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MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB EVOKE OC Graphics Card $596.76 C&C/ Delivered @ Be Start eBay


Found this deal in my ongoing search for the cheapest 5700 XT AIB card.

Easily the best price I've seen for a custom cooled card. About $40 below even the reference models (and USD20 less than RRP in the US). Probably the best price for a performance card for 1440p

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    Love the design, a black and gold theme would look great.

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    Just as a warning, MSI didn't put on the correct thermal pads on the memory of this card, saved a few cents to cost you performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=morJq0HJoCc

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      oodles is on the money, hold for the saphire cards to come, they didnt even place it on the middle where its hottest, very poor execution from MSI on this card considering they do great work on nvidia cards then do this shit on AMD.

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        Wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility that this was deliberate on MSI's part.

        • +6

          but why would MSI deliberately do this? they favouring Nvidia?

          • @Alex01: Who knows, seems very sloppy for such a big player.

          • @Alex01: MSI has a bad track record with AMD cards. Seems they're too aggressive at cutting corners (which is odd because their mobos on the other hand are considered highly)

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        Sapphire cards have already come and they retail for $799

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          They're meant to be $10 USD over reference. The retailers stocking thek are marking them up a lot. Odds are that drops once more customs drop, more supply pops up and/or the nitro line drops.

          • @N1NJ4W4RR10R: God I hope so. Surprised Mwave had the 5700 priced in $749 at all. Now it's dropped to $699 but man who in their right mind would've bought such a thing at such a ludicrous cost.

            Now I wonder when the 5700 will drop to around $600 like what it was suppose to be. ]..

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            @N1NJ4W4RR10R: $599 vs $765

            Amd 5700xt vs 2070 super.

            765 gets you 4% more performance and ray tracing at less then 25fps have fun boys

            • -1

              @vid_ghost: NVIDIA gets you more stable drivers and software though. Don't regret swapping from an AMD to NVIDIA previously and I probably will grab a 2070s once they're a tad cheaper.

              • @FrugalFrella: I've yet to have driver issues with my 570.

                Sure, they're probably rocky at launch. That tends to happen with innovation - just look at the mess that was the launch of Turing where cards were arriving DOA due to faulty memory.

              • +1

                @FrugalFrella: I remember my NVIDIA card having issues in Apex Legends after an update. It can happen with any card IMHO. Dont make decision only drivers, but on performance, cost,etc.

              • @FrugalFrella: I'm not trying to deny your experience; I just have seen the exact opposite with my particular rigs.

                I was a proud green team member since my 2nd gaming PC (the first being 3dfx), then I jumped to red with the 7970. Back to green for the 1070 now, and I'm not in the market for another Nvidia card because of the unnecessary problems I've had. Long story short: VR lag, shadowplay issues, driver crashes, microstuttering. I had less problems when I ran crossfire… and that was an atrocious experience.

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              @vid_ghost: I agree. Ray Tracing on cards < 2080 has low FPS. One of my friend has 2080 and he disabled it due to performance.

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      Don't buy this, wait for the Sapphire, XFXor Powercolor cards. MSI messed up! !!

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      ASUS did the same thing on their STRIX Vega 64 cards as well, thermal pads weren't thick enough to make proper contact with the hot VRMs.

    • O man, I will have to wait a little more for the XT… Great prices and competition by Team red.

      • Past month's really irritated me with this. All they had to do was bring a good stock cooler. Instead we had to wait a month to find out we've still gotta wait a week or 2 just to get reasonably priced and designed coolers.

        To be fair on that second part, that's on the Aussie retailers. That pulse is a perfect card, just overpriced in Aus by a lot. But still could've been avoided entirely if there was a good cooler from the start (or better yet, they'd worked with the partners to have good coolers from the start.

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    Most recent review (Tear-Down of MSI RX 5700 XT Evoke OC):

    Edit: oodLes already posted.

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    I tried to post this a few hours ago but oxbargain wouldnt let me as be-start isnt a top rated seller. Looking at feedback I get the vibe things are grey import.

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      Remains to be seen as I ordered the 2070 SUper from them last week (there's a post link recently). I messaged him yesterday to confirm delivery times and was told the card will be sent Monday. So hopefully all goes smoothly.

      • how much did you pay for the 2070 S? and which one did you get, i am tryin to find a deal on one

      • Message them this morning and haven't heard anything back. I can't seem to get a hold of the phone number they supposedly have on their site. Bought my 2070S last Thursday so am hoping it is shipped soon.

    • They say on their eBay listings "All our products are Australian stock with full Australian Manufacturer warranty."

      But they're not listed under MSI's "Where to Buy" list. Same with ASUS.

      So it seems doubtful that you'll get a manufacturer's warranty.

      • https://abr.business.gov.au/ABN/View?abn=73603323717

        post code for registered business 2144, next to Chullora

        maybe grey import

        • Yeah, this seems kinda dodgy. If you google "Bestart Australia", the only results are for their eBay store. And on ASIC their business name is "Best Deal 4 U Books"? (And the only google result for that is the ASIC page). Personally I'd steer clear of this: very likely not Australian stock / manufacturer warranty. If the GPU craps out after your 180 day PayPal protection is up, the seller can just ignore any messages and you'll be stuck with a $600 paperweight.

          Edit: interesting that this comment was downboated. This company doesn't seem to be listed as a reseller for any of the GPU brands they're listing: MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, EVGA. So you're very likely not getting a warranty.

          • @boisterous bill: wait a sec, some other large ebay sellers like ninja buy, shallothead aren't listed either, so buying from them is no warranty as well?

            • @bender000: Shallothead, KS Computers, Futu Online and Shopping Express are all the same thing, apparently - take a look at comments on other deals. Shopping Express is on the "Where to Buy" list for MSI. Ninja Buy is what PC Byte renamed their eBay store to for some reason. PC Byte is on the list too.

              There doesn't seem to be much info about this company. Maybe someone who's ordered from this store can chime in re: what the company name is on the invoice.

              • @boisterous bill: Its a play on words. Australian stock can mean grey import stock that is already in Australia, shipped to you from within Australia. Had dealt with such a store on ebay for mobiles too.

                • @fuzor: More of an outright lie than a play on words if they're also saying it comes with "full Australian Manufacturer warranty". Most manufacturers only provide warranty service with proof of purchase from an authorised reseller. If it is a grey import, they're not being very transparent about it.

      • I just ordered a 2070S off them the other day too, hope I don't have any issues. Do you know if that sort of advertising is illegal or anything like that?

        • +1

          Wait till you get the invoice and see what the company name is on it, then check that with the manufacturer's list of resellers. You could also contact the manufacturer and ask about it too. If there is no manufacturer warranty, you can easily return with eBay as not as described.

          • @boisterous bill: Good idea, I will see what the invoice says when the product arrives. In the mean time I've contacted the seller asking for official proof/confirmation of the warranty being valid in Australia. I'll also get in touch with EVGA to see what they have to say about it.

  • +1

    I'd buy this in a heartbeat if the max temp is below 80. Pretty disappointing coming from MSI, considering they are one of the top GPU manufacturers. They have their Gaming range which I considered very solid, as I have owned three of them including their latest 2070S Gaming X Trio.

  • +2

    I would probably stay away from this edition.. wait for other board partner cards to be out..

  • +1

    Nice to see a partner card under $600, now lets hope we get sapphire pulse or powercolour red devil at similar prices soon.

    • +3

      The Red Devil seems to be the best AIB card out so far. Sapphire have only released their entry level Pulse. Waiting to see what the Nitro will be like.

      • -3

        AIB card

        peripheral AIB card graphics GPU unit board

    • The Powercolor won't be cheap, especially with the AUD in the toilet and the AU early adopter tax.
      PCCG has it at a $749 preorder price at the moment.

      I'm well overdue for a gpu upgrade but I just dont know which way to jump at the moment.

      • If ray tracing is anything that'll be useful to you, nvidia is still the only way to go. I pulled the trigger on a reference 5700 as I didn't wanna spend much money but I would've gotten a 2070S if it didn't cost so much…

      • -4

        Well you can get the GA 2070S for around $10 more, for that you have peace of mind with the driver issue (or lack of it) and no oven like temp inside your case with the AMD. Did I mention Ray Tracing and better performance.

      • +1

        Maybe consider a 2070 super

      • They also have this one at $730, assuming sufficient quantity arrives we should get them at around the 600 mark.

  • Will this play solitaire in 8k?

    • Yes with ray tracing, and HDR. Solitaire VR is also possible.

      • +1

        Don't lie. Only nVidia can currently ray trace solitaire. =P

        • Ray tracing isn't limited to nVidia. Some nVidia cards do have hardware accelerated ray tracing support.

          Minecraft ray tracing can be turned on for RX 7500XT, just doesn't run as fast as nVidia Turing based cards.

          • +3

            @netsurfer: I was just joking, on what was seemingly a joke on your behalf.

            However, if we are to move onto a more serious note, where did you learn that they can just turn it on and it won't be as fast?

            • @ShinK0: I know you were joking, but check this youTube:


              We tend to forget AMD did enable DirectX ray tracing support and nVidia had to follow to do the same for some Pascal based cards. Yes, hardware accelerated ray tracing is great, but for simple games like Minecraft, even non-accelerated ray tracing is enough to make it playable.

              • @netsurfer: Haha UFD FTW. However the point you made was 'Solitaire' could be raytraced by a 5700XT at 8K and with HDR… which I thought was dependent on the monitor's tech. =P

                From my understanding, it's a work around and not full ray tracing, however still great that it's possible. The more capabilities AMD create, the better the prices will be for us consumers.

          • @netsurfer: AMD hasn't implemented driver support for DXR though?

            • @TheContact: They had. In fact, because of that, nVidia had to do the same for some of their Pascal cards (1060 onwards do support DXR).


              Turing cards provide hardware accelerated DXR, but a lot of cards can actually do DXR, albeit slower.

              • @netsurfer: I can't find anything about AMD having support for DXR. The closest is that they might be enabling support from a report in July.

                SEUS PTGI isn't DXR, it doesn't make use of RT cores. Minecraft Java is OpenGL. Ignoring the issues the dev had getting it working on AMD cards, it runs worse because AMDs OpenGL drivers for Windows are terrible. Linux drivers are reported to have up to twice the performance.

                • @TheContact: The youTube video shows the guy enabled Ray Tracing in the game and it worked. Sure, the framerate is not great, and probably through some workaround (but cannot really see a difference in terms of quality). Yeah, frame rate cannot compare.

                  But, you are right. It looks like AMD only demo'ed it on Radeon vii for a little while. It's not there in the official driver. The performance must be pretty bad for AMD to not allow DXR fallback.

  • So there are some concerning reasons why this card is cheap?

    • +2

      Thermal pads on some of VRAM chips are too small and at the wrong location (if MSI must use smaller thermal pads, put them in the middle of the VRAM chips). It's louder than Sapphire and warmer as a result.

      • +3

        The unfortunate thing is that you could normally just turn down the fans as the stock fan profile is rather aggressive and it'd be quieter like the Pulse and cool the core just fine… but you'd still need the fans up to attempt to cool the VRAM. Still maybe better than reference at this price given it's not worse but I'm still waiting for a card I don't have to open up to fix the cooling. Reference isn't too bad if you undervolt but just has no headroom.

        • agree with this, however for this price currently the higher memory temps is worth it as the card still performs as it should… it is a shame because with the right thermals pads this card would have little bad to talk about.

          • @irev1: With GDDR6 temps at 94.8deg at 40dBA according to GN, if I were to reduce the fan speed more than a hair below the stock curve that'd just be too hot. The datasheets of Micron's GDDR6 parts that I've found list max operating temperature as 95 degrees. Maybe it performs at stock, but if I wanted a card without thermal headroom I'd just buy the reference (again, as I had one and returned it due to defect)… some reports are that the Micron GDDR6 overclocks better than the Samsung so I'd rather have some headroom to try.
            The other part is whether you can wait till the others drop in price or not, personally I can given I've lived with Vega this long, but there is value in this being below reference MRSP and available now.

  • Thanks to OP, managed to score 3900x from the same seller for $739.

    • link? cant find it from the seller.

      • I bought the last one from the seller. It's very hard to find a stock for 3900x in the market at the moment.. Let alone at a decent price.

  • Thanks OP, Picked one up!

    Planning for Black & Gold Build and was about ot buy this card for full price(719$)

  • +1

    Not T H I C C, no deal.

  • +1

    memory thermals aside, I think at this price one can't be too picky about the thermal pad problem…… I have one of these cards and while I dislike the high memory temps, the core and junction temps are fantastic.

    still can't believe MSI made this mistake…..

    • Not a mistake - thermal pads aren't something you just mess up. Just MSI cheaping out on a card that costs far to much to cheap out on.

  • This had the potential to turn Nvidia diehards but they are just still too hot to run! Come on AMD, cool it down!

    • +1

      This is a hot deal.

    • +1

      Well that's been their model for a while now. Much better performance per $ but much worse thermals, cooler & power draw.

      • that's actually not true anymore as with AMD's Navi they're in the same ball-park as nvidia for power draw and thermals. Go and check out reviews for the sapphire pulse or powercolor red devil 5700's

        • well it is certainly true on the 5700's. All the reviews seem to have the same warning about them running really hot. I think tomshardware put it best "Uncomfortably hot operating temperatures". Before the reviews I was almost certainly getting one, now I am very much on the fence and waiting to see if any of the various vendors cards come it at more reasonable temps. Performance per $ these are excellent, powerdraw they are only slightly worse than Nvidia, but heat they suck donkey dongers.

          • @gromit: MSI's model has bad thermal pads tmk, the reference is a blower. Check the Sapphire pulse (a card that should be $650 - $670, not $800) for an idea - it's purely down to the cooler on it (and how well they cool the VRAM).

            • @N1NJ4W4RR10R: yep, I am in no rush. will wait a bit to see where prices settle once supply is more readily available and how they all stack up heat wise.

    • It's up to the AIBs. AMDs only part in shoddy cooling here is their reference, the card/GPU itself is fine.

  • MSI didn't correctly design the cooling for the memory on these as they run hot, go check out GN tear down.

  • +2

    So tempted to grab one and void the warranty in fixing it. Heat pads aren't that expensive, and I don't see the AUD doing well in the days to come.

  • +1

    Cooling issues aside, there's a load of driver bugs that needs fixing with these new cards (BSOD, game crashes, system lock-ups, conflict with overlays including Discord, problems alt-tabbing etc). Just look up reddit. While many claim that the latest 19.8.1 version fixed it for them, many others also say that it didn't. Quite a number of people ended up returning their Navi cards. The 19.8.1 driver notes themselves say that "enhanced sync" or adaptive sync (or "freesync") is among the things not yet fixed for Navi. TLDR: if you want a hassle-free out of the box experience without waiting for things to get better, don't get Navi. Or just wait another month or two

  • -1

    Urrgg I bought this card last week for 670 :(

    • F

    • -1

      Same here:( thinking about ordering another but realized you can't crossfire them lol.

    • +1

      The classic tale of early adopters…

  • What NVIDIA card is this supposed to rival? A 1070? IDK

    • 2060 Super I think

      • I thought it was the 2070 but the lines are so blurred at this stage with the super series.

  • Is this between 2060 super and 2070? Im not sure where the scales are?

    1440p so can this do 144hzas well ? :O like rage 2/assassins creed oydessy on high?

    • +2

      This is between 2060 Super and 2070 Super.

      The HDMI 2.0 port is limited to [email protected] max.
      The DisplayPort 1.4+DSC port(s) can support 8K UHD (7680 × 4320) at 60 Hz or 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) at 120 Hz with 30 bit/px RGB color and HDR.

      For 1440p, HDMI 2.0 can already do 144fps/Hz. So, there is definitely no issue for DisplayPort 1.4 to do that. Generally, it is better to use DisplayPort (more monitors support freesync over DisplayPort than HDMI).

  • -1

    Thanks for sharing.

    Just used the coupon to buy a ryzen 7 3800x at close to $587 from this seller


  • Anyone had expirience with this seller? Warranty?

  • Lots of talk in the comments of why to avoid MSI, XFX (and possibly ASUS) 5700XT's; what's the word on Powercolor, anyone?
    Has anyone heard anything about the other AIBPs; who's the best to look at right now?

    • +1

      Powercolor Red Devil is currently the best card available, followed by the Sapphire Pulse. I'd expect Sapphire to have the best once they release their higher end cards.

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