This was posted 2 years 10 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Satechi 75W 4-Port USB Wall Charger with USB-PD $27 Delivered @ Catch


Price drop on this. $27 delivered.
Extra discount for anyone who got Catch credit from the price error the other day.

NOTE: This is potentially another Catch listing/pricing error.

Compact travel-friendly construction ;
USB-C PD port (up to 60W)
2x USB 3.0 ports
Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port
Charge up to 4 devices simultaneously ;
Broad input range (100-240V) for international voltage requirements
LED indicator light ;
Removable AC plug*

Input: 100-240V (AU/NZ Power plug)
Output USB-C PD: 60W max, 5C3A, 9V3a, 15V3a, 18V3A, 20V3A ;
Output QC 3.0: 3.6V~6V 3A.6V~9V 2A, 9V~12V 1.5A (max)
Output USB: 5V/2.4A (total max)

This item comes with a 12 month warranty

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  • +1

    Dang it, got over the payment section but sold out when I pressed pay :(

    • don't worry, it'll come back.. it always does

  • +1

    For the record I have been using one with me travelling to charge a macbook pro 15" on the go. Good thing is the power cord bit is removable and I can switch it with power cords from other countries (got 3 spare powercords with some corporate tv's for some reason for 3 different world regions) instead of using those annoying adapters.

    Be aware this has no earth though lol so if you're using a metal cased laptop like the macbook pro you get a bit of a zap sometimes. No zaps with lenovos as carbon or plastic chassis.

    Back then these were like $80, more expensive now accounting for exchange costs and the whinge factor.

  • Sooo….still no cancellation email, and it’s been nearly a day!

    But mind you…still no shipping confirmation either.

    Has anybody else had any order updates?

    • Mine still saids 'In Progress'

  • Hope it gets delivered

  • The charger is up for $100 at the moment. Wonder if it was a catch of the day or just pricing error?

  • +2

    OK….It's been 27 hours since Catch started taking peoples money for this, and correct me if I'm wrong…but not a single person has yet received a cancellation or a shipping confirmation!!

    Seriously…Put us out of our misery and tell us one way or another…if it's an error, start refunding, if it's not, start shipping! >:(

  • Back in stock

    • Negative.

  • They probably not aware of this price error yet , matchbox online doesn't give a damn refunding the money ?

  • It is back in stock now!!!. They can't really claim pricing error if it continues to be relisted for sale. Now, it is the second day and once again listed for sale for $27.

    • +3

      What would likely be happening is a process which exports their (Matchbox) stock available for sale into a file which Catch then suck into their system. Looks like it’s happening hourly.

      The issue is that because they’re not completing the order in their (Matchbox) system, it’s not depleting the stock of the item so each hour the stock level is resetting in Catch’s system back to an amount higher than zero, allowing new sales.

      I also think there is a sku mismatch via the barcode or similar which is why it’s even showing at all. It’s probably a plate or some other item Matchbox sell.

      Well, that’s my semi-educated guess anyway.

      I wouldn’t expect anything to ship.

  • Looks like in stock again.. They do sell laptop bags apparently?

  • It's not gonna go through guys

    Hi Danny, I am really sorry, I can now see that you have contacted us this order has not gone through. This is due to a listing error, the product you bought it from another seller, some catch listing mix up. I have cancel and refund the order as you will not receive it? With kind regards, Kiara

    The Matchbox Online team

  • Yup got the same
    Hi Matthew, I am really sorry, I can now see that you have contacted us this order has not gone through. This is due to a listing error, the product you bought it from another seller, some catch listing mix up. I have cancel and refund the order as you will not receive it? With kind regards, Kiara

  • Hi Dingdong, Thank you for contacting, we were struggling to find the orders!, I have issued a refund for you. The money will be refunded the same way it was paid. Please allow 1-2 business days for that to process. With kind regards, Kiara

  • +1

    They only issue a refund to those in contact with them? I'm not going to contact them to get a refund. It's their obligation.

    • Don't you want to get back your money?

      • +5

        I want the goods but if they can't honor it due to a mistake they made, they should give the money back without being asked.

        • I didn’t contact them but received a message from them regarding the refund. I’m guessing they have A LOT of people to message / refund if you haven’t heard anything yet

  • +1

    I second this…as a customer, it’s not our job to chase a refund for a product that they had no intention of shipping..mistake or not!

    In a hurried panic to grab a bargain..I didn’t sign into my catch account before purchasing, but they still haven’t had the decency to tell me (at least via email) that this s**t ain’t coming!

  • hmmmm. should we contact them or maybe some pleb form matchbox will just autofill the order lol

    • No-one from Catch or Matchbox have contacted me, and I sure as hell haven’t received a refund yet….so if I don’t get my item (which I’m not expecting) or money back by mid-week, they’re getting a good old chargeback.

      • There's no chance receiving item. I'm sure they're getting around to refunding all who bought it. You might as well contact Matchbox for refund if your intention is to do chargeback.

        • +1

          Just got a shipping confirmation email. Fingers crossed!

      • FIY I just got shipping confirmation

  • +2

    Just got shipping email. Fingers crossed.

    • me too!

    • Same, but I'll believe it when I see it

    • You should check through your Catch account,they sending the wrong item.😪

      • What item have they indicated sent instead?

      • Let's wait to see what we will get……

  • From Matchbox:

    ''Nothing is being posted out, we are doing our best to contact customer but the situation is a lot larger so we are waiting on Catch.''

    • Matchbox need to use grammarly

      Got my shipping notification too lol

    • did you contact them directly?

  • I'm hoping refund will be processed AND the correct item will show up… Odds are low but I have my fingers crossed!

    • you want a refund PLUS the item to be delivered too? LOL

      • It's almost my birthday day and fathers day is coming. It would be a nice treat!

        • +1

          well ill pray for the both of us then :)

      • +1

        I did a click and colled with First Choice last week when there was 20% off their eBay store and there was lots of stock, I went in and picked it up and life was grand. The next day I got another text from them saying to come in and pick up my order. So I went on in and picked up my order for the 2nd time. I was pretty happy about that one!

        • That’s theft. Right?

  • Also just received a shipping notice email!

  • +1

    Also got shipping dispatch email. Haven't checked Catch account to see if it's the right product.

    • +1

      Have you checked out the photo in your order?, if it looks like this, there is the possibility we might all get a Culinare Food Chopper

      • is even cheaper then the charger too :(

      • +1

        I haven't signed into my account as the email doesn't have a photo, so I have some plausible deniability if I need it.

        But having looked at your link… wtf is that?

        • +1

          Looks like it is used to chop onions to stop tears!. Probably won't help much, if we do indeed get that tool in the mail.

  • To everyone who got shipping notification…was this through your Catch account login or via email?

    I ask because I didn't login to my catch account when I ordered this, I checked out as a guest, when I placed the order I got a order confirmation email, but still haven't had anything since????

    • Dispatch confirmation via email.

    • Both, I got an email and it's showing it has been posted in my catch account.

  • Refunds just came through for me, so whatever shows up is a bonus!

    • +1

      Man…I've been stitched up!

      Looks like I'm not getting a refund OR a food-chopper :(

      • +1

        Hold on, spoke too soon, just got my shipping confirmation email.

        Looks like I will be getting my food chopper after all….RESULT, $27 well spent

  • Hilarious….the tracking number I was sent this morning doesn't exist in the Australia Post system! (It's also in a very odd character format that I haven't seen Aus Post use before?)

    Shucks. Guess I won't be getting my chopper then.

    • Looks like we went from a Satechi 75W 4-Port USB Wall Charger,
      to potentially a refund,
      then potentially a food chopper,
      now potentially nothing!

      • Yeah, got to say I'm thoroughly unimpressed with the whole experience! I mean, it's not like Catch is a new to e-commerce, so they should have systems and processes in order to "catch" cock ups like this before they go live?

        There's still no record of my tracking number in the Aus Post system (when I click the big "TRACK" button in the shipping email) but that same email does state "For tracking of your items purchased, please visit your Catch Account" …but I didn't login to Catch to purchase this so i can't.

        Mind you it also says in that same email "Please note some items purchased on the Catch Marketplace may not offer tracking."

        So I don't know what to think? Has anyone else been able to track theirs?

  • +2

    Matchbox Online
    Hi ……, You are right, it’s taking too long. I’m sorry but it looks like Australia Post have lost the item in transit, Usually we can send you another one. But sadly we have run out of stock. We can organise for something else to be sent instead, or I can also offer you a refund. Please advise which way you wish to proceed. I really am sorry for this, some things we unfortunately cant control. With kind regards, Gabby

    • That is odd that they are saying that they have sent you one since all the others got a "catch screw up message" even though i don't see any refund being process yet…

      • As others suggested, I emailed them and expressed my concern that the tracking info I was given was incorrect, and that even if something turns up, it’s likely to be the wrong thing.

        I also told them that the way they’ve handled this has been shambolic and that it isn’t my job to chase them for a refund.

        I assume I’m gonna get the “sorry AU Post lost it” lie!

        I’ve run out of patience…they’re getting a chargeback. And I encourage everyone else still waiting for a refund to do the same. A bunch of bank fines and black marks against their account may hopefully force them to take notice and maybe buck up their ideas!

    • Now making up lies to cover up the initial error is poor form. They should have just initiated a refund, rather than produce fake tracking numbers and claim it was lost.

    • Can confirm theyre lying and just putting in random tracking numbers…

      I sent an email asking if they've sent me the wrong tracking number and this is their reply:

      "I am really sorry, I can now see that you have contacted us this order has not gone through. This is due to a listing error, the product you bought it from another seller, some catch listing mix up. I can cancel and refund the order as you will not receive it? With kind regards"

  • I STILL haven’t had anyone contact me to tell me that it was a mistake or spin the “lost in post” lie. I contacted them yesterday morning through their support page and even gave them a screenshot of my shipping confirmation complete with bogus tracking number.

    Pi**ing people off further with fake tracking numbers, lies, or in my case - complete ghosting isn’t just unprofessional…it’s against trading standards.

  • Don't waste time on it anymore. Just contact them and get refund.

    Subject: Item not received

    Hi XXX, I am really sorry, I can now see that you have contacted us this order has not gone through. This is due to a listing error, the product you bought it from another seller, some catch listing mix up. I can cancel and refund the order as you will not receive it? With kind regards, Kiara

    The Matchbox Online team

    • +1

      But I have contacted them (because I heard nothing from them first) and I still haven't had any kind of response!

      Trust me, I'm well and truly over this and don't want to waste any more time…just want my $27 back so I can put this to bed and NEVER order from Catch again!

  • Like everyone else. I received the confirmation email with an untraceable tracking number. Confirmation on the orders page on COD as well. Still no item.

    Will contact & seek refund instead of wasting my time waiting for them to issue a refund. Poor service on their behalf. Having said that there is a "review seller" option in the orders page. Lets see if my 1 star review will ever show up or will it get filtered out. haha

    As @go2home stated. Don't waste your time waiting it out. To them they have your money they don't care as shown by their lack of response until you actually contact them yourself.

    • Hope you have better luck than I did getting any sort of response from them.

      Been 2 days since I contacted them for a refund.

      They have left me no choice but to file a chargeback….which is a real arse ache but I guess it’s my only option now

      • They instantly processed refund when i contacted them last week.. so glad i did without the hassle i knew would bring upon in these situation.

      • Try contacting them again. I messaged them approximately 10 minutes ago and just received a reply:

        Hi keyman, I am very sorry about this, we have had a listing error which has caused this mix up. We are working with Catch to fix the problem but we unfortunately do not have the item on the listing you bought, that was from another seller. I have issued you a full refund through Catch, please allow 24 - 48 hours for it to process. Apologies for the inconvenience! With kind regards, blanked

        EDIT - 3 minutes later, got the Paypal email notifying me of refund.

  • This is BS handling from Catch once again. I got shipping notification and tracking number that never worked. Today got the email to tell me that the item is not in stock, yet their site still has it for sale:

    • catch is also a marketplace, so they may have different sellers selling possibly the same item. i got an email from catch today stating that i am getting a refund.

      "Dear valued customer,

      Thank you for your recent order.

      Unfortunately, due to a technical error, the Satechi USB-A/USB-C Wall 75W MultiPort Travel Charger Station for Smartphones was linked to the wrong item which caused the original advertisement to be activated and appear in stock.

      I'm afraid we don't actually have stock of the MultiPort Travel Charger Station for Smartphones so your item cannot be fulfilled.

      A full refund will be processed shortly and it will reach your account within 2-3 business days.

      We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding."

  • Finally got my “sorry blah blah refund in 2-3 days” email

  • Got tracking number along with the shipping notice on Tuesday and got the refund confirmation just now.
    A combined cluster f*** by catch and matchbox !

  • Refund received in Paypal.

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