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Macquarie RateSaver Card - No International Fees, 55 Days Interest Free, 0% Balance Transfer 14 Months ($69 Annual Fee)


Macquarie appear to have released a new low fee credit card that takes on Bankwest Zero Platinum, 28 Degrees, ING Orange One and Commbank Low Fee Gold.

  • No International Fee's
  • 55 Days Interest Free
  • 15.95% Interest
  • 0% Balance Transfer for 14 months
  • Min $2000 credit limit
  • $69 Yearly Fee
Pro/Con over Bankwest Zero:
  • Pro: Lower Min Credit Limit Requirement ($2000 vs $6000)
  • Pro: Lower Interest Rate
  • Pro: 0% Balance Transfer for 14 Months
  • Con: No Travel Insurance like Bankwest Zero
  • Con: Yearly Fee of $69, Bankwest Zero is free.
Pro/Con over 28 Degrees:
  • Pro: Lower Min Credit Limit Requirement ($2000 vs $6000)
  • Pro: Lower Interest Rate
  • Pro: 0% Balance Transfer for 14 Months
  • Con: Yearly Fee of $69, 28 Degree's is free.
  • Con: No Shoppers Protection Insurance option
Pro/Con over Commbank Low Fee Gold:
  • Pro: Lower Min Credit Limit Requirement ($2000 vs $4000)
  • Pro: Lower Interest Rate
  • Pro: 0% Balance Transfer for 14 Months
  • Con: Yearly Fee of $69, Commbank Gold Low Fee is free for 1st year, and if you spend $10,000 each year after that.
  • Con: No Travel Insurance
  • Con: No Extended Warranty
  • Con: No Price Protection
  • Con: No Purchase Protection
Pro/Con over ING Orange One:
  • Pro: 0% Balance Transfer for 14 Months
  • Pro: 55 Days interest free. ING Orange One is 44 Days
  • Pro: Not forced to have a bank account with Macqaurie to get it. ING require you have a Transaction/Savings account with them to get Orange One.
  • Con: Yearly Fee of $69, ING is free.
  • Important Note: ING Orange One is only offering zero international fee's if you deposoit $1000 per month and do x5 transaction fee's per month.
Why would you even consider this?

If you want a credit card that has no international fee, that has a low credit limit (Under $4000 to $6000), that has a 14 month 0% balance transfer option and doesn't force you to have a transaction/savings account with a deposit/transaction requirement. Outside of that ING, Commbank, Bankwest and 28 Degree's are offering better products.

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  • "No need to spend $10,000 each year to waive yearly fee."
    While $65/yr fee applies!! what!!

  • Can be paired up with Macquarie's great transaction account

    Do the other cards restrict you from "pairing" with their transaction account?

      • 28 Degrees dont do transaction accounts.
      • Bankwest don't offer any transaction accounts that waive ATM Fee's and International Fee's like ING and Macquarie.
      • ING Orange one is only available if you have a ING transaction/savings account. You cant get it as a stand alone product like 28 Degree's, Bankwest, Commbank and Macquarie.
      • I am saying, nothing is stopping you from having Bankwest/28 with Macquarie's debit card. It is not a benefit of having Macquarie's credit card. Maybe stop listing random "benefits" and focus more on the cons as well.

      • Bankwest does waive ATM fees with the Easy Transaction Account.


        • Read the fine print with BankWest, the only waive ATM fees at the big 4 banks. These banks stopped charging ATM Fees about 12 months ago or something. So it’s not actually a ‘benefit’

          ING and Macquarie will refund all ATM fees, even if it’s not one of the big 4

          • @E5TOQUE: Ing ATM fees are only waived if you deposit $1000 and make 5 transactions, then all ATM fees for the following month is waived. Macquarie do not have any requirements - ATM fees refunded immediately.
            Macquarie has been handy for those mobile ATM at markets with $3-4 withdrawal fees.

            Is useful for the people who already have a packaged home loan with credit/debit cards

  • +2 votes

    While the lower interest rate and lower credit limits are a bonus, the $69 AF is rather off-putting. I doubt anyone is going to drop the purchase price protection and complimentary insurances from 28D and Bankwest to favor this..

    • Let's not forget that Commbank Low Fee Gold also offers

      • No International Fee's
      • Travel Insurance
      • Purchase Protection
      • Extended Warranty
      • Purchase Protection
      • Yearly fee waived if you spend $10,000 each year.
      • Pity they didn't have a price protection option! Should mention the higher annual fee of $89- if you do not spent $10,000- pa on the card. (Has to be purchases or cash advances.)

  • there's also the coles mastercard, no international fees, $99 but get flybuys points

  • +20 votes

    You had me at 69 then lost me at fee

  • +9 votes

    Bankwest Zero Platinum and 28 Degree still better in every way. $69/yr is a rort for a basic point-less card

  • Annual fee in title

  • +18 votes

    And how exactly is this a deal with that hefty fee and no rewards points at all.

  • That fee killed the deal.

  • my limit for 28 degrees card was $6000
    i decreased it to $2000 so that advantage in favor of macquarie is gone.

  • Also don't forget Macquarie customer service is bad on too of credit checking is super strict.

    Heaps of people who fulfil criteria getting rejected

    Absolutely no reasin to waste a credit check on these guys

  • +10 votes

    I don't normally neg but I'm not seeing the benefits over the listed cards you compared.
    The annual fee is the big one ozb go to 28D and Bankwest Zero Plat even with the higher minimum credit limit required is free.

    Coupled with free travel insurance (read the pds is suited for your situation) saves you alot more going forward if we take ozb penchant for travelling overseas.

    Low interest rate… But like the previous comments on deal on Orange One if you're having to need to use this credit facility you really shouldnt be getting a CC imo.

    Best banking app.. Subjective I have the BW plat easy to login check balance access to statements and settle balance before interest date.

  • I don't see much value for this card, with reasons as pointed out above. However still + for the OP's excellent write up and comparisons.

  • Reads more like a sales pitch than a fair comparison.

    The benefits listed against 28 Degrees are either highly subjective, or not applicable for many e.g. I doubt many carry a balance here so it doesn't matter what the interest rate is. And then if you're looking at that as a financial gain, it should be measured against the significant cost which was only done generally at the end.

  • Annual fee, no insurances, no points. What are you even paying for? Where is the bargain?

    I can’t even think of a niche use case where there isn’t a better offering on the market.

  • "No International Fee's" - but plenty of free apostrophes.

  • While they list no international fees, is there a spread on the conversion rate above the official rate?

  • Do all these financial institutions have the same exchange rate when purchasing from overseas? Like for example if I use all of these no international fee cards to buy the same item thats worth $60 USD, will all the credit cards convert it to the same value in AUD? Or do some have better exchange rates?

  • Imo, any card charging an annual fee without any significant perks in return is not a bargain.

  • This is not a bargain deal for credit card that has annual fee with less features compared to zero annual fee cards

  • +4 votes

    No deal here. $69 fee, no points and better competing products in the market.

  • It's not even close. How can a $69 card 'take on' 28d? Delusional

  • Lol how did this make it to the front page? Have you seen the deals this forum serves up>

    "…new low fee credit card that takes on Bankwest Zero Platinum, 28 Degrees, ING Orange One and Commbank Low Fee Gold." No 28 degrees poops all over this "deal"

  • A $69 fee card does NOT compete with zero fee cards.
    If you are considering a $2000 limit, then I would suggest a $69 fee is prohibitively expensive (and also a fee-free visa debit card is probably more appropriate)
    Seems more suitable for a forum post discussion, rather than a deal/bargain.
    Is not discounted from base price, nor is it the cheapest/higher value option.

  • The annual fee and no travel insurance kills the deal for people who are sensible (pay on time) with their credit cards.

  • This isn’t a deal. $69 annual fee kills it.

  • Thanks for the effort. How is this a deal. You have provided the comparison yourself with 28D & Bankwest and really there is nothing compared as to what it offers apart from a heft annual fee.

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