Flat 50% Rebate on Nonprofit, Charity and Fundraising Events at Yapsody


We recognize that non-profit entities exist for the betterment of the communities they serve. We at Yapsody want to do our part to support those communities that are important to our presenters. Being a non-profit organization, you qualify to receive a flat 50% rebate on your monthly invoice for any event you sell tickets for, be it a charity music event or a community yard sale.

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    Do your prices include payment processing fees?


      Hi Blighst,

      No, Our pricing doesn't include payment processing fees as they are not charged by Yapsody. Those fees are charged by payment gateways like PayPal, WePay, etc.
      But, we provide "Pass on fees" feature. This feature gives an option to pass the fees to your ticket purchasers. Which will help nonprofits and others to minimize or remove the fees completely and use our system for free and maximize your revenue potential.


        Then I really don't feel this is a deal. I work in the space (although also on the processing side of things) and know for a fact there are a bunch of other providers cheaper than you guys even with discount.

        Won't downvote as it really hasn't got a lot of traction. And won't link to said competitors (anyone interested can DM me).

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