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[Back Order] Sony WF-1000XM3 Truly Wireless N/C in-Ear Headphones $271.15 + 2000 Points @ Qantas Store


Back in stock, but not dispatched until 31 Dec 2019!

Still the cheapest in Australia.
2000 Qantas points and $271.25 (free delivery).

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    Can i get a price in the title my man

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      Noise cancelled your question

    • Done mate

  • lol, shipping starts 31/12/2019

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    Qantas can go and get f#$ked

    • Well if you want to f#$k them up even harder adjust the point so that the purchase is $300 then trs it with the tax invoice and cancel the order after.

      • Lol u need the product with you for trs

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          Uhm no you don’t. When did you last travel?

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            @nightelves: I find TRS officers very racist/bias. Every time I travel and make claims they never actually ask to see what I claim. The Asian tourists on the other hand…..

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    I'm sure there will be plenty of deals around that price before December 31.

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    Any Staff Only discount codes?

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      Try the code: FKQANTAS

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        Hi Mr short temper?

        • Hah Im not actually mad as it was an impulse buy for me so not ordering again

          But do think its funny Qantas cancelled over a 10% code

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        Were you the one that ruined it for the rest of us? ;)

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          There was one person that ruined it for everyone?

          If youre asking did I contact Qantas then no I was sitting tight waiting for a pair of impulse bought headphones!

          But I reckon Qantas would have known there was a rise in the promo code being used - don't think some impatient ozb'ers could have surprised and alerted them to something like that

  • They kept my money for this one and the camera for roughly 10 days, and cancelled yesterday with refund. Do not buy again!

    • Amen!

      • Mine was posted today :>

        • Do you get an email notifying of dispatch. I'm not sure what the status of my order is from the previous deal.

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    People who bought the previous deal WITHOUT the code are now being quoted delivery in mid November.

    It’s not back in stock if there is no stock for 4 months WTF!?!?

    Stay away!

    • Yep. Prices will probably drop in 4 months anyway not worth the risk imo

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    Don't tie your funds up for over 4 months. I'm sure another deal will come along shortly.

  • I think the price will universally be around this level come December, if anymore stock is available that is.

  • By that time, sure you can find it cheaper somewhere else. Do not waste your money and time

  • As this sale ends on 31/8, isn't it a good idea to place the order now, and if a better deal pops up, give Qantas a call and have the the order cancelled before it gets shipped?

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      The way the previous deal was handled and then cancelled, its apparent Qantas have no idea about their inventory updates with estimated dispatch dates fluctuating wildly. You could get it next week or by the end of the year - roll the dice!

    • One ozbargainer placed order on 10 aug, while web shows in stock. Now delivery been pushed to 1 Nov.

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    No more drama with qantas.

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    Works out at 0.570606 cents per point, or $282.56.
    But you get much better value spending points on airfares.
    Maybe worth instead spending the minimum 2000 points plus $271.15, thereby saving your points for later.

  • 4 months away lol

  • cancelled my order without even telling me

  • I’d wait for Black Friday deal on it.

  • If you have PS+ member, you might be able to get it for $249. See this previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/476608

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    Well, the rep I spoke to was adamant that Qantas and Sony did not want to sell them on Qantas Store anymore. I guess they've changed their minds after refunding "thousands of orders" (their words not mine). Actually tell me why they wanted to cancel again?

  • I just crucified them on feedback

  • yup cancelled my order without any notification i previously had good image of their online store but now it's completely the opposite.

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    Qantas are being too short sighted and focusing on the sale and how much profit is being made from the sale. They’re totally missing the point that they’re losing so many potential customers with the way in which the handles the cancellations.

    Such a disappointment.

    • Yeah can't agree more! Freaken weak system with a staff code any one can use without even prompting a warning is ridiculously enough, keeping customer's money for unessesarilly long time (probably needed the cash flow) and then cancelling an order is just super low. What a cheapass company, and imagine what kind of food and service they will provide if you fly with them.

  • Last year I ordered headphones from them that never arrived. Got a refund but it took a while and I spent a lot of time chasing them up about it.

    Then last week the camera incident.

    I think I'll wait until at least next year before I risk getting screwed by Qantas again.

  • Ordered on 10th August and it has been delayed to 12th November. I suspect this is their way of trying to make us cancel our order. Very dodgy move and terrible business decision.

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    Qantas should have honoured our transactions. It was a valid CODE when we placed the order. If they didn't put in placed Maker/Checker procedure then how is that our problem?. Their cancellation email stating the promo code we used for a recent purchase was invalid does not stand. At the end of the day, it was only a 10pc discount so you could have accepted our orders as Good Will for your screw up. Bad form QF.

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    No bad feeling OP. Qantas took us for fools and wasted our time, held our money for 10 days (my money is not refunded yet). I will likely neg every qantas offer for the foreseeable future.

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    Not going to waste my time with them. They don't allow customers to cancel their order, but they can cancel anytime.

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    Feel sorry for those who didn't have the 2k pt last time and ended up buying from other people and just to get their order cancelled by unethical business.

    • Me!

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    Qantas Deal? Not Anymore.

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    Proceed with caution! Nothing stopping Qantas from cancelling your order again in 4 months time

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    Again I would like to repeat, all this debacle is pointing to a single source, Sony. It is Sony who cancel all the shipping to the supplier, then its ripple to the retailer and we have our order canceled. Why do you guys think Qantas put an estimated dispatch at the end of the year? Cause bloody Sony can’t tell them when their product is available. You guys just hitting the wrong target, if anyone that deserved a tirade of complaints that would be Sony.

    • You are very wrong with that assertion.

  • Hmm, my original order has not moved at all and I'm fairly certain it'll be cancelled as people who ordered before me (I ordered pretty late) using the code seem to have had their orders cancelled.

    What do? Don't wanna make another $200+ transaction on my card when they still have my funds, do want these, not certain another promo will come along at these sorts of prices.. will just sit on it for now.

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    cancelled the order without sending me an email - scum

  • Wait, am I buying a earphone or making investments into futures? Shall I make an offer before signing the contract? Is a broker needed?

  • Has anyone received their refund yet? Mine still hasn’t come through

    • My order hasn't even been cancelled lol…

  • I didn't use the staff code and my delivery date has been pushed back to mid-November. I really want the headphones and don't want to cancel, but this is a four month wait now. Does anyone know if I have any recourse on this through ACCC or similar? The website said the item was in-stock when I ordered it.

  • i can't remember, do they charge the credit card upfront or on shipping?

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      Upfront, but I'm sure you can cancel your order before they ship and get your money back

  • Have a feeling this is ploy for Qantas to fund the refunds of existing orders

  • Don’t bother with qantas. I still haven’t had my refund from cancelled order after two weeks

    • Don't wait, ring them up otherwise you will not get your money back.

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