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Wharfedale DS-1 - Active Wireless Speakers $299 Delivered @ TheAudioTailor.com.au (formerly Aussie Hi-Fi)


At $299 Delivered I thought these are a genuine up-market alternative to the Edifier’s. $499 everywhere else.
The power output may seem low (what some would call honest) but the overall signal-to-noise ratio is similar to the Edifier R1700BT’s (80dBA vs 85dBA), enough for moderate volume listening or on desk use.

When I saw these I thought these must be Wharfedale’s answer to the popularity of Edifier’s small powered bookshelf speakers.
And this whathifi review mentions them:
”These DS-1s have a mature presentation that gives them the upper hand against budget rivals such as the Sond Audio Actives and Edifier R1700BTs.”

Note: These are slightly flawed in their design. Missing remote control, speaker grills and tone controls compared to the Edifier. Bluetooth & analog 3.5mm AUX are the only inputs and volume control is on the back, so I guess they expected people to use Bluetooth only (and control the volume with your phone) or plug in Google Home or Amazon Echo into the 3.5mm (and control volume + content with your voice).
Photo: Rear of Unit.


Woofer 4 inch composite fibre with Rubber Surround
Tweeter 0.75 inch (20mm) Soft Dome
Rated System Power 2 x 7 Watts
Maximum System Power 2 x 14 Watts
Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) 55Hz – 20kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio >80dB ( A weighted)
Line Input Sensitivity 350mV
Bluetooth V4.0 BC8 with aptX
Bluetooth Range Approx 10m (line of sight)
NFC Support YES (Android & Windows Phone only)
Power Consumption 35W max
Standby Power Consumption < 0.5W
Dimensions in mm (H x W x D) 152 x 190 x 110
Gross Weight 4.65 Kg

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  • mmm not sure in uk they sell for 100 pounds

    • +3

      I see so equivalent to AUD$179. To be fair Wharfedale is based in the UK so they must sell cheaper over there. Also due to the design flaws they must be selling slowly.
      I think they missed the mark on the design with this one, power switch is on the back (they expect you to rely on the auto-standby after 20 mins), volume is on the back (set and forget), default input is Bluetooth (gives you an idea of the market they are going for).

  • is this a deal? doesnt sound like it

  • RRP?

    • Current price elsewhere is $499.

  • I missed out on the Kefs which were a better deal. Hifi stuff seems overpriced in Au. I have confused myself researching active vs passive speakers and would like to hear a room full of the alternatives rather than rely on the varied opinions of owners. Currently I leaning towards the cheap Edifier R1280db because they look cute or buying one of those cheap Chinese mini amps and pairing it with my existing Tannoy bookshelf speakers??

    • These DS-1’s are probably closer to desktop / wireless speaker side of things than Hi-Fi.
      I just thought ‘wireless speakers’ are what most ozbargainers are looking for, with the popularity of Edifier & Sonos etc.

  • Why not buy the Edifier S350DB for $100more. Comes with sub woofer too.


    • S350db has been cheaper in the past.
      S360db is already out in the asian-market. It replaces the harsh titanium dome tweeters with new planar tweeters, and the sub is wireless.

      • Thanks. Read with interest your post on the Edifier s350db deal.

        What speakers would you suggest for around $400 budget? Mainly for listening to music and Netflix via iPad in a bedroom. Currently using Echo plus and wanted better speakers. Sub woofer is optional.

        • It is very difficult in my opinion to recommend speakers, as everyone has different preferences for sound & features.

          Edifier have the best current balance of price / features, if you are more picky with sound I would recommend Edifier S2000Pro and higher models. S350db is also sounds good, but more for bass lovers.
          One feature which is nice on Edifier’s is they have Tone controls (Treble / Bass adjustment) so the sound signature is more flexible.
          Audioengine A5+ is a alternative to Edifier, but lacks Tone controls.

          Edit: another user on ozbargain mentioned Swan’s as an option as well.
          Currently the Swans M50W is $379 Delivered @SpaceHi-Fi.
          M50W is very similar in build to Edifier S350db, the subwoofer will give you that immersion for Netflix. It has a wired remote ‘puck’ for volume control & comes with 3-years warranty.
          At this price for M50W, Edifier S350db is same price currently and you get more features.

          • @thebadmachine: Thanks. Edifier S2000Pro Looks nice. Will look into it.

          • +2

            @thebadmachine: 100% agree on your first paragraph. You can read as many reviews as you like but you need to listen to them yourself.

            I got rid of my big floor speakers a couple of years ago and bought some Dynaudio Emit M10 shelf speakers. Couldn't be happier with them.

            • @shbshb: Yes also have to keep reminding myself this is ozbargain, and Hi-Fi can sometimes be a bit too-far beyond reason for most people.

  • No RCA input, wtf are these guys doing…

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