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Royal Doulton Spirit Decanter & 4 Tumblers Set for $67.96 (RRP $299) + Delivery @ Royal Doulton Outlet


Royal Doulton Linear Set: 1 Spirit Decanter & 4 Tumblers, RRP$299, now $67.96 - must enter promo code.
Beautiful design and quality.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2019.

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    For the discerning alcoholic

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    I prefer my crystal lead-based.

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      What's your opinion on the safety issues surrounding lead-based crystal and long term storage of spirits?

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        If you want my professional opinion, get on it every night. For safety.

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          • @bym: I've heard that for medicinal purposes, an ancient remedy has always been to take half a cap-full before bed, and when you wake up. Apparently it can promote longevity by reducing digestive tract difficulties later in life. Some say it can prevent cancers.

            And you don't need no stinking crystal. Just a quiet moment with a bottle of whiskey.

            Note: It's NOT consuming it that counts; e.g. rather coating your throat and mouth with the alcohol that can reduce the activity of so much bacteria. This may significantly reduce the amount of bacterial matter your system processes each day. That's what they posit, may actually help.

            • @resisting the urge: Not true.

              Also worth noting that alcohol dramatically reduces REM sleep and increases the likelihood of waking up throughout the evening.

              Don’t have night caps to help yourself fall asleep, see a sleep medicine doctor.

              • @cruiseronroad: There'd be a lot of Scots who will subscribe to drinking a lot more than half a capful! Alcohol is hardly good for a mammal however I'm not sure how 10-15mL of Alcohol will have any effect whatsoever to an adult. I did say half a cap-full.

                In no way scientific, but I have met a few people that swear by this regime, and all are 89+ now, and going strong. All say it helps them avoid the flu, and they feel, a lot more besides.

                Each has a history of normal (not exactly great) diet, not great amount of exercise, normal daily workload.

                So what part of this theory is incorrect, and in particular, why do you say so?

                • @resisting the urge: I mean you said it yourself, it's in no way scientific. As we know anecdotes aren't the same as evidence. I personally am friends with someone in their mid 60's whose a pack a day smoker and has been all his life and drinks heavily yet truly has a medically certified clear bill of health. This isn't sufficient enough to say smoking or heavy drinking isn't harmful for example.

                  In your defence however there is evidence that low alcohol consumption does decrease the risk of coronary disease ! I haven't been able to find any evidence of avoiding the flu however.


                  And I must say my original argument was more directed at the sleep impacts which impacts have long been underestimated

                  Again on the side of "ancient remedy" or old wisdoms, is the wives tale that a drink before breast feeding helped a baby sleep better, not so


                  I am happy to be wrong on any of these but it is not really justifiable as a theory without scientific evidence to back it up. I am happy to be proven wrong however.

                  • @cruiseronroad: Fair enough. And interesting to know that something I shared is relative to Martians running Melbourne and the street price of oysters out back of Bourke :-)

                    • @resisting the urge: Hadn't heard about the martians.

                      Claims require evidence, anecdotes aren't evidence.

                      • @cruiseronroad: I never claimed this was true, or that there was any real evidence anywhere. That is your requirement.

                        If you do the whiskey swirl before bed and have someone smell your breath the next morning, it'll definitely seem more plausible to you. However I do agree it seems unlikely that anyone will ever get funding on such a thing, let alone run a clinical trial to provide evidence enough for the AMAs legal eagles. Even a uni study to scientifically measure oral, or digestive tract microbial/bacterial populations around what seems to be such an ancient myth would be far fetched, so no, there will be no evidence from me today.

                        Might be worth asking Sir Johnnie Walker to have some of his clinicians consider the concept, he'd surely have enough cash in his tin by now and it'd make a great Marketing campaign once they spin it sideways. It sure would be fun to share that with the Doctor when they say there is no clinical evidence so don't try just trust in big pharma to manage the problems when they come.

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    Add delivery cost on title please.

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      $9.95 flat rate
      $14.95 flat rate WA, TAS

  • Is it free delivery?

  • I’ve always wonder about these things, can you put in any spirits like Rum and does it stay fresh etc not being in a sealed bottle

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      I think it is fine if you keep drinking it. I wouldn't leave it there for years.

      • Ok thanks

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      Spirits don't go off like wine or beer so 'freshness' is not really an issue. The main risk is contaminants getting in, like dust (floaty bits) or humidity (diluting). I have a similar Royal Doulton decanter and I find it seals very well, I've never had a problem with either of the above.

      • Thanks
        So there is no advantage over keeping it in this rather then it looks cool

        • Decanters are generally for serving alcohol - so yeah, main point is that it looks good. Wine decanters let the wine breathe but spirits not so much.

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            @HighAndDry: It gives your Woodstock bourbon that cashed up bogan touch of class…

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        Is it hard to pour out of? It seems it might be a pain not spilling any

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        Whiskey hobbyists will also tell you that oxidation changes flavour profile. Never noticed it personally but I’ve never had an open bottle last more than 3 days.

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          It takes me months to finish a rum bottle and years to finish a whiskey.

      • I've met a lot of whisky enthusiasts who say the more air is left the bottle the faster it will react and affect the flavour.

        I can't really confirm because I've never left a nice bottle more than half empty for long enough. And I can't tell the difference for my old Johnnie double black.

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      I think part of enjoying something is seeing the bottle it came in as well

      so I keep it in the original bottle

  • added a set of 4 glasses to cart, shipping is $9.95

  • A superb price on a good quality set. I have a similar one I bought at Myer and thought I was getting great deal when I paid only $125. It looks great, is nice & solid, and the seal on the stopper is really good.

  • Is there a nice and cheap set with a smaller decanter? I intend to split my whiskies between a friend and that leaves 350mL for me. I'd rather have a smaller decanter so that the overall package looks neater and I suppose there's less air inside the decanter (whatever difference that may make).

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      I honestly think decanters look the best when they're about 30-40% full. Makes it look more regularly used.

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      I've never seen a full decanter. Not sure what that says about my acquaintances …

  • Are these lead free?

    • Also trying to figure this out, I have an awesome set I was gifted but it's got lead in it and I don't drink fast enough for it not be be a risk!

    • They have lead in them it says crystalline in the details

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    is this a real original price, because all kitchenware seems to come with 70% off

  • I think this is a great deal. Royal doultan brand is generally very expensive, and I hear a lot of good things. They are also selling the tumblers on their own in a 6 pack for $50 so $40 with the 20% off, if people want to add some additional tumblers to their order.

    Also saw the stuart crystal glasses and tumblers are $32 in a 4 pack from $299 but I'm not sure if that price is genuine.

  • Thanks! Awesome deal.

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    What’s the point? It only holds like 2.5 glasses worth.

  • Cheers..been looking for a good deal on a quality decanter for a while now.

  • OP, where are these made ? Thanks

    • I would expect this set is probably made in Indonesia, where a lot of their cheaper items are manufactured. The really fine pieces will be made in England and consummately more expensive.

      • Yeah it was a shame as the moulds changed - you have to find pieces from the same period now if you want to match a pattern properly. The last one I got was thicker and inferior in every way to the original

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    Decanters look so cool in the movies,

    its either a bad guy or harvey spector

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      Harvey Specter.

      I am not a spelling Nazi but u should’t have gotten that man’s name wrong…

      • lucky I didnt write Harvey Sphincter then :)

  • Reminds me of Mr. and Ms. Underwood.

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    Is this ok for johnny red with coke? Don't want the coke to go flat

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    They are good for display not keeping whisky in there. I would keep it in original bottle.

    • Agreed. I don't drink enough whisky to decant a bottle. Bought a couple for early xmas gifts though :D

  • They had a sale months ago, must be on-going or a new one! Prices were pretty good on everything.

  • I'm 35, am I old enough to start buying things like this?

    • Yes i had one for years i am 37.

    • Got mine at 30 son

    • If you have to ask …

  • hmm temping, but it's such a yuppie brand name thing, my $15 Target tumblers work the same.

  • Thanks OP Father’s Day sorted! Plus new wine glasss and decanters for myself !

  • Any tips for practically using something like this when you got mates that won't stop until all alchol in the house is finished?

  • Great, can put the contents of my goon bag speciale into this and polish up my mullet for classy drinking

  • Thanks OP Ordered

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    Thanks OP. Just ordered a set for my friend for his birthday.
    The code DOUBLEVIP is still working if anyone still interested.

  • Seems to be back in stock.

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