AussieMark: Yeah that's a very weird way a business would do. Just keep the shoes for free 🙈

            • @Micky14: ssshhh it be our secret lol

              By the way guys one of the staff said something I thought was funny in the shop. Was debating between the Foam vongo and the 574 sport. Her advice was that the 574 sport was casual wear and the Foam vongo was for running…

              I was like well… it has sport in the name and she said nah its not that good for running.

              lol. She seemed to know what she was talking about but I was surprised

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