20% off Travel Insurance @ InsureandGo



20% off with the code groupon20.

Just used it and saved me a few dollars.

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    This is one of the worse insurance company when something happens you don't want to be in. There are lots of complain about missing flight, health problem and I have damage related claims all refused and more despite they were selected by Choice magazine one or two years ago.

    When it comes to discount, it is always 10% discount anyway. This is also their way of attracting customers.

    My advice pay an extra 20 dollars for a peace of mind.

    Have a nice trip.


    This deal has been around forever.
    And it was posted before: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/460916

    Very low prices for domestic travel insurance after discount, which be used even just for car rental excess waver.


    There are very few companies that will cover over 70s or pre-existing conditions - so my parents go with them. Like any insurance, read the PDA first and work out if they're suitable for you. For example, if you miss a flight but you didn't have their specified minimum between flights, you won't be compensated.