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Bose SoundSport Free Wireless $199.95 Delivered @ Bose


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  • Love mine for music at gym, hated it when watching video (completely out of sync).

    • Do these earphone isolate noise well?

    • Also, a review seems to have said that the syncing issue has been resolved now after some software updates? Can you confirm that?

      • It used to have sync issue but mine works completely fine after update nowadays.

      • No issues whatsoever on my iPhone

  • Do any current owners of these have an issue with the battery where it is almost flat after a week or so of no usage? Even after completely being charged.

    • Apparently they drain themselves slowly which is a pain. You can't switch it off either. I learnt the hard way on a 12 hour trip with no music. If the app had a decent equaliser and didn't discharge so often, it would be the perfect earphone. Sound quality is superb and they fit snug.

      • Does it cancel outside noise well?

        • They don't have noise cancellation. The snug fit does muffle out some noise but that's about it.

      • I have cheaper set which do the same but they won't go completely flat after a week. I've only had them for under a year so might check in with Bose and perhaps see they're eligible for warranty/replacement.

  • Great price for those missing out on the Airpods and Sony ones. Don't forget 2% Cashback too.

  • Are we going to get a click frenzy for sony, maybe everyone can then get some special price for these hot wf-1000m3

  • I returned mine.

    Button too hard to press you'll hurt your ear

    Shape makes you looks like Frankenstein

    Bluetooth 4.1 not 5.0

    I rather get Xiaomi for $30 and wait for Sony deals than this at $199. At $99 I get this Bose again.

    • Why did Bluetooth 4.x make you return it? Most cheap sets like xiaomi don't even implement bt 5 features anyway so mostly exactly the same

  • Bluetooth connection is pretty damn good on these. Were super happy with them, we had two pairs, one from Bose store, the other from JB HiFi …….

    Until they completely and utterly fell apart. Literally. The cover, the earpiece surrounds and button cover, the whole shebang.

    • Same thing happened to me. Still using them but after 2 yrs they started falling apart

  • For a moment I thought it was free. Got me excited.

  • Glad I offloaded my ones for $180 on Gumtree 3 days ago!