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[PS4] PlayStation Hits Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition $17 @ Big W


Greetings everyone, this was listed this morning as part of the PS Hits sale at Big W :)

Price match at JB or EB Games if you don't have a Big W in stock near you, I'm sure Amazon will match soon also.

Also Available on their eBay Store for the same price, and free delivery is available with eBay Plus, thanks to FireRunner.

Comes with:

Horizon Zero Dawn and the Frozen Wilds Expansion
PS4 Theme
Carja Storm Ranger Outfit
Carja Mighty Bow

As always, enjoy!

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  • Ah damn, paid 21.55 for this last week :(

    • Damn you Amazon, damn you to heellllll

    • When Amazon match, get on live chat and ask them to give you a credit for the difference, worked perfectly on the Lodge skillet last week for me :)

      Otherwise you could return the Amazon one for free, and get this.

      • Does Amazon do free returns for change of mind though?

        • Yep:

          You can return most items fulfilled by Amazon AU within 30 days of receipt of delivery if you change your mind.

          • +5 votes

            @doweyy: You'll have to pay for return postage cost if you select return reason "Change of mind"

            • @Lekk: Have used the Amazon live chat just now and the rep mentioned that they don't offer post-purchase price adjustments. He did however offer me a "one time goodwill" $5 credit in my account which technically brings it just a tad lower than Big W's price.

              • @blahoz: Depends who you speak to, I bought a game last yr for $40 then the following week it was part of the 'Buy one get one free' promotion so I went to chat to Amazon support and they gave me back the difference, which was $20, The 1st person said no, bad luck

                • @OCD Completionist: ah right..will keep that in mind for next purchases. I didn't think too much in accepting the $5 credit since its still technically matching/beating Big W's price but had it been like yours ie. $20 difference, then surely the refund would have been much better than accepting a $5 credit.

            • @Lekk: Ahh damn, must be only free returns for apparel then, might be worth going for the credit option then if possible.

      • Where to find live chat please? I only can find email or call options under contact. Thanks.

      • Mine JUST shipped. $4.55 credit here I come yeet.

        • I just spoke to a rep called Minesh and he said it was against their policy to issue a refund post purchase. I'll be following this up again both now and if they refuse again, when they match. I'm getting the $4.55.

    • As a small consolation my Amazon purchase is arriving today. I'll just write off the $4.55 against travel costs and my time that I would have taken to get to Big W and back.

  • +12 votes

    Amazing price for one of the best exclusive PS4 titles there is.

    • Did the game hook you straight away or did it take awhile?

      I must of put in about 20 hours and it just never gripped me.
      Even with all the awesome sights and things going on, I just felt like I was going through the motions.
      Similar thing happened in the first 3 uncharted games I've played.

      Wish I could put my finger on it

      • ur not alone. same thing happened to me, and i just cant bring myself to continue, especially with other games releasing eg sekiro, botw


        I think it took a little bit, once I had finished the proving grounds section and got a few more skills/weapons under the belt I did enjoy it a lot more.

      • I felt it opened up when i started to get more tools to help adapt the combat to match what i was fighting. But i imagine after 20hrs you know what this game is and it isn't for you. (which is a shame as this is one of the few games i have put in the effort to pull a platinum out of)

      • same here …

        except i liked the uncharted series.

        • Have you played all of them? New to the series and trying to decide between the disc that has 1,2 &3 or go straight for 4. Both are $17 at Big W too.

          • @Purley23: They were pretty similar..

          • @Purley23: I went with the original trilogy first. Some bits were a real push to get through, but I'm glad I did it that way. I actually disliked the combat in 4 more than the originals. Felt like 4 forced you to be stealthy, where 1-3 you could go guns blazing to a degree.

          • @Purley23: I played 4 first and went back and played 2 and 3. Uncharted 2 is the best one followed by 4.

          • @Purley23: Start with the trilogy. Apart from the fact that it's 3 games for the price of 1 (OZBARGAINERS - ASSEMBLE!), they are all excellent games in their own right, all worth playing just as much as 4. They are also very strong on character development, so having the background of what the characters have been through in the first 3 games really adds an extra layer to the 4th.

            Plus, I kind of like the shorter length of the original trilogy. They're all probably about 8-10 hours each, while I reckon 4 was probably double that length, and bits of it just felt like they were there to pad out the length (eg there's one sequence in Scotland which does basically nothing to progress the story or add any interesting mechanics etc - it's still fun, but no different to the fun in rest of the game and just contributes to it feeling a little too long).

            And after you've played those 4, don't neglect The Lost Legacy, either - that was also very good.

            • @AngusD: Agree. I powered through 1-3 at a good pace and enjoyed the story but about half-way through 4 I had a rest from it for a couple of months. Ended up finishing a few other games before finally coming back to it. Also enjoyed The Lost Legacy more than #4

              • @LikeMike: Yeah, Lost Legacy was originally supposed to be DLC for Uncharted 4, but ended up growing into a full size (but budget-priced) game. It was roughly the same length as the original 3 games, so pretty much perfect size for this kind of game - fun from start to finish, and ends before it feels like it's starting to drag.

                And it's nice to give a couple of the supporting characters from previous games a bit of time in the spotlight, even though the lack of Drake, Sully etc feels a bit sad.

          • @Purley23: I'd play them in order - the story is a major part of the games, and it's good to experience it in the way it was meant to be told.

            Also I think that the slow paced start of 4 would put you off if you weren't familiar with the characters.

      • Ditto, I gave it a chance but couldn't get into it.

      • I was a bit the same. I think it absolutely deserved the praise that it got, but I wasn't fully into the story and characters, which made finishing it a bit of an effort (but I did).

        I actually thought Days Gone was a better open world game (not technically, but in terms of world, atmosphere, characters, story etc.).

      • easily got hooked, granted I didn't play other games much or paid attention to my ps4 much, even FFX when it came out. Once I got a few hours in, I couldn't stop playing it.. even completed Ultra Hard Mode from start.

      • I think playing BOTW before this really kills it. Sure it is more graphically realistic but everything else just complete pales in comparison. It wasn't a terrible game, it just came out at the most inopportune time.

        • Same here. Played BotW first and was completely in love with it. Then I played HZD. The story was great but combat was just repetitive and a chore. Fire doesn't burn grass in HZD, fire doesn't melt ice, electricity doesn't conduct in water. Climbing is scripted like AC series. Map is cluttered with markets like other Ubisoft open world.

          I died loads of time jumping off a cliff in HZD thinking I have the glider. Overall, played the story, did 2 side quests and had fun but didn't want to spend more time in that game.

        • I love the Zelda series, but I rated them more or less equally. There just wasn't enough of a story in BOTW to keep me hooked as I would have liked. Lack of (big) dungeons didn't work for me either. Don't get me wrong, I thought BOTW was a very good game and groundbreaking in many ways, but overall I thought HZD was a better game experience.

          • @Birdseye: While I would agree that has a better story in a linear sense, BOTW benefitted greatly I feel from exploration. Really gave a sense of freedom and discovery that I feel is unrivalled. I do agree with you that it was missing some larger dungeons but I think this will probably get addressed with the sequel.

        • I wish I have a Switch….

          • @humbala: Get a Wii U! That's how I first played the game. Second hand units are now going for sub $100 and they are super easy to softmod.

    • They should release a VR DLC for this.. would be even more amazing!

      • The game is heavily focused around 3rd person, not sure how it would feel rolling about side to side in a First Person Viewing. People probably have a stronger stomach than me though.

  • Thanks OP. Got it now. The DLC cheapest on sale is $10. So I can keep steelbook sealed :D

    • Where did you find the DLC for that price? I've already got the base game at home, and I've missed this deal at BigW (it's not in stock in store anywhere near me, and doesn't look like I can purchase at their ebay store, and Amazon is up to $29)

      • Psn sale over - back to $30. Hang in there. Will come down again at some point if you just want digital.

  • Got this using $15 jb voucher …thanks op the cheapest ps4 game i ever got.

  • One of the best games this generation. Amazing world

  • Definitely one of the best games this gen. Snag this if you haven't played it!

  • Great game, although I have to say that for big open world games like this that want to take up 50-100 hours of my time (and that was without the DLC!), I only buy them digital. I'm a lazy **** that doesn't want to be getting up to put the disc in and out every night for however many months it takes me to plough through a game this size.

  • Thank you OP, just ordered one online with free Click & Collect. I've had my eye on this for months and found out it's been permanently reduced last week.

    Then your post comes along and it's even cheaper!

  • I've already got the base game as a physical. is it worth getting this just for the dlc? and then maybe selling the base game for $10?

  • Amazon is sluggish on the price match this time! Well done BigW. Love Amazon but need to support the competition as well as that's what keeps pricing tight!

    EDIT: all the other hits titles have been price matched - I wonder if they're being slow to match with this as they're still fulfilling the bulk of their pre-orders and for this title and don't want to have to match it with their pre-order price guarantee…?

  • I had this question and I just checked, so for anyone wondering: All of the game is on disc with just a voucher for the dynamic theme and artbook content in addition. Which is great!

  • +2 votes

    YES!!!! Thank god for my determination on not buying it on Amazon $21 bucks!
    Might get Nioh as well: https://www.bigw.com.au/product/playstation-hits-nioh/p/5348...

    • Is there DLC for Nioh?


        There is dlc for nioh. I don’t think that big w version comes with it, the version that had dlc included is the ‘complete edition’ from memory.

  • Sweet been holding off on this one, this is an amazing price. Now i just have to find some time to play it!

  • Price matched at JB HiFi Macquarie. They were initially hesitant but caved.

    • Macarthur Brisbane CBD held out, BS about not having the 'Hits' version (which according to their stock check No JB has, hmmm.

      • Brisbane Garden City shopping centre also said no. They only had the non-Hits version. Plus they would only price match if Big W had stock, which they didn't.
        Took advantage of the free Ebay Plus trial and ordered it online.

  • Dont care about few bucks difference after taking into account cashback but i do have a jb voucher…

  • Got it from Big W’s eBay store $17 + free delivery with Plus

    • Thanks for the tip, saved some shipping costs.

    • Legend - was on the fence as I didn't want to both with pick-up give I already have the vanilla version (without DLC), but happy to grab it delivered at this price.

  • Thanks op pick it up at my local big W. It was a steal !!

  • Jb didn't price match with me because their edition wasn't the 'playstation hits' version. Bit of a joke to be fair.

    • It's fair enough actually - sony's price point is higher on the original (and therefore higher cost price to JB) than the hits release which has a considerably lower price point.

      • What is the difference?

        • Same product aside from the packaging but the key is the price the distributor sells per unit to the retailer. Cost price was higher on the original complete edition than on the 'hits' release.

          Ie. JB would lose money selling the original to you at $17. On the hits version they probably just make next to nothing but don't sell under cost.

          • @fookos: Thanks for the clarification. You are right. Still seems odd on the consumer side considering they are like for like. Makes sense on JB's side. The cashier did say that the products weren't the same though, so he wasn't exactly right.

  • +2 votes

    Don't even have time to play……. Bought anyway!

  • Can confirm Amazon will credit $4.55 but only as a "promotional credit" which means it can only be used for items sold by Amazon AU. They also said they will do a full refund if that's what you want.

    • Amazon didn't offer me the credit so cancelled order and will buy it from bigW

    • I've had two horrid reps. I'm shipping my item back to them and cancelling my prime membership. They literally shipped my item an hour before the Big W offer started. Ridiculous.

      • Are you seriously cancelling Prime because Amazon didn't want to match BigW's price - $4 less - after your Amazon item shipped?

        Everyone was falling over themselves to get this title at the $21 Amazon price last weekend. It's still a good price. You pulled the trigger then - your choice.

        I'd say move on - you'll save more as a Prime member over the next year than this if you're a frequent shopper.

  • Many thanks op. Got the last one at Westfield garden city

  • Just wondering, if I get these, will my previous saved games work?

    • So long as your save is the same region as as the disc you receive from Amazon. I recently tried to get a save from Final Fantasy X which I couldn’t find because my save was from a different region to the disc I’d last used.

  • EBGames refused to price match to Big W ("they don't have it in stock, so we don't have to price match")

    JB HiFi down the road did price match to Big W, and got a further $65 of my money when I bought three other games.

  • JB hi-fi price matched for me even though nobody had stock, his reasoning was they had to get rid of this Complete Edition copy anyway before the 'Playstation hits' version gets to their store.

    Used my $15 email voucher so got it for $2.

  • Got mines at Merrylands today