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Ryobi Lithium+ 36V 4.0Ah 16" Lawn Mower Kit $398.34 (Was $499) @ Bunnings


Appears as though Bunnings have dropped this mower by just over $100, perhaps in an attempt to compete with the up coming Aldi sale (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/478908) however this one lacks brushless and lacks self propelled and has a smaller deck. Maybe there's more to come.

Backed by a Ryobi 6 year tool, 3 year battery and charger replacement warranty.
Powerful 36V motor
Large 400mm cutting path
36V 4.0Ah battery
Ergonomic handles provide user comfort
5 cutting height positions

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      Yeah technically I beat him by 6 minutes in posting this however I'm happy for a mod to delete this if they see fit as at least guidedlight has linked 3 Ryobi garden tools.

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        6 minutes is still faster :)

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    I believe they're actually trying to match Bosch. I think this is a much better deal: https://www.mitre10.com.au/deals/bosch-lawn-mower-36v-cordle...

    • 43cm is a good sized deck.

      • It’s how u use it…

  • and has a smaller deck

    Size matters.

  • So it does or does not have mulching function? Ryobi website doesn't mention it. Bunnings page says no, but Bunnings video says yes. Ryobi instructions are cartoons, but I think don't mention it, so I assume no.

    • what is mulching function on a lawn mower? i thought mowers generally chop the grass with the main blade and it goes into the catcher

      • Mulches have a plug which forces the grass back down the blades, ie: chopped again into much smaller pieces (ie: mulch)
        Otherwise you just get the normal sized grass clippings, which take longer to compost and look messy

    • It has a plastic plug that blocks the chute to the clippings basket on the back
      So yes, self muching in that it just stops the clippings going out the back and chops them up and leaves them on the lawn

      • I have one - its not very powerful, but fine for my use. But I don't think it has the power and the right type of blade for proper mulching.

      • I've bought one of these and it didn't come with a plug. Looks like it has a clip for one though.

        • Yep, after I posted that I remembered I have the brushless version, which comes with it
          Cheaper model it seems to be an optional bit

  • anyone know how long it cuts for before needing a recharge
    Thanks in advance

    • The Bunnings video on the mower states 65 mins for the battery charge but the guy at bunnings stated that it would depend on the height and type of grass your cutting. He stated the avg might be 40-45 mins.

  • Keen on an electric mower, but know nothing about it - are they worth it? Do the batteries need rerplacing too often for them to be a viable buy? Where do I start?

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      When I went in to Bunnings today, the Ryobi rep told me about their you tube channel which had some buyers guides. They may help you see which is best for you. Hope that helps:)