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25% off RRP Sitewide (Min Spend $100) @ Supercheap Auto


Don't forget cashback.

Discount off regular retail price. Excludes the purchase of gift cards, tyres, services, shipping and handling charges.

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2019

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Supercheap Auto

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    doesn't work on special orders either

    • Are you sure about that.

      • It's not letting me add the code to special orders either, says:

        Coupon code "AFTERYAY" cannot currently be added to your cart.

        I've sent an e-mail to their support, as there's also some sort of error when trying to add some disc roters to my cart, hopefully they reply tomorrow.

      • Yes that's what I said, were you able to get a discount?

    • I was able to get the code to work on a special order item.

  • according to the afterpay website it would seem that the code becomes active at 0600 AEST.

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    The annoying thing is the item I want (The Sony XAX1000 headunit) is already 'discounted' despite being more expensive than other retailers. So the 25% off doesn't work.

    • Agreed, even with 25% and cashback other retailers such as Frankies Auto Electrics (seem to have a sale on) and ebay are still cheaper..

    • I've been keeping a watch on that product for so long. JB sells it for $399 not on sale, I'm waiting for their 30% off car audio which hasn't happened in a while.

  • I have always found that sitewide sales are not worthwhile at SCA unless you are buying a) something that they sell at a reasonable price that never goes on discount OR b) if the sale is off the marked prices.

  • I need Century Hi-Peformance Battery NS40Z-330CCA for my car. With discount, it comes down to $119.25, whereas on eBay it is sold for $109. Check somewhere else before you you jump and buy something on SCA.

  • I came here to bash SCA's retail prices. But looks like it's already been done. They seem to be going in the direction of supermarkets and only lowering prices of their homebrand.

    The 30%-50% off sales are the real prices. But online-only competitors can't compete on items under $20.

  • Min spend kills this deal. SCA have equivalent storewide sales quite often without min spend so hopfeully this is not the new norm for them.

  • I always buy ATF fluids and gear oils during these sales. Combined with 8-10% egift cards and they are a great deal. Most other basic maintenance stuff and tools are overpriced, even with discount.

  • Minimum $100 spend? Ouch.

  • Pressure washers still much more expensive than equivalents at Bunnings

  • Cheers OP. Been waiting for discount on Noco chargers. Got the 3.5A version for $76 + $5 off for joining the SC club + 2.1% Cashback