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[PS Plus] Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $249.95 Delivered @ Sony


Just received an email from PS Plus with a redemption code for this deal.

WH-1000XM3 is available at $329.97

Mod: Want a code? Request it in the Code Request/Giveaway Megathread

No requests in the comments in this deal. Only the giveaway post.

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  • Been a member for 5+ years, spend $$$ on PSN games, and didn't get the code (I have been ticked for offers for a while).


  • Got one, thanks Op

  • Almost tempted to sign up to PS plus in the hope of getting a code! Got the damn AMEX offer saved on the cards :/

  • I never get these codes. Been on plus for 2 years

  • Bought 2, thanks OP! So win with Amex + TRS… around $150 each?

    btw for those who curious, 1 code let you buy as much as you want.

  • This deal is like that scene from Willy Wonka if Charlie Bucket opened a golden ticket to cheap headphones, and every ozbargainer in the shop wants a piece.

  • Anybody know how to bypass the $499.90 for the Amex offer? It's spend $500 or more, not spend close to $500 or more and get $150 back.
    I have the PSPlus code and Amex offer ready to go.

  • I have PS plus and more than happy to give this code away but I cant see any promo emails

  • So I have checked the email of a family member who has PSPlus, but they don’t have a code - is there somewhere else I should be looking? Already checked the spam folder. I hope its not targeted to only some subscribers.
    I’m all ready to buy but just need the code!!

  • What's the deal with these? Are they better than airpods for phone calls?

  • Does ShopBack work with this? Because I completely forgot about it…

  • WTB some common sense

  • This is a new strategy by the corporates, dishing out discounts to targeted audiences, before the discounted prices become the norm. We saw samsung doing it before with (EPP and student discounts) in case of S10e. In a few weeks time ~$250 will be public price.

    • you're joking right?
      should we take you're word on it?
      don't think these earphones will ever fall to that price publicly

      • ‎WH-1000XM3 Sony price = $549, public price = $350, (oz)bargain price= $299
        ‎WH-1000XF3 Sony price = $399, public price (soon) = ~$250, (oz)bargain price= ?
        It's all marketing my friend.

        • yeah aight
          will wait and see hopefully can jump the gun and grab one at that price
          these things are in high demand

  • 2 of my friends have PS Plus memberships and neither of them have received any codes yet :(

    Still hoping one of them gets a code to combine wiht my AMEX offer!

  • anyone notice:
    Expected in-stock date is Fri Aug 30 2019.

  • Yay. I have saved $249.95 for not buying. Have AMEX code but don't have PS code, not allowed to ask code here and can't post on Classified either being less than 1 year young…

  • can u plug these into a samsung galaxy quick charger to charge? earbuds only come with a usb cable

  • Bought WH-1000XM3's gonna refund my Qantas WF-1000XM3s.

    • You could sell your WF1000XM3 to those who want it.

      • They were 2000 points + $245, with this deal bringing them down to like $175, I don't think they'll move at that price. I'd rather not deal with the hassle. Also order is still processing, not shipped or anything.

  • how can these ear pieces be noise cancelling?

  • +11 votes

    The classified is inundated with posts looking for the code. Is it really the right approach? I think not many ps plus members received the code. Keeping the requests in the comments seems much more sensible.

    • i think the best way would be:

      for every deal post, there is 2 tabs, one for the deal discussion, and one tab for classified (for the very same item of course).
      MOD, is this a good idea?

    • Completely agree, keep the code requests here. Having individual wanted posts in the classifieds is rediculous, the classifieds is now just a wall of code requests wanted. We now have over three pages of code requests in the classifieds. Whats the logic?

    • Want a code? Request it in the Code Request/Giveaway Megathread


      We've discussed this and come up with the new guidelines:

      Currently we either leave in comments in the deal OR remove and link to classifieds. If left in comments, it creates a mess and makes it difficult for users to find on-topic discussion. We can't mark off-topic as then people will miss the comments. Moving to classifieds creates a huge amount of classified wanted posts and restricts members under 1 year.

      For deals like these, we will:

      • Start a post in the classifieds with code giveaways.
      • Link to code giveaway in deal post and in comments of deals.
      • Remove any comments asking for codes.
      • Merge classified posts into code giveaway post.

      (Keep in mind selling or wanting to buy codes in comments is not permitted and falls under selling in comments rule.)

  • Classified only allows >1 year members? So do the rest just lose out?

    • Don't worry, fat chance you may not lose anything. Lots of people looking for code and almost none offering them.

    • You're only 'losing' the opportunity to maybe purchase a code.

      The limit is probably to stop classifieds getting carpet-bombed by new accounts begging for freebies each time there's a high profile bargain like this.

  • +1 vote

    I think the point being made was that the "noise" from all the classified posts, is that the noise is somewhat unnecessary, is a good one. The requests could be better contained (self-contained).

    Edit: By containing all the related requests together, OzBargainers wanting to sell / give away / buy other items, could do so, without having to navigate all the 'wanted' Sony PS Plus code requests :-)

    Yes, I didn't realise about the Classified restrictions… I would have signed up and posted sooner, had I known (my bad).

    • I think just maybe a stickied master thread in the Classifieds where everyone posts in comments for items with big interest like this.

  • When did the email start streaming through? My friend's membership ends on 5 September but he hasn't received anything. Should I ask him to contact Sony directly?


    I can wait for a price drop :P

  • This is Sony's marketing attempt to grow PS membership (lack of responses from PS members here). I might sound like a tin foil guy but I am sure our unconscious buying decisions are steered by the big companies marketing departments…

    • I didn't get the code myself but one of my mates got the code. I think he is a long-time PS member though.


    First in best served :)

  • Thanks but I am sticking with my $10 headphones.

  • I have a gut feeling that eBay/gumtree will be flooded with these in about 1 - 2 days time.

    That will be enough to push the market price down to sub $300

  • Ugh, I guess I’d better turn back on marketing emails from Sony

  • Oh good, the classified listing that I posted yesterday is now buried under three pages of wanted PSN code posts 😂

  • +2 votes

    Not in the market for new headphones at the moment so have at it:

  • just ordered a pair the expected shipping date is 12-Sept-19

  • Anyone have issues not seeing the order? I got an email with order number but I can't see my order on the website nor did I get an order email with the full invoice. My card already got charged.

  • Such a great deal if the AMEX promo comes through as well. Thanks for posting. Still waiting on that confirmation email from amex!!

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