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Google Home Max $279 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Good price for a good speaker, even cheaper if bought using gift cards through reward programs (%5 discount on cards).

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2019.

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    Great price for a good speaker.

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      Starts Thursday

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          Why wouldn't you?

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    Great price. Do I need another :-/

    • Make it a stereo pair!

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        I have one at home and one in my shop, plan was to wait for a new model and move the one from home to the shop to make a stereo pair and put the new one at home. I think I'll wait a bit and see if we get a new model

        • Question, when the music is blaring or if there is loud TV background noise, how well does it pick up the "ok google" trigger? Sometimes my regular GH and GHM struggle in those conditions…

          I heard the Max is much better at picking it up. Have you found that?


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            @lozza6: It picks me up with a bloody whisper when I'm describing how good it picks me up. My mini is just OK and standard home is pretty good, Max seems to pick me up the best when it's loud.

  • +1

    wtf just paid $20 more from google directly :(

    Looks like google allow returns so might just do that.

    • +3

      Buy new one from JB, return with the Google receipt :)

      • +1

        I wouldn't put it past Google to be tracking serial numbers.

      • +1

        Its still in transit for delivery today, they said I can refuse delivery or just return it no problems.

  • What's with the nest hub, is it actualy associated with nest the thermostat? Google nest hub max.

    • It's just dumb marketing rebrand, it's just the Google Home Hub.

    • Something that people might not know is Google shut down all of nests APIs. Basically they want everything done through a Google home now.

  • Anyone knows of 5% jb hifi gift cards that can be electronically received before this comes on sale? I can get them through my Good guys concierge rewards program, however the take forever to post

  • Going to buy the google wifi router——-anyone with any comments?

  • Just wondering, do you think the neighbours will like this?

    • +1

      Depends… what sort of music do you play? And what time of day/night? :D

    • +1

      NO! If I were your neighbour :D

    • +5

      Wouldn't it be cheaper to just bake them a pie?

  • +5

    Price match office works.


    Unless they update their price before then

    • +2

      Same price as paying with an instant 5% discounted JBhifi gift cards which is much easier to do than going to office works

      • No discounted Officeworks gift cards?

        • +1

          GG concierge Coles Myer cards at 5% off, delivery time - 6 years though

  • Would there be any possibility of getting this device to play either an audiobook or an mp3 playlist or news radio channel as an alarm to wake up to in the morning?

    • +4

      I think it's possible by adding routines in Google Home app. Haven't tried it myself though…

    • +1

      Likewise haven't tried it. But you can try it out in the Google Home app on your phone.
      Go into Routines/Manage routines, then configure your podcast/audiobook in a routine and run it.

    • +1

      Super easy.

      Just say "hey Google Play radio alarm at time every day". It'll then ask you what station. Just say the news station you'd like to hear

      • -1

        Or even easier, buy a $10 clock radio alarm.

  • Can these be wall mounted?

    • I'm not sure. But they are quite heavy so it would have to be quite the wall mount

    • I was just reading a review and it said that they cannot be well mounted……although I’m sure someone could prove us wrong.

  • Might be a new one coming out with the pixel 4

  • Does anyone know what the sound from these would be like when compared to something like the Logitech Z623?
    Ignoring all the smart stuff I mean

    • Yeah. Would like to know that too. I have Alexa plugged into z623 and the sound is pretty good.

    • definitely better.

  • Any deals on google hub close to the $100 sale they had on ebay a while back?

  • Has anyone used this as a Soundbar for their TV?

    • +2

      That's what I'm currently doing (via aux). Working great for me.

      • Does it have any weird sounding HUM or Delay in Audio out?

        I bought the JBL Charge 4, using the 3.5mm audio jack, it works but it has this weird BUZZ sound during silent moments. If I use bluetooth (remove the 3.5mm) the audio is out of sync by .5ms-1.5ms

        The speaker is plugged into my LAPTOP (3.5mm audio) which is connected to my TV (Display port)


        • +1

          Nope not at all.

          Google also improved the audio delay via aux down to 40ms which is imperceptible in my opinion.

  • Went and price matched google at Officeworks yesterday thinking I was getting a great deal…. That sucks.

    Hopefully it keeps dropping and I can pick up a cheap second one. Its pretty cool. Also massive though

  • +1

    Grabbed one with 5% off instant gift cards , same price $265 as the good guys ebay deal but don't have to wait for postage.

    Have Google picking up the one I got from them on Monday…they should have just price matched , oh well their loss.

  • What rewards program offers 5% off JB Hi Fi gift cards?

    • -2

      Code PANTHER is invalid.

      • works for me

        • I stand corrected. Just tried it again and it worked!

    • Thanks, I went with jb because I had $150 in gift cards, so only needed to pay half in cash.

      Otherwise GG price is a ripper deal!

  • Anyone have any experience using this as a soundbar for their TV?

  • +1

    Can now be had for 269.10 from the Good Guys website with their 10% off Sitewide code AUG10
    See https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/478626 and https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/google-home-max---chalk-ga002...

  • I think this has been asked before, but here we go.

    Why do people pay good money to voluntarily bug their own homes?

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