expired [VIC] Free Skewer or Potato Snack Box Today (22/8), Sekuwa (23/8), Brownie/Lemon Tart (24/8) + More @ ELLA Melbourne Central


ELLA is the revamped food area between Elizabeth and LaTrobe Street inside/next to Melbourne Central. Various eateries are giving away freebies this week.

Thursday 22 August, 6pm – 10pm
Pick A Stick FREE Skewer or FREE Fried Sweet Potato Snack Box

Friday 23 August, 6pm – 10pm
Chilli Everest FREE Sekuwa (boneless pieces of chicken or goat marinated overnight with house blend of spices with chilli & ginger)

Saturday 24 August, 3pm – 7pm
Reverie FREE Hazelnut Soft & Crunchy, Berry Brownie, Passion Brownie or Lemon Tart

Sunday 25 August, 3pm – 7pm
Ajisen Ramen FREE Ramen, Chahan, Toridon, Gyudon, Sakedon or Saba Fish
Sushi Club FREE Bento Box (Tofu, Chicken or Beef)

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    Damn wish I heard about this earlier free food all week :( Free pad thai on tuesday

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    Just got the skewers and fried sweet potato. No line but it was a bit confusing since people there looked like there was a line but then the cashier asked me something in Chinese so I flashed her the website and she handed me the goods, no questions asked.

    Sweet potato chips are nice n crispy but hella salty, not a fan. Skewers though, you get 3: pork?, octopus n cauliflower. Really tasty marinade with a kick! photo


      Wow, that's a lot of food for a freebie.

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        Yep this was one of the better freebie deals like you got 3 pretty big skewers think mine was octo, beef, and vegs. Also generous serve of weirdly very sweet and salty purple sweet pot fries.


    Line was long around 6pm.

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    Managed to redeem from Reverie yesterday- queue was long but moved relatively quickly. Doesn't seem like many people knew as after us there were barely anyone? The giveaway finished around 5pm.

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