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Ryobi 36V Garden Tools Line Trimmer 2.6Ah Kit $225.48 @ Bunnings


Some great deals on the more powerful Ryobi 36V Lithum+ garden tools range.

These kits are also worth considering if you just want a spare battery.
There is plenty of stock at the Springvale VIC store.

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  • I beat you to the line with the mower guidedlight

    • You sure did. :-) I couldn't work out what the original price was… the Ryobi website has the same deal price as Bunnings.

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    So many Ryobi posts, should merge them all!


    Lawn mower

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      Yeah should, would be a epic post though and probably would take a MOD a few hours to sort out.

    • Yeah, I just came back from Bunnings looking for a line trimmer, and I grabbed this one.
      I saw all the red price tags on these products and put them into this post. I didn't realize others were posting too.

      At least I've pretty sure I've got all the 36V deals in this post. I also have the deal expiry date from the actual store. :-)

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    Great prices. For comparison. The straight shaft version of the 35v line trimmer is $399.
    I wanted the more versatile One+ range so got the $199 brushless model (skin only) and the blower kit (fast charger & 5ah battery) for $107, down from $199.
    Battery & charger alone is normally $145!

    • But isn't the one+ relatively gutless?

      • There are two 18v versions, a cheaper one and this better brushless one which people seem to like

    • how do you think the one+ brushless compares to the 36V non brushless?

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        18v vs 36v. Either voltage will be fine for line trimming around the home. If you want to do brushcutting or use other “Expand-It” attachments (e.g. hedge trimmer, edger, pole saw, etc) then the 36v is far more suitable.

        The main advantage with Ryobi One+ range is the batteries can be swapped between a number of products, whereas the 36v batteries are only interchangeable on a few outdoor products.

        Brushless vs Brushed is more about long term reliability. Brushless motors are more reliable, they also have a littlebit more power.

  • Thanks, I'm in the market for a decent line trimmer right now.

    This or the DeWalt deal from the other day?

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      This one is 36V, so it’s more powerful and cheaper.

      But the 18V DeWalt should be powerful enough for light/medium uses, but not heavy brush cutting. Another advantage is that the DeWalt is a straight shaft, so it will last longer and be more versatile (i.e. turn sideways for edging)

      • You can't turn a bent shaft sideways for edging? Surely you just stand in a slightly different spot depending on whether the shaft is bent or straight?

        Bent shaft looks easier to use for normal trimming.

        In the market for one.. But haven't researched yet

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    Here was me got the ozito brushless steeldeck mower months ago and 4 cheap batteries which where on offer at half price 4.0ah all I needed was the trimmer from ozito which is priced at $229 which is a kit,been holding off for a skin but not sure when that will happen. I did went to get into ryobi but there stuff just cost too much. I could not resist recently a saber petrol trimmer for $59 I got that yes crazy when I have a battery mower but I'm hoping for a price drop or at least skin on the ozito trimmer. I could sell my trimmer still in box as not done garden yet and return my mower and batteries to Bunnings and buy onto ryobi as seems a lot of deals going on, don't really see much deals on ryobi.

  • Does anyone know where to get replacement "wire" for the line trimmer? The whiskers that spin to cut the grass? Sorry dont know what it's properly called.

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      Ummm…Bunnings ;)

    • According to the manual, this is the replacement spool part number.


      No idea if you can just get the 2mm line and wind it on to the spool yourself but this would be the easiest way.

      • I have the ryobi one+ 18v version and you can re-spool yourself. But I use 1.6mm line because the 18v version is weak. I’d like to try 2mm but am unsure if it would be a waste of time/money

        • Normal or brush less 18v one?
          I've got the brush less and think it's pretty powerful for what it is

        • Pretty sure the brushless one takes 2mm.
          The brushless stuff is a step up

          • @dbun1: Yep 2mm and self feed. No special spools.
            Used my this weekend. Very impressed!

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