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[PS4, XB1] Assassin's Creed Odyssey $23.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


historic low I believe, don't forget to use cashback for extra savings

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  • Nice one OP.

    • Get your facts right - ac odyssey is an amazing game and well worth $24.

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          I partly agree with @tobi. Origins was much better game than this, at least it was engaging.

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            @808: I loved the change Origins brought tbh, especially the new engine, it did flip some things on the head but half way through you get your assassins ability back to the point where you could nuke enemies and most other things you could look past.

            The gear was easy enough to decide what you wanted, though a bit more variation would have been better.

            The side missions didnt really come off as camp.

            Levelling up gear was not a grind.

            Levelling up to get stronger and fight stronger enemies wasnt for nought.

            At the core you still cared about Bayek and his journey and didnt have to care about numbers.

            • @tobi: I really enjoyed origins as well.
              First time since ass creed 2 I haven't wanted to turn one of them off after an hour.

              I played a few hours of oddsey and didn't enjoy it all.

              It's basically just the asylum version of the witcher 3

        • Some fair points Tobi.

          I think it's a great game for the price, but there are certainly better ones out there like Witcher 3.

          I just finished it this week. I agree that they've definitely gone for quantity over quality. I regret doing so many side missions in the first half of the game, to the point where it was a real grind by the end.

          The level scaling is ridiculous IMO, I was really pissed at it early on. The game sets a level 5 mercenary after you at the start, and as a level 3 I had to fight them like an endgame boss as they could just about one hit me. I would have avoided them if I'd known this but they just follow you around the small starter island which is annoying.

          My other tip is to change the language and use subtitles. I think the voice acting for Kassandra was lame, so I changed it to Spanish and enjoyed it a lot more. I felt it fit better with the theme.

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            @captaincabinets: The only way I found Odyssey to become fun again was to get the Pilgrim set and also stack my resources every now and then to help against enemies etc.

            I used cheat engine to give me every bit of armour you have to pay for as well so I was happy on that front.

            If I buy a collectors edition of anything, I shouldn't have to pay for a few bits of armour that are mostly useless.

            But yeah for this price, it's not a bad deal. Though if you are a fan of the series I'd wait for a cheaper deal or a humble bundle. Or even just wait for ubisoft to give it to you for free like they have with almost every other AC game.

            • @tobi: Yeah I've switched over from PC to PS4 Pro due to GPU upgrade prices so I don't have the option of cheats anymore. I just played on easy as I refused to pay Ubi for the XP booster on principle.

              I'm not overly invested in the AC franchise, the last one I played through was Black Flag + DLCs. I can see why fans would be disappointed in some things with Odyssey though. The graphics are amazing but some things really lack polish. I must have freed hundreds of prisoners in my playthrough and every single time the cage door opens inwards through a prisoner. No idea why that wasn't fixed.

              • @captaincabinets: Oh man, I went the other way. I always played it on PS and only in the last two games I moved to PC because I saw how demanding Origins was going to be.

                I dont mind the bugs, they're funny sometimes, just take the damn microtransaction trash and the grind out of it and Odyssey would have been perfectly fine.

  • Witcher 3 is my all time best game. And I just finished Witcher 2 and it was even better - story more focused.

    With AC:O I heard great things about it and thought it would scratch that Witcher itch. It did at the start. Big open world, graphics. And the naval stuff was even better

    Then the repetitiveness and dull side quests started to rear its ugly head. Dropped the game after 30 hours. CBF with the story. And I'm always one to finish games that I start. I even slogged through Persona 5 even tho it took so long with all that dialogue.

    This is my first Ass Creed game. And the first time I've picked up a Ubisoft game since division 1. Dropped division 1 due to the same reason. Grind, boring missions etc. But all pretty at the start. Said I would never play a Ubisoft game again after that. And Ass Creed has confirmed it for me.

    • I'm playing odyssey at the moment (first in the series). I love aspects but am also finding some side missing very boring/easy but necessary to level up.im also a little confused as to the best weapons to keep, upgrade, engrave etc and what to do with the others - just sell or dismantle?
      I've got Witcher 3 sitting there ready to go once I finish or give up on this. Realistically, what level will I need to be to finish the main story arc? I'm at 18 at the moment.
      Btw, it's not in Breath of the Wilds ball park

      • im also a little confused as to the best weapons to keep, upgrade, engrave etc and what to do with the others - just sell or dismantle?

        lol welcome to Assassins Creed : Waste your damn time in the menus

        Honestly dont think about it too hard, armour is basically useless unless you have a fullset imho.
        Use Cheatengine to get yourself a full set, or try and get the full Pilgrim Set from chests asap without cheating and use the Vanish ability.
        You will have to venture into very OP areas.

        I should say, you've started playing at a very odd point, but probably the most ideal point story wise at least. I'd wholly recommend playing the others as well.

      • Stop playing this and play witcher 3 immediately!

    • Grind, boring missions etc.

      Yep, that's every large Ubisoft game for almost the last decade, different but exactly the same in that they're designed to make you feel like shit until you start handing over more money.

      Why people hand over money for this trash designed to milk them repeatedly is beyond me.

      • This is exactly what I think about Ubisoft games as well!

        Gave Far Cry 3 a try, couldn't bring myself to finish the game after several tries. It was soooo boring. Played Assassins Creed 1, couldn't finish the game. Surprisingly I finished AC2 as well as Brotherhood pretty quick and even got Platinum for AC2. Never gave AC series a chance after AC3. AC3 was another game I just couldn't finish, no matter how much I tried, I just didn't give a shit about the characters in the game, didn't give a shit about the story.

        I'm a huge fan of Monster Hunter series. Those are some very grindy games, but they grip me soooo much better than any of the AC or Ubisoft games can. Although MH games don't focus on story, they have insane depth in terms of weapon/armour customisation and insane depth in action.

        I think I've figured out the reason. MH and any other good games (The Witcher, Demons/Dark Souls series for example), all have souls. Their makers stick to their vision and do whatever they can to realise that vision. Ubisoft games, IMHO, are games that are made to please gamers as much as they can, such games, have no soul, and can have very questionable design decisions because they simply cannot make a game that pleases everyone.

        Yeah I can't be (profanity) to even care about what Ubisoft releases nowadays.

  • historic low I believe

    Cheap but I saw it online for $17 at Big W and PM at JB. Was part of the PlayStation Hits releases (picked up this, Horizon & Drake 1,2 & 3)

  • buy season pass as well, omg the contents come with it.

  • I really wanted to pick this up and just pay for the XP boost as I CBF grinding. I like the earlier post which mentioned to just play in Easy mode. Good idea!

  • thank you! bought 1 for my kid