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[PS Plus] Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $249.95 Delivered @ Sony


Just received an email from PS Plus with a redemption code for this deal.

WH-1000XM3 is available at $329.97

Mod: Want a code? Request it in the Code Request/Giveaway Megathread

No requests in the comments in this deal. Only the giveaway post.

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    • Mine shows pending but I ordered it yesterday after it went on back order. I guess pre-authorising the amount until they re-stock. Hope they do it before 30/09. This will also explain why I have not received my Amex email.

      • Thanks mate. Have you received second email from Sony stating that your order is confirmed?

        • I received a second email. My order went from being under review to being processed. Still no news from Amex, they haven't charged my card yet.

        • No second email. But on the order status page it is in the processing stage with status of Order Accepted.

      • so when the sony amex offer expired? is it 30/9? i mean if the pending become confirmed sometimes in mid september, we still get the cash back, right?

      • My preauthorisation has turned into an official charge on my amex card.
        No Amex email about the cash back offer yet.
        And I’m still to hear from Sony after the first order confirmation email.

  • Anyone know if the sony RX100 VII camera on the discounted list? I remember there are a few products after entering the code. The code is only good for one purchase and I used it for the earbuds

  • Just checked to get a delivery ETA.

    To quote the Sony rep:

    A stock will be allocated to your order late next week, as we are awaiting for a new batch of stocks to arrive.

    • Hi Doodoh,

      May I know when you ordered, and whether you were signed in? I put in my order at 9.40pm on the 13th without signing in and I'm told to expect stock in end August :(

  • Hmm, have a bad feeling about second order as well, placed order 10:45AM still showing 'Order accepted', but not confirmed yet.

  • Just received mine. Really like them. SQ is great.

  • Late to the game but just placed an order. Now the wait begins!

  • To use the Amex $500 offer, how are people covering the 10c shortfall when buying 2?

  • Does anyone know when the code is valid until? As in the last day to redeem it?

  • Ordered but only accepted with no sight of shipping date. I am assuming they didn't have much stock to begin with haha.

  • Has anyone received the Alex confirmation email? I have not and also the order is still in processing state. It’s getting fishy

    • No
      My card has been officially charged and I haven’t received any other email apart from the first one from Sony

  • +1 vote

    I received my Sony email about 24 hours later, confirming the order. I haven't received an Amex email confirming the $150 back. But I looked in the iOS Amex app, and can see 'Offer Redeemed - Sony $150 back' in there. So if in doubt, try looking online in your Amex account that way. Hope that helps =>.

    • Where in the app do you see 'Offer Redeemed - Sony $150 back'? Thanks.

      • In the Transactions list. Mine appeared just after the Sony charge $.

        Edit: It also appeared on my "Savings" list under the Amex Offers (My Account on the Amex website). I did not get any email from Amex regarding the redemption.

        • Thank you, my one still pending, so probably will appear when Sony gets stock and charges the card.

    • Yeah that offer redeemed entry should be a firm confirmation I think. The system recognise you have saved the offer AND used it.

      • Yep the transaction moved from pending and now can see the offer as redeemed. Good stuff.

  • Dang thats a nice deal

  • Thinking of grabbing 2 pairs with the Amex deal, but would want to cancel if my card didn't get charged before the deal expires.

  • Someone bought 8+ and is trying to offload them on eBay for a nice $100/each profit lol: https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_fro...

    • Good on him. There are quite a few of them on EBay now. His seem to be among the lowest priced. Pity none of the EBay discount codes work on them. Hmmm, them or Wireless1 with 15% PANTHER for $339.96…

  • Is it too late to sign up to ps plus and get the email ?

  • Hey guys, just wondering how to get this deal? I don't have PS Plus 😢

  • Anyone have luck getting a code out of sony as PS+ users with offers enabled, I contacted them and they were useless. Said something along the lines they cant discuss due to privacy laws

  • Anyone been charged on their Amex but still waiting on shipping. Wanting to put an order in but prefer the card charged now.

  • I have two spare codes if anyone need one. PM ME. First come, first serve

  • Placed my order on 14th Aug and still shows as accepted (as the order is on backlog for mid Sept) but I have received my $150 back from AMEX. Hurray for something going right!

  • Timeline of events for my order for those interested in comparing. I bought 2x WHITE ones and the $8 earphones to reach $500. Was signed in as a member. White was showing as in-stock when I purchased.

    Wed 14 Aug 12:52 am
    Order Placed

    Wed 14 Aug 08:54 pm
    Order Accepted

    Just spoke to support who said my order is being allocated stock today (from a Sony Store - they must be pulling stock from around the country) so I should receive it in ~5-7 days.

    • Did u wanna sell 1:))))))))))))))

    • Update for those playing at home. I got a call today from the Sony CSR who apologised that my stock has now been allocated to other purchases (she indicated big box retailers).

      My stock allocation date is now Sept 17th.

      Assuming they got a push from other companies (Qantas? :-D ) to get stock and ended up caving.

      Interestingly she mentioned there are 24,000 units arriving. Must have sold a few!

      • What was your original date and when did u order yours.

        • All the info is at the top of this chain :-)

          • @AaronR: Sorry mate for my temporary blindness. I ordered on 14th with order accepted at 12:42pm but no news from Sony. Not even an email. I suspect they may have contacted you because your order came through when they were running out of stock and delivery date changed from end of August to Mid September.

      • so qantas cancels purchases because sony decide to keep the stock for themselves.. :D

  • FYI: Ordered on 14/08/19 at 10:35am (Black) and got this info from the Sony support.

    Thanks for waiting ****. As I check our sales database, stocks will be allocated to your order on the 21st, which is on Wednesday, and delivery should occur within the next few days.4:29:02 PM

    Once the order has been consigned and is ready for shipping, you should receive a confirmation email regarding the shipping details and the tracking information as well. So please do check your email from time to time.4:29:14 PM

    You can also track your order on this website https://cview.dhl.com/

  • Just got my order cancelled by Qantas 😭

  • Yeah, order cancelled from Qantas, need to find PS+ code.

  • Ordered 15 Aug 10:42 AM, Amex card is charged and got $150 back, now waiting to be shipped, from what I understand middle of September?

  • I have PS Plus but I didn't get the email? Most likely because I unsubscribed from emails/promotional material a while back

    Is there any way to get the code?

  • I just received a code today from ps+ customer support after requesting one 6 days ago.

    • Do you mind if I ask how you contacted them? I tried phoning Playstation Support, but they said they couldn't help :(

      • i contacted via 1300 137 699. Contact centre agent asked for a lot of details including ps4 serial number so be prepared.

      • I got the same answer from them too. Maybe this other number might work

        • I tried them a second time and got a different support person and they said they couldn't help. They told me that it was impossible that someone could get a code by phoning them, so I think bargainmonger was very lucky :)

          • @zoonki: Holding out for them to release a new email for all those that missed out the first time. Maybe if we all give them negative feedback about not receiving the promotion they will.

          • @zoonki: on a side note.. i activated the receive offer emails in my account on the same day.. so I said i didn't get the email even though i had that on.. so luck and persuasion probably played a role haha

            • @bargainmonger: My account was set to receive offer emails (however, for some reason I haven't been receiving them, including spam folders) and I mentioned that to them too, although they both seemed prepared for this type of call and were very blunt with me. Although in saying that, it's not in my nature to push too hard, so you could be right, haha.

  • Wrong thread, sorry

  • Can I ask a stupid question. I found someone willing to sell these to me today. I am about to go pick them up. How can I tell from the packaging if they are Australian stock or grey import? Is there a way to check?

  • Don’t forget Cashback via ShopBack.

    Use link, sign in, add code, add to cart
    Open shopback, go to cart, checkout.

    Viola $5 in Cashback.

    It sweetens the deal nicely. 😊

    Thanks OP

  • Well….. yesterday I received an email saying my order will be dispatched by the end of the week. But I wake up to another email saying its been sold out and now been allocated on the 3rd week of September.

    • That's what I initially got in my email as well. I called support to chase up and they said 3-10 business days.

  • Just got notification that mine have been posted 😊

  • Was originally told delivery would be back end of September.

    Just got an email saying the earphones were on the way and will be here tomorrow! Also got the amex cashback!

    • How did you check to see that the AMEX cashback was processed and applied to your order?

      • Just look at your account, it will show the credit.

        • Oh, yeah it did. I received my order on the 23rd and the AMEX offer only got redeemed on the 24th. Different speeds for different people I suppose.

  • Talked to Sony rep with end of September ETA for my order (ordered on Saturday) and said that allocations have been for my order already and expect it to be shipped and delivered within 1-5 days! Thought he was talking BS but glad to hear that his story checksout with everyone above!

  • Hi all
    I have placed my order with AMEX and used PayPal. will I still getting the 150 dollar credit or I need to cancel and order again?

  • So, if i cancel my order, can i still use the promotion code?

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