Garlic Bread $2 @ Domino's (Selected Stores)


$2 Garlic bread at dominos, please add garlic bread manually after adding this code. Found on a leaflet

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Domino's Pizza


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    Remember the time they had $1 garlic breads? That was awesome


    Doesn't work for me!


    Didn't work in all the stores I tried so possibly selected stores?


    Is this stackable? I think domino's do codes deliberately so you pay more for other items.


    The voucher 584887 is not accepted by your selected store.

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    Not sure if it's everywhere but our local store sells garlic bread for $2 so if you're doing pick up don't order garlic bread online, just pick it up when you collect.


      You mean order it in person not online when you enter physically in the store to collect your other online made pizza order separately from your online order?

      Sorry the way you phrased it just sounded confusing and wanted to clarify it.

      It happens to myself and the best of us.

      Apologies for being thorough just got confused and I am sure others will benefit from my enquiry.


    $2 for garlic bread is a good deal? No wonder I don't get Domino's anymore..

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      I’ve been stacking up Dr Oetker in the freezer but I checked with my local Brunswick store and this code works but I can’t bring myself to buy a “large” $5 pizza just for a $2 garlic bread


    I'm still waiting on a thick shake voucher, they're really nice but pretty expensive.


      Have never found a cheap thick shake or milk shake or now the "new" craze popping up everywhere bubble tea or milk tea.

      They are only around a real low minimum of around $5.50 nowadays and that is usually for the small or medium with large being like $7.50.

      Really makes you think whether it is any good value when you can get a nice 2 litre chocolate milk from Coles or Woolworths for $2/litre roughly sometimes $2.65/litre these days which is about $4 to $5.30 and definitely lasts you longer usually double the amount of these places.

      I know we are paying for labour and extra ingredients and what not but it is just funny to me that a garlic bread can be cheaper at Domino's sometimes than a milkshake when comparing store bought vs supermarket bought but I guess that is economics and business overhead for you (this is including them cooking it and the packaging and what not excess labour).

      The garlic bread must be the break even or loss leader like the value range and the thick shakes a slight net profit or money winner for Domino's by the looks of things.

      I still have not figured out how much an actual $5 value range costs realistically and which ones actually make money or lose the least amount of money because $5 AUD for a pizza is really cutting it to total ingredient costs and all other cooking/related costs.

      Anyone figured out what each value range or each pizza for that matter costs and how it matches up to the actual price amount that they sell it at?

      Interesting thing to think about especially if you are the spreadsheet calculative kind of person.


        You've got to factor in franchise overheads too, like having to buy from domino's suppliers, purchasing and installing head office ideas like Dom, pizza tracker etc.

        Obviously at Coles you won't get these issues so pricing is skewed. Then there's big Don's $40,000,000.00 annual wage to factor in.

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    $2 for soggy garlic bread, great.

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